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Oxford Professor said the elites trust each other but the bad news is that people don’t trust “their elite”

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In 2021, Speaking at a conference for elitists, Professor Ngaire Woods, who is strongly suspected to be an operative for the UK deep state, said:

“At Davos a few years ago, the Edelman survey showed us that the good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more so we can come together and design and do beautiful things together.  The bad news is that in every single country they were polling, the majority of people trusted their elite less.”

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Woods, a professor and founding Dean of the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, made the gobsmacking statements during the closing panel discussion at the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Narrative Conference’ held on 10 to 13 November 2021 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The video below is the full closing panel discussion which, WEF stated, was to share key takeaways from the meeting.  This session was ominously titled ‘The Great Narrative: A call to action’.  The panellists were  Ngaire WoodsNaoko IshiiKlaus SchwabIlona Szabó de CarvalhoFreeke HeijmanDambisa Moyo.  Her good news and bad news as revealed by the Edelman survey on trust is stated at timestamp 39:08.

The Great Narrative: A call to action, 12 November 2021 (46 mins)

Commenting on the event at the time, Glenn Beck said this ‘Great Narrative’ could give world elites even more power to further their ‘Great Reset’ agenda. During the meeting, they called for the creation of a “story for the future” to lead “humankind.” Not only is this “freaking terrifying,” Beck said, but it’s the “SCARIEST thing he’s seen.”

Glenn Beck: World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Narrative’ is ‘Freaking Terrifying’, 12 November 2021 (7 mins)

Returning to Woods’ statements that the elites “can do beautiful things together,” one has to wonder how it is she knows that the self-styled elites trust each other.  Perhaps she holds firmly to the belief that there is honour among thieves.  Or perhaps she relies solely on computer models and technology to tell her who she trusts, who trusts her and measure the level of that trust.

In 2019, WEF published an article ‘What the future of trust looks like’ by Simon Fuglsang Østergaard, a futurist and senior advisor at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

“Recent events have contributed to declining trust levels in major public and private institutions across much of the world. These same institutions are now in a position where they will be forced to rethink their current trust-facilitating models,” he wrote. “It will, of course, take time for the new trust-enabling technologies to fulfil their potential, with issues of scalability and energy usage still to be convincingly addressed.”

He thinks we trust technology more than we trust people.  He ignores a major and obvious factor – the people who are in control of those technologies.  If it is the same people in whom trust has already “declined,” then no amount of “trust-enabling technology” will change that. “It is considerably more difficult to restore trust than it is to retain it,” he wrote.  Again, the overlooking of reality; in some cases, and certainly in the case of WEF “elites,” once trust is lost it can never be restored.

As if to prove Østergaard believes trust is merely something a computer model can measure and predict, below is an image of the “Edelman Trust Barometer” that he included in his article.

There is no point in spending any amount of time attempting to fathom how the “trust barometer” was developed, what data is included or what nonsense it spews out – the mere idea of a “trust barometer” seems so childlike that it is in danger of generating peals of laughter.  These so-called “elites” really don’t have the slightest comprehension of the wonderful and complex characteristics that make us human.  Characteristics that cannot be modelled and measured by science, mathematics or computer models.

What the future of trust looks like, World Economic Forum, Simon Fuglsang Østergaard,
5 April 2019

Who is Ngaire Woods?

“Ngaire Tui Woods CBE is strongly suspected to be a UK deep state operative.” – Wikispooks

“Among the many Rhodes Scholars that dominate world politics and push the world towards globalism are the aforementioned Bill Clinton and, from the World Economic Forum, the New Zealand lady Professor Ngaire Woods, who this year became very well known for her saying at the WEF that the elite can do beautiful things if they come together and if the people of the world simply accept that they are in the lead.” – Alex Thomson: World Domination By A Few Families Through Mindspace and Mind Control

Ngaire Woods, World Economic Forum

Her biography reads like a who’s who list of globalist corporations and organisations:

She founded the Global Economic Governance Programme at Oxford University, and co-founded (with Robert O. Keohane)[1] the Oxford-Princeton Global Leaders Fellowship programme. She led the creation of the Blavatnik School of Government.[2]

Ngaire Woods serves as a member of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s International Advisory Panel, and on the Boards of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the Stephen A. Schwarzman Education Foundation, and L’Institut National du Service Public. She is an Independent Non-Executive Director at Rio Tinto and a member of the Alfred Landecker Foundation’s Governing Council. She sits on advisory boards of the Centre for Global Development, the African Leadership Institute, the School of Management and Public Policy at Tsinghua University, and the Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy at Cape Town University. She is an Expert Advisor to the Australian Government’s Strengthening Democracy Taskforce and Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Complex Risks.

