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Covid Related News: There has been a cover-up of covid “vaccine” harms and media propaganda has killed millions

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Geert Vanden Bossche explains that innate immunity protects unvaccinated people from covid escape variants.  Conversely, a recent study concludes that those who are “up to date” with their covid injections had a higher risk of covid.  That’s not all that covid vaccinated people have to contend with; a recent analysis of the original Phase 3 trial data for both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA products found a demonstrable risk of serious adverse events.

There has been a cover-up of covid injection deaths and injuries helped by the media whose propaganda has killed millions.  But the mRNA fanatics are being exposed one by one and some of them are getting nervous.

For those who struggle to envisage there has been a covid conspiracy, Attorney Thomas Renz and US Senator Rand Paul discuss the origins of covid with Senator Paul calling for an “international consortium of countries” to cut gain-of-function research.

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Covid Injectables

How trained-cell-based innate immunity protects the unvaccinated from covid escape variants: Trained-cell-based innate immunity provides strong sterilising immunity, so unvaccinated people are not to blame for natural immune selection and dominant propagation of continuously evolving covid-19 immune escape variants.  Read more HERE.

In case you thought getting more injections was a good idea: A preprint study published last Monday titled: ‘Risk of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (covid-19) among Those Up-to-Date and Not Up-to-Date on Covid-19 Vaccination’ concludes, from an analysis of 48,344 people, that ‘those not “up-to-date” on covid vaccination had a lower risk of covid than those “up-to-date”’.  Dr. Jessica Rose summarises the new study for us, read more HERE.

Pfizer knew of more than 1.6 million adverse effects from vaccine: Recently released pharmacovigilance documents by the European Medicines Agency (“EMA”) indicate that Pfizer was aware of substantial adverse side effects related to its covid-19 vaccine as early as August 2022. The documents reveal a total of 1,597,673 adverse events, one-third of which were classified as serious.  Read more HERE.

PANDA’s inquiry into excess deaths continues: So many papers have been published on the harms caused by the Covid injections that it is overwhelming. Pfizer was so swamped with reports of adverse events that even after hiring more staff they still found it necessary to ‘prioritise the processing of serious cases’ in order to deal with the massive workload.  The worst part about all of this is that none of it should have come as a surprise. A recent analysis of the original Phase 3 trial data for both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA products found a demonstrable risk of serious adverse events.  Read more  HERE

Flashback – covid “vaccines” turn people’s bodies into spike protein factories: During a Reawaken America Tour held in Phoenix in January 2022,  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny said: “The Pfizer shot because of the way they created it synthetically allows the messenger RNA to pass inside your cells and to be replicated indefinitely by the ribosomes.”  You can watch the full ReAwaken America Tour Phoenix Day 1 HERE, Dr. Tenpenny’s presentation begins at timestamp 1:55:26.

Thirvetime Show: Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny|“The Pfizer shot because of the way they created it”, 15 June 2023 (6 mins)

Cover-up of covid “vaccine” deaths and injuries: Governments around the world knew the covid generic “vaccines” were deadly, but they still aren’t sharing that information. The often-repeated phrase that the injections were “safe and effective” is an outright lie. Now we know that the governments planned extensive propaganda campaigns. Had those national government officials and representatives been forthcoming about the dangers of the covid “vaccines,” untold pain and trauma could have been avoided around the world.  Read more HERE.

Corporate media lies have killed millions: Professor Mark Crispin Miller, a propaganda expert, says that just about everything concerning covid was a “propaganda masterpiece.”  This masterpiece was a murder, disability and sterilisation program. “The conspiracy propaganda drive is one thing that had to have happened for the covid nightmare to be successfully realised,” he said. “We need an accounting.  We need justice.  This is too atrocious for words.”   Read more HERE. See other interviews with Prof. Crispin Miller HERE.

