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CDC is caught fraudulently altering Death Certificates to hide COVID Vaccine Deaths

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An investigation of official death certificates has found that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been committing fraud by refusing to assign the correct International Classification of Diseases code for Covid-19 vaccine side effects as the cause of death when they should have done so.

In other words, the CDC is actively engaging in a huge cover up of deaths due to Covid-19 vaccination.

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When someone dies, there is a death certificate that is filled out for official/legal purposes. Death certificates contain a lot of information (some states include more than others), including the causes of death (CoD).

Causes of death refer to the medical conditions that ultimately played some role in the demise of the decedent. To qualify as a CoD, a condition only needs to contribute to the medical decline of the decedent in some way, but doesn’t have to be directly responsible for whatever ultimately killed the person. If someone had high blood pressure, and subsequently suffered a heart attack that led to cardiac arrest which killed them, all three conditions qualify as CoD. On the other hand, this unfortunate fellow’s ingrown toenail is not a cause of death, because it in no way contributed to their demise.

This is from the CDC’s own guidance explaining how to properly fill out CoD’s on a death certificate (you don’t need to understand the difference between Cause A, B, etc for this article):

The critical thing to keep in mind is that the person filling out the death certificate writes a text description of the CoD’s, but doesn’t assign the ICD 10 codes for the CoD’s.

That’s the CDC’s job.

ICD 10 Coding System for CoD’s

There is a fancy coding system that is used to classify the many thousands of medical conditions that can play a role in death known as the International Classification of Diseases. Every few years, it is updated/revised to keep up with new medical (or bureaucratic) developments, as new conditions are discovered and old conditions are reorganized or reclassified.

The current iteration of the ICD that was used for the deaths we’re looking at is the ICD 10 (that’s the 10th version). It is basically a hierarchical classification system:

There are codes for practically every random weird thing you can think of:

These are categories themselves – a code can go as 7 characters long:


ICD 10 Codes for Covid Vaccine Side Effects

There are two ICD 10 codes for vaccine side effects that can be broadly used for the covid vaccines – T88.1 and Y59.0:

T88.1 – Other complications following immunization, not elsewhere classified.

Y59.0 – Viral vaccines

(There are other ICD 10 codes for various specific complications or side effects of vaccines, but the point remains that an ICD 10 code for vaccine side effects exists.)

CDC – Centers for Data Concealment

The CDC receives the death certificates from the various states and applies ICD 10 codes. This is primarily done with a secret algorithm, with a tiny percentage of cases adjudicated by CDC staff when the algorithm is unable to confidently assign an ICD code to the text description written on the actual death certificate (such as confounding spelling or a text description that does not make much sense). I confirmed this with a biostatistician who works for a DoH in a US state (I’m leaving out which one because I want to preserve my persona grata status). The individual who obtained the MN death certificates likewise confirmed with state officials that the ICD codes in their data were assigned by the CDC.

What a death certificate identifying a covid vaccine as a CoD *should* look like

There are three death certificates in the MN tranche that contain either T88.1 or Y59.0. One is for a flu vaccine reaction, and – surprisingly – the other two are for a covid vaccine.

Note – when used below: 

UCoD (Underlying Cause of Death) refers to “the disease or injury that initiated the train of events leading directly to death, or the circumstances of the accident or violence which produced the fatal injury.”

MCoD (Multiple Causes of Death) refers to “the immediate cause of death and all other intermediate and contributory conditions listed on the death certificate.” (everything else)

The first death certificate contains a covid vaccine ICD (below), and it looks like the CDC was trapped and could not avoid putting it on without fundamentally rewriting the death certificate, because the vaccine complication is unambiguously listed as the UCoD (this death certificate is saying the person was killed by a heart attack caused by the covid vaccine within minutes of injection):

The second death certificate the CDC deigned to assign a vaccine ICD (and not only one but *BOTH* vaccine ICD codes(!!)) feels like perhaps a rogue CDC employee was working that day and snuck it in:

In any event, as we can clearly see, both T88.1 and Y59.0 are indeed appropriate for when a covid vaccine is listed as a CoD. Thus the CDC cannot claim that there was no official ICD 10 code that could be used to designate covid vaccines (or any other excuse).


With that introduction, below are 7 death certificates from Minnesota that identify a covid vaccine as a cause of death where the CDC omitted the corresponding ICD 10 code identifying a vaccine side effect when the CDC assigned ICD codes to the death certificates.

The first fraudulently filled out death certificate offers a crucial detail highlighting not only the fraud but the naked double standards for assigning CoD’s.

This death certificate identifies both a covid vaccine and covid itself as contributory CoD’s (in the last row highlighted in yellow, vaccine underlined in green, covid in blue):

  • “covid vaccine second dose 10 hrs prior to death”
  • “history of covid infection in May 2020” (about 7-8 months prior to death)

Any remotely objective person would presume that if a condition that occurred 7 months prior without any clear link to the actual death still nevertheless meets the standard for being identified as a CoD, then surely a condition or event that occurred a mere TEN HOURS before death identified by the doctor filling out the death certificate merits inclusion as a CoD.