Previously, she served as a Non-Executive Director on the Arup Global Group[3] and on the Board of the Centre for International Governance Innovation and the Van Leer Foundation.[4] From 2016–18, she was Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Values, Technology and Governance. She has also served as a member of the IMF European Regional Advisory Group, and as an Advisor to the IMF Board, to the Government of Oman’s Vision 2040, to the African Development Bank, to the UNDP’s Human Development Report, and to the Commonwealth Heads of Government, and to the UK Government’s Department for International Trade. She was a member of the G20 High Level Independent Panel on Financing the Global Commons for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, and of the Lancet Commission on COVID-19.

She was educated at Auckland University (BA in economics, LLB Hons in law). She studied at Balliol College, Oxford as a New Zealand Rhodes Scholar [5] … She won a Junior Research Fellowship at New College, Oxford (1990-1992) and subsequently taught at Harvard University (Government Department) before taking up her Fellowship at University College, Oxford and academic roles at Oxford University.

Ngaire Woods was appointed Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2018 New Year’s Honours … [Emphasis our own.]

Ngaire Woods, University of Oxford

Additionally, Woods has also presented numerous documentaries for BBC Radio 4 and BBC TV2 and was one of the 131 participants at the 66th Bilderberg Meeting which took place in June 2018. The Bilderberg Group is a secretive club founded in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.[6]


[1] Wikispooks lists Robert O. Keohane and his wife Nannerl O. Keohane as members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  See Council on Foreign Relations/Members 2

[2] Members of the Blavatnik School of Government Staff and Advisory Council include Mark Carney, Bill Clinton, See Blavatnik School of Government/Staff and Advisory Council

[3] The infamous ‘The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World’ was co-created and co-delivered by C40, Arup and the University of Leeds with funding from Arup, University of Leeds and Citi Foundation.  See By 2030 you will not eat meat and you will be allowed only three items of new clothing a year, report says

[4] See Van Leer Group, Board of Trustees

[5] See Ngaire Woods’ Profile on the Rhodes Project website HERE.  Before he died Cecil Rhodes outlined the new conditioning process for the next generation of British imperial managers which would become the backbone of Rhodes Scholarships. See Towards A Church Of The British Empire: World Government As British Empire Revivalism

[6] Prince Bernhard also created the 1001 Nature Trust with Prince Philip Mountbatten, Queen Elizabeth II’s husband. The 1001 Nature Trust worked in tandem with the Bilderberg Group. Maurice Strong, the “Godfather of climate change,” was a founding member of the Trust.  See The Man who invented Climate Change and influenced Schwab’s Great Reset Agenda.

The 1001 Nature Trust, the contributors to which are sometimes referred to as the 1001 Club, helps fund the World Wide Fund for Nature (“WWF”). Behind the glossy, feel-good image cultivated by its PR people and on display on its Web Site lies an altogether different reality. See The 1001 Club

Prince Philip was educated under a Nazi curriculum centred on eugenics. He founded the WWF with fellow one-time Nazi Party member Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. The current epicentre of power is the Anglo-Dutch monarchies.  It is this power that controls the Bilderberg Group and its junior appendage the World Economic Forum. See Charles “The Great Reset” King and Global Britain using the Commonwealth, Five Eyes and City of London to exert influence.

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1 month ago

Who is ‘my’ elite? I haven’t a clue who that may be! And if I do T know, who do I turn to to find out? The WEF is an unelected body, a bunch of psychopaths, megalomaniacs that are reported go by the action arm of WHO, who again are an unelected set of megalomaniacs! Why then, should I or we trust any of them? The games they are playing are detrimental to all of humanity, so WHY SHOUKD WE TRUST ANY OF THEM?