USA Watchdog: Lying Legacy Media Helped Murder Millions | Mark Crispin Miller, 17 June 2023 (65 mins)

The mRNA fanatics are nervous: And they should be. Joe Rogan exposed them this weekend as the cowards they are.  This weekend, Joe Rogan offered to donate $100,000 to charity if Dr. Peter Hotez, a loud vaccine supporter, would debate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., probably the most prominent vaccine sceptic, on his podcast.  Rogan’s challenge generated national and even international attention.  But Hotez wouldn’t touch it, even after other people added pledges and the charity pool rose over $1 million.  Read more HERE.

Twitter thread takes Peter Hotez apart: Peter Hotez has been spreading lies from the beginning. It appears that Hotez is a conscienceless mouthpiece, who will do anything for money.  it’s unsurprising that he rejects the current 1.5 million-dollar bid and refuses to debate with Robert KennedyJr.  That’s because the hush money from Big Pharma is probably more generous and he knows that he stands no chance against the facts. Read more HERE or HERE.

Non-Pharmaceutical interventions

Switzerland votes to keep covid laws and vaccine passes: Often, the narrative put forth suggests that the restrictions and mandates related to covid were enforced upon citizens by their governments. This viewpoint could seemingly imply that if left to the discretion of the masses, these lockdowns, social distancing protocols, and mandatory vaccinations might never have seen the light of day.  However, one nation stands as a testament against this theory: Switzerland.  On Sunday, a public referendum was held to decide whether to extend some aspects of the covid laws, including the vaccine certificates, until summer 2024.  A significant majority of 61.9% voted in favour of these laws.  Read more HERE.

Covid Origins

The WHO treaty and covid origins:  The WHO treaty is being pushed by Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari and other sick globalist monsters. It’s all about control, they want to control global health and are pushing this with every intent for it to happen. The UK Times published an article on covid origins and what happened at the Wuhan lab weeks before covid. It regurgitates everything we’ve been putting out for the past two years, Fauci and our DOD funded gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, and EcoHealth Alliance did their bidding. We know they were creating bioweapons, and we know they’ve lied to us about everything.

Renz Law: The Who Treaty and Covid Origins, Renz Was Right Again (Part 1), 16 June 2023 (25 mins)

NIH and USAID provided $2+ million in funding to Chinese research labs: “This is very, very serious …  millions of people can die from a man-made virus …There has to be a reassessment.  Bill Gates has been over [to China] recently. Bill Gates is the largest funder of trying to find these viruses in remote caves and bring them to big cities … and it’s worse than that, they bring viruses that we may never interact with [ ] back to the lab [and] then they manipulate them by combining them with other viruses to create viruses that don’t exist in nature.  This has largely been funded by Bill Gates, he funds the WHO more than most countries do.” – Senator Rand Paul.  Read more HERE.

Fox News: Rand Paul calls for ‘international consortium of countries’ to cut gain-of-function research: ‘Very serious’,
18 June 2023 (9 mins)

Featured image: Image tweeted at Matt Hancock (left), Nurses praised as Covid-19 jab programme reaches top four groups (right)

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3 months ago

The whole “vaccines are safe” narrative for the past 200 years is actually based on an assumption that all the vaccines are safe.
There is actually no credible large-scale post-marketing study for any vaccine used in the US today that actually backs up this claim.
It’s all based on faith in seriously flawed studies.
There isn’t a credible post-marketing objective epidemiological study for any vaccine in the US. That’s right. Not a single one.
The whole “vaccines are safe” narrative is built on belief and seriously flawed studies, and not on proper objective epidemiological studies which could have been easily done but were not.
If we cannot prove safety at the level of <1 death per 10M doses in children, we should not be vaccinating more kids (or adults) until we have done the proper post-marketing safety study on the kids we’ve already vaccinated.
The fact that no state is willing to do the study but is at the same time still recommending that kids (and adults) get vaccinated should be deeply troubling to everyone.
It is a symptom of a seriously out-of-control medical community that cares more about following directives from the CDC than patient safety.
The rationale for vaccinating kids (and adults) is nonsensical.
The narrative that vaccines are safe is built on belief and/or flawed studies, not on data.
Steve Kirsch
Me: Death or Injuries and later death by vaccines are self proven, where is the medical proof that vaccines work, or they are just genocide on a major scale?
Do not condone vaccines, or condone Genocide, until proven otherwise.