Yet, the CDC assigned U70.1 – “COVID-19, virus identified” – for covid, but neglected to assign T88.1 or Y59.0 for the covid vaccine.

A second point to highlight is that we see that anything mentioned as a CoD, even in the context of “history of” that had (presumably) been long resolved, is a legitimate CoD insofar as assigning an ICD 10 code and epidemiological data are concerned.

This decedent suffered a cardiac arrest that ultimately led to her death *ONE DAY* after being vaccinated.

(For the record, I am not bothered by the “though it’s not clear as to any mechanism for how the vaccine could have led to the cardiac arrest” line. This death occurred February 24, 2021 – well before there was any sort of public awareness about the multiple plausible mechanisms by which the vaccine could cause heart damage. So to me, whoever filled out the death certificate was a gutsy fellow willing to identify a covid vaccine on a death certificate that had his name on it.)

Fraudulent Death Certificate #3

This death certificate doesn’t merely identify a covid vaccine, it explains that the decedent “felt sick after the vaccine” and died 4 days later from a heart attack. Yet, no T88.1 or Y59.0.

This death certificate provides that the decedent received her second dose of Pfizer 18 days prior to her death.

Here we have a 65-year-old male who was killed by a heart attack 12 days after getting vaccinated.

This case is especially noteworthy. Someone involved with this death informed me that the family had to pressure the coroner to put the recent covid booster on the death certificate. A family member also filed a VAERS report themselves, after the patient’s doctors declined to do so.

Furthermore, the CDC applied W34 as the UCoD. What is W34 for?

‘accidental discharge and malfunction from other and unspecified firearms and guns.’

There is no mention of any firearms mishaps on the death certificate.

One would have to wonder how such an errant code came to be, especially on a death certificate that contains other ICD 10 shenanigans. It is unlikely that ‘Y590’ or ‘T881’ would be ‘misspelled’ or algorithmically mixed up with ‘W34.’

Perhaps if there were no other instances of fraudulent omittance of vaccine ICD codes on other death certificates, and the CDC wasn’t in the habit of routinely assigning U07.1 for a covid infection that resolved a year ago, the failure to include T88.1 or Y59.0 here could be excused.

At minimum, this death certificate should contain T88.0 – ‘Infection following immunization’ – to document the breakthrough infection (which is a subject for a separate article as this seems to be fairly widespread).

Additional Observations

The following table shows the date of death and age for all 9 death certificates shown above that identified a covid vaccine as a CoD:

It is striking that 7/9 died before May 2021. This is odd – if anything, the deaths should skew later, not earlier. Vaccine adverse events were denied – with maximum prejudice and then some – for many months before the medical mainstream has finally (begrudgingly) started to acknowledge that the covid vaccines can trigger potentially lethal pathologies (in exceedingly rare instances to be sure).

The clustering of death certificates mentioning a covid vaccine at the beginning of the rollout suggests that ‘administrative’ interference likely played a role in discouraging coroners from mentioning a covid vaccine on death certificates.

Another noteworthy tidbit here is the age of the decedents: every single one is a senior citizen, and the average age of the decedents is 80. This is important to highlight because whereas young people “dying suddenly” stands out, there has been much less attention or acknowledgement of the covid vaccine’s devastating toll upon the old and frail, where deaths – even those that occur in close proximity to vaccination – are readily attributed to prior health conditions.

Finally, the actions of the CDC call into question whether the CDC is altogether qualified or trustworthy enough to be the steward of the nation’s epidemiological data. The CDC manages many of the datasets that underpin whole fields of study. If the CDC is willing to fraudulently alter data (or even if the CDC is just too incompetent to avoid corrupting data), all data under the aegis of the CDC is potentially suspect, especially if it relates to a controversial political or social issue. The implications of this are disturbing, to say the least.

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2 months ago

I wish you’d condense Too much details too much .

Reply to  Anonymous
2 months ago

In principle, it’s fine, but in this way they can easily accuse her of deliberately saving details to twist things, or some such nonsense. So the long way is better in this case, in my opinion. Just, this is not article for quick reading.

Reply to  UkroCovid
2 months ago

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Evelyn Keegan
Evelyn Keegan
Reply to  Anonymous
2 months ago

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2 months ago

CDC isn’t the neutral party to check vaccine safety they should be.

That’s where it already goes wrong.