Gw Wells
Gw Wells
Reply to  mgofhg
1 month ago

the faces we see… likely just front men for those invisible

Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
Reply to  mgofhg
1 month ago

In the context of the article .. most national leaders are WEF.

Sunak as an example and behind he scenes there are people telling him what too do.

1 month ago

These self-styled ‘elites’ are parasites on the face of the earth. They contribute nothing, build nothing, grow nothing. They survive off the backs off the hard work and intelligence of others. Their pride and conceit mean they can only deal in destruction.

I very much appreciate you writing in a suitably contemptuous manner that realistically paints these filth.

Gw Wells
Gw Wells
1 month ago

gulags for the people…. what and who not to trust?

1 month ago

I think that it is rather difficult to trust a group of self entitled people that consider themselves as elite, when they don’t think genocide and dispossessing the freedom from those they consider beneath them, as wrong.

1 month ago

“At Davos a few years ago, the Edelman survey showed us that the good news is the elite across the world trust each other more and more so we can come together and design and do beautiful things together. The bad news is that in every single country they were polling, the majority of people trusted their elite less.”

Just begun reading this article but must say i highly doubt they trust each other, more like they have to cooperate to fulfill a mutual goal.

Reply to  Demeter
1 month ago

Because of the imbecile narrative about the non-existent case of “Russia is fighting the deep state,” right? You’re Demeter 5D. I’m bursting with laughter. Go ahead bravely.

Reply to  karakorum
1 month ago

Because of the imbecile narrative about the non-existent case of “Russia is fighting the deep state,” right?”

You could well be right, personally observing what’s playing out and the apparent players, with a pretty horrified fascination. Also, just say what i see, whether or not it is brave to do so.

1 month ago


1 month ago

the fantastical and delusional ideations of these so-called ‘élites’ are not supported by the magical and healing architecture of our Universe – and that’s why their totalitarian ‘great reset’ projects have failure built in

1 month ago

Only Jesus Christ is ‘Elite’; the sinless, perfect human being; the Son of God and there is no other.

Those referring to themselves ‘elite’ are merely ‘Demons Wearing Human Being Suits’ loyal only to hell and all cast there by God and God’s forces and THAT is exactly where they belong; among their own kind.

NO HUMAN IN A RIGHT MIND EVER TRUSTS A DEMON; but fights and eradicates it from Earth which casts it back into the darkness and misery of its soul where there are no human beings of God to feed upon.

Reply to  Robbi
1 month ago

I agree with you 100%, Robbi

1 month ago

If they don’t trust someone then they have to kill them

1 month ago

My fingers hurt to write it, but let it hurt a little more.

What is the main giant change announced 2020, which is the only huge thing that has never happened before and will radically change things without a way back? Even a world with only CBDC is not such a change and has happened in a limited form in the communist regime, and now it is also happening in the more totalitarian regimes. The difference is that now the technological possibilities are inexplicably greater, but precisely because of this, even without CBDC, but with paper money, a “decentralized” blockchain and anything else, if there are laws and rules on compliance, which allows you or not to spend your money, and this is done by identification for everything, then it does not matter CBDC or not. In addition, almost complete observation is already a fact. So that’s not the big change.

The big extraordinary announcement we received in 2020 about a radical change that never happened before was that the post-fourth industrial revolution world will include mass adoption of genetic modifications, implanted devices, and full-fledged biodigital convergence eventually. This is happening in stages and 2020 what was the main thing? Under a false pretext: mass injection with an unknown substance and the beginning of the era of total identification. Identification, identification, identification. Why is that? Because we are in the BiometriNet stage, which should provide identification for everything, and must, according to the recorded and open, but extremely unpopular plan, end by 2025, when the “NeuroNet Offensive” begins, when brain-computer interfaces, biointerfaces, biosensors and bioelectronics in general begin to enter en masse. Point.