3 months ago

XXSteve Kirsch Testifies the Truth About All Vaccines to Pennsylvania State Senate
The Vigilant Fox
Jun 11

“All these vaccines are causing harm to our kids. It’s not just the COVID vaccines,” attested entrepreneur and citizen journalist Steve Kirsch in front of the Pennsylvania State Senate.

Here’s the transcript of his testimony:

   All these vaccines are causing harm to our kids. It’s not just the COVID vaccines; it’s every single one of them. There has never, ever been a study [by the CDC] comparing the fully vaccinated kids who follow the CDC schedule versus kids who have not been vaccinated at all, who did not get a vitamin K shot, which is not a vitamin, and whose mother did not get vaccinated.

   If you compare the results of kids whose mom didn’t get vaccinated, no K shot, and no vaccines, and if you compare the outcomes of those kids versus kids who got the CDC schedule, there is a dramatic difference. It is an unbelievable difference. It is a difference that nobody wants to talk about. There are no studies, zero, that show the opposite.

   I go on Twitter, and the doctors say, well, for every study, there’s always a study that shows the opposite. This is the one case where there are no studies in medicine that show the opposite results. The fully unvaccinated kids are always healthier.

   And in fact, there was a ten-year study done by Dr. Paul Thomas, and of course, they got that study retracted unethically, in violation of the Cope guidelines. That ten-year study showed that the kids who got measles were the kids who were vaccinated against measles. The kids who got mumps were the kids who were vaccinated against mumps. The kids who did not get any vaccines did not get any of the diseases that the kids were vaccinated against.

   So when you talk about you shouldn’t be discriminated against because you didn’t get a vaccine, you should be applauded because you didn’t get a vaccine because you did the right thing. If you’re a parent and you didn’t vaccinate your kids, you should be applauded because you did the research and you found out that vaccines are causing chronic disease in America.

   There’s a study that was done by the Control Group. They have over 1000 people who are unvaccinated. The health outcomes in those people is night and day comparison with fully vaccinated people. We have like a 60% rate of people with a chronic disease in America. If you’ve not been vaccinated at all, the rate is close to zero. And, of course, none of this is talked about.

   They tried to get the CDC to do a study of the fully vaccinated versus the fully unvaccinated. In 2005, CDC Director Julie Gerberding promised to do such a study. She said, yes, we should do such a study. It’s important that we do a study now. We can refine it later.

   And that was nearly 20 years ago. And that study has never been done, and it will never be done, because they don’t want to know that all these vaccines have been harming people since the very beginning. There is no safe vaccine. Not a single one. Not one vaccine is safe and effective.

   And I actually went on Twitter, and I offered $2,500 to anybody who could show me such a study. And nobody was able to produce such a study.
The Viligant fox

Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
3 months ago

We have a neighbour admitted to hospital last Friday, very anaemic.

This was quickly dealt with, but next he is told it is vax related as the underlying cause. Of course he regrets this but a simple soul he believed it was for the common good. Bill Gates has questions to answer.

3 months ago

[…] Covid Related News: There has been a cover-up of covid “vaccine” harms and media propaganda has … […]

3 months ago

[…] Covid Related News: There has been a cover-up of covid “vaccine” harms and media propaganda has … […]

3 months ago

[…] Covid Related News: There has been a cover-up of covid “vaccine” harms and media propaganda has … […]

3 months ago

“You cannot spread the disease” is misleading because there was only the annual influenza nothing exotic called Covid.

John Steeples
John Steeples
3 months ago

Covid 19 Injections I have been a fraud for a long time and all it is. These companies are making fortunes out of it, killing people, murdering people for money. Why isn’t somebody doing something about them? Why are we letting them get away with it? We know very well what’s been happening for a long time and the medical profession has been covering it up because they have been saying it all along. It’s something else, but it isn’t something else the immune system has been severely damaged so it can’t protect its own body. This is happening today in 2023 and nobody has the guts to take these people all the way to court and have stopped john steeples

3 months ago

[…] –  Covid Related News: There has been a cover-up of covid “vaccine” harms and media propaganda has… […]