2 months ago

[…] CDC is caught fraudulently altering Death Certificates to hide COVID Vaccine Deaths […]

Eric Smith
Eric Smith
2 months ago


2 months ago

Honestly, I’m split and I don’t know what to think. I know that mRNA vaccines are dangerous, but at the same time I strong trust Putin and Russia, and look what they say in the Bali Declaration of the Leaders of the G20. Kremlin dot Ru, November 16, 2022,
“As a result of the G20 meeting in Indonesia, the Bali Declaration of G20 leaders was adopted.

22. We recognize that a broad immunization campaign against COVID-19 is a global public good, and will continue efforts to ensure timely, equitable and universal access to safe, affordable, high-quality and effective vaccines, therapeutic and diagnostic tools (VTD). Confirming the adoption of the Ministerial Declaration on the WTO Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preparedness for Future Pandemics and the Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement at the 12th WTO Ministerial Conference (CM‑12), we note that no later than six months from the date of the Ministerial Decision on the TRIPS Agreement, WTO members will decide to expand Its scope is to cover the production and supply of diagnostic and therapeutic agents for COVID-19. We remain committed to implementing a cross-sectoral “One Health” approach and strengthening the global surveillance system, including genomic surveillance, in order to identify pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) that may pose a threat to human health. To ensure global surveillance of pathogens, as part of our commitment to the IHR (2005), we encourage the timely exchange of pathogen data through shared trusted sites in collaboration with WHO. We call for the sharing of benefits arising from the use of pathogens, in accordance with applicable national legislation.

23. We recognize the need to strengthen local and regional health product manufacturing capacity and cooperation in this area, as well as sustainable global and regional research and development networks to facilitate access to VTD worldwide, especially in developing countries, and emphasize the importance of public-private partnerships, technology transfer and exchange knowledge on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. We support the work of the WHO Technology Transfer Center for the Production of mRNA-based Vaccines, as well as all recipients in all regions of the world, in order to exchange technologies and technical practical knowledge on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. We welcome joint research and joint production of vaccines, including increased cooperation among developing countries. We reaffirm the importance of uniform technical standards and verification methods within the framework of the IHR (2005) to facilitate unhindered international travel, interoperability and recognition of digital and non-digital means, including confirmation of vaccination. We support ongoing international dialogue and cooperation to create reputable global digital health networks as part of efforts to strengthen prevention and response measures against future pandemics, which should use and build on the success of existing standards and digital certificates for COVID-19. …”
https : // vigilantcitizenforums. com/threads/the-cornerstone-the-nature%E2%80%93like-technosphere-is-a-part-of-the-noosphere.10576/post-557697

In addition:
SOCHI, March 29. /tass/. Scientists at Sirius University have developed a vaccine against tuberculosis based on ribonucleic acid. In the future, it can replace the BCG vaccine, the Sirius press service reported on Wednesday.

“Specialists of the Scientific Center for Translational Medicine of Sirius University have developed a multi-epitope mRNA vaccine that can become an effective drug for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.The effectiveness of the development is proved by the results of in vivo tests…”

In 2023, scientists will conduct a repeat experiment on mice to confirm the results. If the high efficacy is confirmed, the vaccine will move to the stage of preclinical safety studies on non-human monkeys. As explained in the press service, “mRNA vaccines may have higher efficacy compared to vaccines based on protein antigens.” “At the same time, the cost of their production and scaling is cheaper, since a cell-free operating method is used for production,” the report says.

“The use of BCG for adult revaccination is not recommended by the World Health Organization, since the risk of side effects outweighs the possible benefits. <…> Our scientific group, within the framework of the grant, has set itself the task of developing an effective RNA vaccine for the immunotherapy of antibiotic-resistant cases of tuberculosis, which are becoming more widespread,”

According to the university, more than 1.5 million people die from tuberculosis every year in the world, and since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global incidence rate has increased by 3-6%.”
https : // vigilantcitizenforums. com/threads/russia-through-the-hidden-eye.10549/post-548415

I believe they will defeat the deepstate-proxy-ukronazi and inject only an effective and safe mRNA vaccine.

Reply to  UkroCovid
2 months ago

the problem is right there in the first part of #22:

“We recognize that a broad immunization campaign against COVID-19 is a global public good”

while that may essentially be a true statement, those injections have nothing to do with immunizing anbody against anything other than a long and healthy life.

2 months ago

is ANYBODY surprised?

id like to know exactly who caught them and what if anything is going to be done about it??

too many independents finding too much terrible information that it seems as though nobody is going listen to to any reasonable degree that we might evet expect them to be successfully prosecuted behind.

its great that WE know and WE believe, but if nothing satisfying ever comes of it, isnt it ultimately just a waste of time?

idk maybe im just a grump

2 months ago

It is now OUR responsibility to CHECK our loved ones death certificate. This is so important. Let’s just do it because obviously CDC is not following up with the correct information. But WE will.

2 months ago

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2 months ago

[…] CDC is caught fraudulently altering Death Certificates to hide COVID Vaccine Deaths […]


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2 months ago

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2 months ago

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