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Researchers will not give in until the whole Plandemic Industry has been Exposed

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Doctors, scientists and researchers continue to fight for freedom and truth.  We should not leave it to a few, we should all bring our gifts to the fight.

Professors Tom Jefferson and Carl Heneghan continue to expose antivirals against influenza and how the pandemic industry got going.  Dr. Mary Talley Bowden continues her fight with the Texas Medical Board. John Beaudoin Sr. continues exposing fraud concerning covid death reporting.  Others expose the effects of vaccine-induced spike protein on the heart and brain.  While other researchers begin to dig deeper into the DNA contamination found in Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen covid injections.

The good news is that Pfizer has had a big drop in turnover as sales of its covid drugs have essentially collapsed.

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Below are a collection of articles and interviews published in recent days from a variety of sources.

Bring your gifts to the fight: Ginger and Dr. Peter Breggin cover a range of topics in this 58-minute discussion with each other including Biolabs, pathogens (both “natural” and manipulated), mRNA and DNA that are always toxic, nanotechnology, central banking, fear propaganda, weather manipulation and more.  Read more HERE or HERE and listen to the podcast below or HERE.

Ginger and Dr. Peter Breggin, Bring your gifts to the fight, 4 August 2023 (58 mins)

Antivirals, influenza and the pandemic narrative: Professors Tom Jefferson and Carl Heneghan are finishing up the second part of their series telling the story of the antivirals against influenza, oseltamivir and zanamivir, which they began telling in March.  Their latest article published on 7 August is number 28. You can find a list of all the articles in the series HERE.  The final article will be number 36.  They will then end the series with a 37th article which “will contain a list of references to the story, as exhaustive as we can make it.”

After taking a break, the story will then enter its third part. The two professors will review the reception that their 2014 review got from those in power then and now and show how the single-agent pandemic construct has derailed and distorted research into respiratory viruses.

“We believe that the catastrophic response to SARS-CoV-2 cannot be understood without an understanding of the determinants of the pandemic industry … You will recognise some of the names involved in this operation, but sit back and enjoy the next eight episodes for now,” they wrote.  Read more HERE.

My fight with the Texas Medical Board: Dr. Mary Talley Bowden has been facing allegations from two multi-billion non-profit hospitals in Texas: Houston Methodist Hospital and Texas Huguley Hospital.  Houston Methodist Hospital reported me for resigning while “under investigation.”  Texas Huguley Hospital reported her for trying to prescribe someone medication without having privileges at their hospital. In February, she appeared before the Texas Medical Board to respond to the allegations.

“The panel proposed a settlement of a $5,000 fine, 8 hours of CME and for me to re-take the jurisprudence exam.  My attorney was shocked.  I refused the offer and plan on going forward with a public hearing, where nothing is anonymous, I’m allowed to bring my own witnesses and cross-examine their witnesses.  I will not plead guilty to crimes I didn’t commit,” she wrote.  Read more HERE.

Evidence of systematic fraud in Massachusetts death certificates: John Beaudoin Sr. has been doing some of the most important, but under-reported data analysis work on both fraud with respect to covid death reporting and also vaccine safety. There are some astonishing revelations from Beaudoin in the one-hour interview below with Professor Norman Fenton. (Warning: Prof. Fenton has a new shaven head look – required for a routine surgical procedure!)  Read more and view a few short clips with key information taken from the interview HERE.  You can find further resources on Beaudoin’s website HERE.

Norman Fenton interviews John Beaudoin: what we can learn from death certificates in the covid era,
8 August 2023 (67 mins)

Spike protein-induced cardiotoxicity: This is a potential tsunami of cardiac issues over the next 20+ years, wrote Walter Chestnut. He compares the damage the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 causes to that of radiation. “The exact same pathology that is induced by radiation is mimicked by the spike protein. This has both immediate and long-term consequences. It may be that, as with radiation-induced cardiotoxicity, the damage may be irreversible.”  Read more HERE.

Vaccine-induced spike proteins in the brain: Dr. William Markis has written several articles about covid vaccine spike protein accumulation in the brain and the resulting neurological and psychiatric injuries. In this article, he summarises Canadian doctors rumoured to have committed suicide.  “While Global News latched onto the doctor suicides as a way of “discrediting” me, in reality, they simply confirmed that there is a very serious problem with covid-19 mRNA vaccinated Canadian doctors committing suicide in high numbers.” he wrote. Read more HERE.  You can subscribe to and follow Dr. Markis on his Substack page HERE.

DNA is in the vaccines:  40 trillion spikes in every shot, Dr Chris Shoemaker told Jim Ferguson.  People who took the vaccine could be “completely infertile in the next 5 years.”  “DNA is in us (Vaccinated) and DNA can keep making RNA and spikes for another decade.”  It’s not just the vaccinated that are at risk: “The DNA in there is what’s making it dangerous to every human on the planet as we speak.”  Find all of Jim Ferguson’s podcasts on Rumble HERE. Also, read our previous article ‘Covid injections are ineffective and don’t block transmission, says Bill Gates AFTER selling his shares in BioNTech for a massive profitHERE.