Duly described, with the dates (among which 2020 is indicated), in Neuronet’s 2014 Russian roadmap, which was developed together with respected American colleagues. Which is just one of the mentions. As early as 2007, the Russian Minister of Economy (now former) wrote in an order for the development of Russian electronics that “in the post-silicone period after 2020, biolectronics will develop significantly, devices for the connection between the human body and brain and the environment will become widespread.” Coincidentally, he is the husband of the chief of the Russian Staff “to combat the spread of coronavirus” (that is, those who force Russians to inject themselves with an unknown substance, and accept identification).

I wrote it, and what? Zero interest and red thumbs, here’s what. I’ve pointed to a source, I’ve given a link, but it seems doubtful, people don’t believe it. Because the widely spread opinion, for which the vast majority of alt-media tirelessly work, is that 2022 had a break in the global plan for a great reset, which everyone (including Russia( started 2020. There was a break with a war of the deep state against Russia and Russia left the plan (of course, according to many/most of the same media, Russia never participated). And what happened and becomes happens? The circumstances surrounding the fake war have greatly accelerated and facilitated the great reset, Both in Russia and in the West, and everywhere.

(…So, after hundreds of articles about how Russian and Western elites are in a fierce struggle, now say that the elites believe in each other and work together. Very convincing, you can see in the comments…)

The main conclusion is that elites everywhere, all who strive to realize the great reset, TOGETHER, have one major problem: they must force as many people as possible, if may – all of them, to accept genetic modification + biodigital convergence (and it is quite possible that the genetic modification is for to tune and adapt the body to accept the electronics correctly without causing it a problem). And the main problem is that, when they understand what it is, even the majority of the most confused liberals will want to avoid it at all costs. So there are very few willing and this is the main problem of the elites. Therefore, it is the common work, using all possible means of manipulation.

Reply to  karakorum
1 month ago


1 month ago

The people don’t trust the elite? That can’t be allowed. Maybe shutdown the economy, arrest people that venture out of their homes, make them wear filthy masks and have 24/7 public service announcements directing folks to trust them. You know, like mandates. They can contact the CCP or the US government for more tyrannical suggestions.

Reply to  Augustus
1 month ago

Don’t ever recover from tongue in cheek syndrome Augustus, love your comment.

1 month ago

[…] Read More: Oxford Professor said the elites trust each other but the bad news is that people don’… […]

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
1 month ago

Former FBI Section Chief Lays Bare The Domestic Terror Attacks Of The Satanic Deep State (video)
Posted By: CrystalRiver
Date: Saturday, 12-Aug-2023 23:02:23

1 month ago

[…] Oxford Professor said the elites trust each other but the bad news is that people don’t trust “t… […]

Peter Jones
Peter Jones
1 month ago

A dark storm is approaching?

What idea can a psychopath like Klaus Schwab have of light if he knows only darkness?

Whatsoever he will think of light will remain a form of darkness.

Klaus Schwab knows only darkness.

Therefore he can only unconsciously create more darkness.

In his darkness ‘The Great Reset’ is his WEF master plan, it is his eugenicist dark symbol.

Remember the significance of the symbol.

If you don’t choose a right symbol, then life will become diabolic, it will become disintegrated, fragmentary.

The opposite of symbolic is diabolic.

The symbol draws people together and generates action.

The diabolic is what pulls apart and enervates.

Without a true symbol creating unity and involvement, people slip into diabolic apathy.

Apathy creates sleep and an illusion as if the problems are being solved.

But they are not being solved.

When you don’t have symbols you start disintegrating.

Humanity cannot live without symbols.

A symbol is a seed, a creative seed.

A consciously selected symbol is a center around which you can become truly integrated.

A symbol can create a new vision, a new perspective, a new world.

Yet Klaus Schwab is unconsciously living in darkness, for the simple reason that he believes that through his darkness he will attain one day to the highest power and position of ruling the earth.

To become a demigod and rule for a thousand years… blah, blah, blah!!!

But what is he going to do with the highest power and position?

Once he has reached to the highest globalist throne he will then have nowhere else to go.

He will be really caught by his own efforts, in a prison of his own mind.

Which he could realize this very moment, if he only had intelligence!

He should live in the present with deep passion, with great love, with intensity, with awareness, and that will become his intelligence, here-now.

