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Former advisor to the US Secretary of Defence explains the truth about the Ukraine war

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The Big Picture interviewed Douglas Macgregor, Col. (ret.) in Virginia, and asked him: What is the truth about the war in Ukraine? What is really happening there and does this policy of supporting the continuing war make any sense?

Macgregor is a career military fighter with experience in the first gulf war, a decorated combat veteran and a former advisor to the Secretary of Defence under President Donald Trump.  He is a truth-teller and during this in-person interview tells the truth about what is truly happening in the Ukrainian war.

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The Truth about the Ukraine War

By The Big Picture

Why has America overextended itself into so many foreign wars? Is this good for the USA? Why is the USA fighting with China over Taiwan, with Russia over Ukraine? And why is the USA inserting itself in the affairs of countless other nations, all the while neglecting its own citizens at home? Macgregor addresses this madness.

Big Picture with James Patrick: The Truth about the Ukraine War | Doug Macgregor, 1 July 2023 (32 mins)

The war in Ukraine, Macgregor points out, has taken a hard toll on Ukraine’s population.  Ukraine had a population of 90 million in the 1990s.  After the revolts fomented by Soros and the CIA in 2004 and 2014, the population dropped to  33 million. Now with this war, it has sunk to 18 million.

It is time to discuss the purpose this war is serving. Is it helping Ukrainians? With an estimated nine Ukrainian soldiers being killed for each dead Russian soldier, we must question the rationale of this conflict. Why does the Zelensky government persist in sending their own young men to their certain death? Are these the actions of a leader who cares for his people?

Not since Stalin or Hitler has any leader been as satisfied to send his own citizens to be slaughtered as has Zelensky.

If he doesn’t obliterate the current generation of Ukrainian men, Zelensky is sure to shackle their grandchildren with the debt the war will produce. All military support for Ukraine is actually loans, with interest, to Ukraine. This debt entrapment Zelensky is placing his country in as he destroys it will ensure even more corruption, far into the future, in what is already one of the most corrupt countries.

A little backstory of the Ukraine saga

The current president of Ukraine, Zelensky, was installed in power by a Ukrainian-Israeli billionaire named Ihor Kolomoisky, who cast the actor as the star of a TV show he funded called ‘Servant of the People’. In the program, Zelensky plays a baby-faced, ultra-sincere schoolteacher who wins the Ukrainian presidency by accident when his students crowdfund his candidacy without his knowledge. Kolomoisky then funded a political party of the same name, Servant of the People, and placed Zelensky as the real president of Ukraine. The character Zelensky plays in the show is a highly moralistic “fighter of corruption,” a motto tagline he habitually repeats as the real president of Ukraine.

The Big Picture’s James Patrick visited Ukraine during the election and can tell you that everyone over 30 years old thought the whole charade was a disgrace to the country, while those under 30 naively supported Zelensky. Suspicions swirl whether Kolomoisky isn’t a lieutenant for larger bankers in the food chain, pulling the strings of world affairs.

But what purpose does the war serve? If we follow the money as to the economic effects of this war, we observe it has produced a sharp antagonism between Western Europe and the primary supplier of oil and gas that fuels their economy: Russia. The conflict didn’t stop the flow but simply made the price skyrocket, crippling Western Europe.

This coincided with the detonation of the Nord Stream pipeline as documented by Seymore Hersh. Oddly enough, last fall Western European governments unleashed an elaborate marketing campaign to “get ready for a cold winter.” It sounds like the plan for a Net Zero economy, i.e., Zero Growth, is shaping up quite well! Poverty rather than prosperity seems to be the policy objective. But was this all planned?

Watch THIS 2019 interview where Oleksiy Arestovych, a senior advisor to Zelensky, casually said that they would provoke a Russian invasion that would lead to the devastation of Ukraine.  This makes one wonder if Zelensky isn’t purposefully sabotaging his own country on behalf of the bigger fish that control him, with the intent of further economically devastating Western Europe.

With Western European politicians seemingly deadset on sinking their own nations in unison in this senseless war, one thing is sure: tons of money is being made in this mess by a select few, while the people suffer. Once the war is over, more money will be made by international banks to rebuild the mess they made to begin with!

How long are people going to allow their politicians to sabotage the countries they claim to represent?

As Douglas Macgregor concludes, it is time we stop funding death abroad and focus on life at home.

Further reading: The Rise of Zelensky from Comedian to President of Ukraine – Buckle Up, The Exposé, 4 March 2022

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2 months ago

Ukraine is the adrenochrome harvesting capital of this realm. Barrel loads of organs are shipped there which are then converted into adrenochrome, 10 times more potent than heroine, which the [EL]ites, politicians, actors/actresses, monarchies consume for its youth enhancing qualities.

2 months ago

He’s either naive or circumspect. It’s blatantly obvious London s Freemasons sent Napoleon in first He failed. Then they knew they couldn’t defeat Russia minitarily so they set up the communist takeover It’s zero coincidence the House if Lords has Lenin sheltered from the tsar secret police as the most wanted terrorist in the world, in a cist cottage on the Thames where he was trained up for his role Then they sent him by red Cross marked train to Switzerland where he met up with trotsky, who had sailed out of new York the Jesuit Generals HQs loaded up with millions to bribe Russian officials editors Union leaders etc, and the two partied before Lenin was sent in into Russia to take over the Duma.
Communism was an all eggs in one basket racket and Stalin was orfrees to murder alll of the heirs to land holdings factories etc until just those who had really not lost anything from the revolution were left. And simultaneously the entire Russian topography was remapped under the Lands Acts so all those who had escaped taking title deeds with them haf only workless bits of paper.
It was all a big scam. Anyway then they killed of claimnant Grand Duchess Anastasia after the longest running, and most censored, court case in history of about 34 years and very suddenly ended communism Her husband professor someone or other eckared it legalised murder after he had rescued her from a home and they had tried to escape but were captured by the authorities and she was taken into custody and quickly deceased.
Anyway then they gave the wealth to a set up select group all pre arranged and got everything privatised neatly again with still the sane almost all eggs in one bafket So neat for takeover when just a few own everything.
And now they’re stalking their prey. Wearing him down pacing him the usual fox hunt style. Then when he’s worn out and exhausted they’ll set the dogs on him.
Ukraines nothing to do with it except the Black rock or Monsanto, already has taken over about a third of the richest farmland on earth. Probably the same really.
Russia if it daljs will become Crown Lands Ukraine included The Ukrainian refugees will stay wherever they’ve gone and new English Spanish Polish will move in and become the new oligarchs Catholics mainly some Jews and some wealthy Anglicans too.

2 months ago

He says China is no longer “Communist”? Whatever the form that government claims to be, it is repressive and even murderous

2 months ago

[…] Former advisor to the US Secretary of Defence explains the truth about the Ukraine war. LINK […]

2 months ago

[…] zdroj:… […]

2 months ago

Nobody is after Putin to remove him. This guy is just another paid shill to push another false narrative about this false flag “war”. Keeps everybody off balance.
A “war” with no real combat. A “war” with no embedded reporting. A “war” with no real combat footage at all apart from video game nonsense and staged, training propaganda videos that show no enemies actually facing each other on battlefields. You know like in every real war in the past.

They will string out this false flag until the west’s currencies, economies and militaries are all weakened to the point of collapse and then they will beg to be a part of the WEF’s new world order led by BRICS.
Don’t be schmucks people, it is what they require of you so resist it. You futures are being stolen right in front of you while you take sides in this psyop.

2 months ago

[…] Former advisor to the US Secretary of Defense explains the truth about the Ukraine war […]