Returning to dsDNA contamination by diving into VAERS: Kevin McKernan’s findings of dsDNA contamination implicate Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen covid products, including bivalent injections. Phillip Buckhaults has also tested Pfizer’s covid injections and found dsDNA contamination.  Dr. Jessica Rose has analysed and summarised all VAERS adverse reports for the vaccine lots McKernan and Buckhaults tested.  The results are interesting but not conclusive and need to be looked at with a finer toothcomb.  Read more HERE.

More vaccines equal more deaths: Two new studies can now be added to the growing body of evidence showing the “harmless and effective” narrative you’ve been fed about vaccines is far from the truth (covid injection or otherwise) – triggering new chronic health problems at a rate of up to 2.5 times higher. 

A study earlier this year analysed mortality data on neonates and children under 5, using datasets from 2019 and 2021. All three categories – neonates, infants and under 5’s – have higher mortality rates the more vaccine doses they’re given.

And a German study compared outcomes between people who got the covid injection and those who didn’t. The vaccinated report being diagnosed with new chronic health problems at a rate 2.5 times higher than the unvaccinated, and menstrual problems among women are four times more frequent in the vaccinated group than the unvaccinated group.

This article is authored by Dr. Joseph Mercola.  His articles remain on his site for a limited time so we have downloaded a copy and attached it below.  You can subscribe to and gain access to Dr. Mercola’s Censored Library, an archive of his articles, HERE.

Pfizer’s covid-money-making-machine stopped and the revenues halved: Thank you to Freedom Research who provided the following information in their News Roundup.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer published its second-quarter results on Tuesday, which showed that the company’s turnover had fallen 54% year-on-year to $12.73 billion. The big drop in turnover comes as sales of Pfizer’s covid drugs – the vaccine Comirnaty and the drug Paxlovid – have essentially collapsed. Vaccine sales for the three months were $1.49 billion, down 83% year-on-year. The drug Paxlovid sold for $143 million – a drop of 98%.

The company’s financial results are a good example of the extent to which taxpayers’ money from around the world was being funnelled into drug companies, and what the sales results will be when this kind of artificially inflated demand from governments collapses. Pfizer’s 2022 sales, for example, exceeded $100 billion. Freedom Research has written more about drug companies’ revenues HERE.

Meanwhile, the governments do not know what to do with the vaccines they have bought. In Germany, for example, 83 million vaccine doses worth €1.6 billion have been thrown away this year since nobody wants them. Another 120 million doses are still waiting to be thrown away.

In May, the European Union (“EU”) agreed with Pfizer and their vaccine partner BioNTech that the drug companies would not supply as many vaccines as originally contracted – 900 million doses, about half of which have been delivered. However, EU countries will have to pay a separate fee for each cancelled dose, the amount of which is not disclosed.

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1 month ago

And the radiation cardiac connection must be exposed esp if as I imagine they include x Ray radiations and the potential for medical induced murders by that methodology. But mustn’t
exclude the impact of low level radiation from events such as Fukushima and the entire nuclear testing programmes especially in Nevada but not excluding the global atmospheric ocean land nuclear testings including of the Marshall islands. And the industries involved must he held financially accountable for every Injury and death. Every Injury and every death .

Reply to  Anonymous
1 month ago

Actually I want to see total transparency of every process made by every government authorised body . I want to see solved the mysterious deaths of millions and millions of people Eg Cl8ve Davies 2 femalecsuperstars Janis Joplin and Whitney Houston for a start . OK they say janis was found dead with a busted nose lying flat on the floor of hotel room with a packet of cigarettes clutched in one hand and the change from the purchase in the other. That says she didn’t even shut herchotel room door when she went to the lobby to buy the smokes. I don’t believe that .I’m not convinced she would even cling to a few cents of change in her hand when she was worth about 5 million and was making up to 50k for a night’s performance . I dony believe she just died as she walked into the room and dropped dead to the floor in an instant .
I know everyone understands that the official story about whitney is unbelievable when her bodyguard is known to have said that she put up a real fight in thatvroom against whoever Ray j let in .
I know Natlie Coles death was suspicious. I know george Michael’s death was suspicious.
We know Micharl Jackson was medically murdered .We have every reason to believe Princes was suspicious Very suspicious .And that’s just the famous .There hundreds of millions of unknowns .

1 month ago

Any one involved with the plandemic should be identified as evil and any one that exposes the culprits’ should be the real hero. I want to be a hidden hero and stick it to them demons right where it hurts and when they least expect it and can’t see it coming, for the small group that pulled the wool over the innocent eyes as these demons are a disgrace to the human society

1 month ago

[…] Researchers will not give in until the whole Plandemic Industry has been Exposed. LINK […]

1 month ago

will be looking for John’s book in September. Hopefully, it will be on Audible books as well. Wow….lots of good information.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
1 month ago

Posted By: Seawitch [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 9-Aug-2023 19:28:00