To be in the mind is to be unintelligent.

To be beyond the mind is to be intelligent.

Intelligence is not the quality of the mind at all.

Intelligence arises only when the mind has been discarded.

When the mind has been put aside, intelligence arises.

Mind is blocking the fountain of intelligence like a rock.

Mind is always mediocre, mind is always stupid, unintelligent.

The idiot can be very clever, can be a great expert, can accumulate much knowledge, can have many, many degrees, PhD’s and D.Litts and so on, so forth.

But the idiot remains the idiot.

It does not make any difference.

The idiot only becomes more and more dangerous.

What to do with Klaus Schwab?

Once you destroy economic freedom, political freedom disappears; and when political freedom disappears, religious freedom disappears.

They are all connected together.

If freedom is to exist in the world, it has to exist in its multi-dimensions, religious, political, economic.

It cannot exist only as political, it cannot exist only as economic.

Freedom is one phenomenon.

It has multi-dimensions to it, but they are all interlinked.

Just think of a country which allows no economic freedom.

How can it be politically free?

That’s why Marxism cannot create freedom.

It creates “equality”.

Equality means people’s freedom to be unequal has been taken away.

The most fundamental error that Karl Marx committed was that he was not at all aware of the psychological inequality of human beings.

And a fair and free world has to give people full freedom to be unequal, to move into their own talents, to be themselves. 

Equality means people who can earn more, who have the talents to earn more, will not be allowed to earn more.

And there are people who have the talents.

Capitalism is the natural evolution of human society.

If people become rich, they create wealth, they create capital, they create richness.

Your whole stupid idea of enslaving the world through digital Marxism, is puerile, unconscious and misguided.

You are so small and retarded, and the world is so vast, there is no possibility of your ever being the one true world president ruling over the whole earth, that is only your petty delusion.

The word “alienation” comes from a Latin root, alienare, which means “to make strange or to separate what once was united.”

Why do you hate humanity so much that you wish to destroy and cripple its evolution?

It is only out of fear that a person wants power.

It is to hide one’s fear that a person becomes interested in power-trips.

You want great power so that you can feel that there is no fear, “at least not for me.”

And because you live in fear, you are now creating a whole world full of paranoia, suffering and pain, and a fearful humanity.

You want to be the big man.

Let me tell you, you are not.

You are a traitor to humanity.

I know you are constantly trembling inside.

To hide that trembling, you need constantly great world powers around yourself, listening to you, only then can your fears subside.

Remember, you can never have any idea of your real self through your unreal self.

The unreal has to cease for the real to be.

The unreal has to go absolutely.

All meditation is the search for this intelligence.

Drop your demigod wet dream of global domination.

Intelligence and stupidity are not separate energies.

The same energy functioning in harmony is intelligence, functioning in contradictions is stupidity.

Stupid people are many, the majority, ninety-nine point nine percent.

They have a great power with them, the power of violence, and they show it whenever it is needed.

Yuval Harari is such a person and a complete unconscious idiot, get rid of all these stupid people?

His views on A.I are laughable, deranged.

A.I. can not be intelligence, as it can never become conscious, it can never become alive.

Consciousness is life itself, not circuit boards!

Intelligence is consciousness.

Remember, a computer can be very efficient, but a computer is not intelligent.

Never think that intelligence and efficiency are synonymous, intelligence is a totally different phenomenon.

Efficiency is not intelligence, it is mechanical expertise.

Down the ages you will find thousands of geniuses with very bad memory and thousands of people who had tremendous memory with no intelligence at all, because memory and intelligence come from different sources.

Memory is part of the mind, intelligence is part of no-mind.

Intelligence is part of your consciousness and memory is part of your brain.

The brain can be trained, that’s what universities go on doing.

All your examinations are tests for your memory, not for your intelligence.

Your level of delusion is bound to create some kind of neurosis, schizophrenia, some kind of great paranoia, because if you are so lost in your mental illness, so lost in your Marxist ideological fantasies, then in reality, you are bound to be against humanity and this whole world.

Yet this same energy redirected could make this earth a paradise.

Small changes sometimes bring great revolutions.

Wake up, Klausss!!!