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Here’s what corporate media is not reporting about the rise in cancer cases

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The incidences of cancer suddenly accelerated after the vaccine rollout began. In this article, Dr. Guy Hatchard considers what corporate media are currently reporting about rising cancer cases and what they could have investigated, but haven’t.

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Cancers Rise Dramatically in Tandem with Covid Vaccinations

By Dr. Guy Hatchard

A study published in BMJ Oncology this month entitled ‘Global trends in incidence, death, burden and risk factors of early-onset cancer from 1990 to 2019’ has reported a 79.1% rise in cancer incidence among people under 50 years of age during the last thirty years. This averages to a 2.6% annual rise. Over 350 news outlets around the world have published articles reporting the results.

Developed nations, including North America, Western Europe, and Oceania (that’s New Zealand), are disproportionately affected. The authors suggest that:

Dietary risk factors (diet high in red meat, low in fruits, high in sodium and low in milk, etc.), alcohol consumption and tobacco use are the main risk factors underlying early-onset cancers.

In addition to these factors, the authors also explain that changes in lifestyle and environment since the turn of the 20th century, resulting in increased rates of obesity, physical inactivity, westernised processed diets, and environmental pollution, may have affected the incidence of early-onset cancer.

These are, of course, alarming figures. Concern has been widely registered around the world. More than 1 million under 50s now die annually from cancer worldwide. The identification of possible causes in the study is helpful. It points to factors that are particularly prevalent in richer nations.

What Has Been Happening Since 2019?

You might have noticed that the study covers data up to the end of 2019, and you are perhaps wondering what is happening now. If you have been reading our reports, you probably know that up-to-date data on specific disease categories is hard to come by and might just be subject to some form of suppression. You have to dig around to get a hold of the current situation.

Phinance Technologies, a company specialising in independent data mining and consultation, has published an analysis of UK disability claims over the last seven years (See ‘UK PIP Analysis – Body Systems’). The total number of new claims for Personal Independence Payments (“PIPs”) for all ages and all causes made by people claiming disability is graphed as follows:

The 2022 rate of new claims was 71% higher than the average 2016-2019 rate and mirrors the Covid vaccine rollout.

Phinance Technologies also reports separate data for payments made to those suffering from disability due to cancer incidence. These payments increased by 35% in 2022 compared to the long-term average. An increase of 12,271 cases.

It is interesting that a 79% increase in early onset cancers over a thirty-year period has elicited global concern and publicity, whereas a 35% rise in cancer incidence over one year after the vaccine rollout began, a rate of 13 times higher, has been ignored by corporate media. How strange is that?

Just imagine if these figures are being replicated around the world. That would amount to an additional 1 million cancer cases, being quietly swept under the rug. One million people are unaware of a possible deadly cause of their disease – covid vaccination – being administered by the same health professionals who say they are dedicated to preserving public health.

The figures are even more concerning if you consider the increase in the total number of people applying for disability payments in the UK because they are unable to work due to various conditions – 372,000. If this is being repeated worldwide, in 2022 there will have been 31 million new cases of disability. A figure that is similarly being swept under the rug by medical authorities and governments.

Here in New Zealand, we have few reasons to doubt the validity of these figures. The Household Labour Force Survey reports that there are 6,600 working-age people (15-64) who dropped out of the workforce through disability in the year since June 2021 when vaccination of this age group began. Leaked hospital data from the Wellington Region revealed a rising incidence of cancers. We know that our health service is overwhelmed, but we are still being offered puerile excuses by our politicians, medical authorities, and mainstream media.

We are being treated daily to heart-wrenching personal stories in the press about working-age and student people who are falling ill or even dying unexpectedly. In a few cases, we are being told that we will have to wait for a coroner’s report to know why, but as long as public health data remains hidden, parents, friends and colleagues may never know why.

No doubt there are multiple causes for serious illness and excess deaths including pre-existing conditions, delays in treatment due to pandemic lockdowns, long covid and covid infection, poverty, poor lifestyles, etc. But it seems from whatever data we do have that the most significant cause of appalling hospital statistics is likely to be quite different from the tired excuses currently being rolled out for public consumption. Watch THIS video to get an update on excess deaths by country which remains high in nations with high Covid vaccination rates, but are below the long-term average in countries with low vaccination rates.

As long as complete public health data broken down by vaccination status, age and condition are being kept well-hidden and withheld from independent researchers no one will know what exactly is going on. Overseas data is now catching up with us. New Zealand can’t keep its head in the sand any longer. This needs to be a topic in election debates and at public meetings.

Candidates are showing their disdain for the New Zealand public by refusing to address the growing evidence of covid-19 vaccine harms on a scale that dwarfs previous risks to public health. Time to wake up, get up to date and show some respect.

Many people write to me, some of them performing important roles in society, expressing concern, regretting that there are few forums where they can make their concerns known. The cancellation of these voices, as well as continuing government funding of unqualified “fact-checkers” and so-called “disinformation experts” in the face of mounting scientific evidence of covid vaccine harm is becoming a serious matter.

This week, I read an account of a former pillar of the UK media establishment and editor of the Independent on Sunday and the New Statesman, Peter Wilby. He spent years cancelling and denigrating victims of child abuse but has recently been exposed as a prolific collector of sickening explicit child sex abuse images.

Wilby used his influence to craft a media environment which was hostile to whistle-blowers and journalists working to expose child sex abuse, characterising the victims as easily manipulated by overzealous reporters engaged in a witch-hunt. Wilby used his power in the media to call for “nuance” and a more relaxed and understanding stance towards abusers.

We can’t help but feel threatened by how much power our media has to shape public narratives that don’t have a basis in reality. They have failed the New Zealand public. If we don’t learn from the pandemic, we have failed as a society to protect ourselves from abusers and misinformation. Our politicians need to take note, political ideology and belief devoid of relevant information do not amount to a public health policy with any chance of success.

About the Author

Guy Hatchard, PhD, was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a global food testing and safety company (now known as FoodChain ID).  He is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint for Health and Wellness.

You can subscribe to Dr. Hatchard’s websites and GLOBE.GLOBAL for regular updates by email. GLOBE.GLOBAL is a website dedicated to providing information about the dangers of biotechnology.  You can also follow Dr. Hatchard on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.

Featured image: The success of the Covid jab has escalated the development of vaccines for cancer and other conditions, according to The Guardian, 7 April 2023

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19 days ago

They’re not stupid They know journalists will report the story as above They use people Manipulate them Lead them down the garden path People are suckers Really they think they can outsmart institutions that have been ruling over nations for centuries, by just going to college.
You need to spend YEARS AND YEARS reseracrhing to compensate if you aren’t born into a generational elite family who don’t raise their kids to think their stupid children until their 18 I can assure you For a start.
They don’t make their children retarded psycho sexaully so as to protect their innocence aka keep them clueless
Bottom line they needed all 12 safety mechanisms to fail at Chernobyl and Fukushima in order for those disasters to happen. They knew either after Chernobyl or Fuk that they expected cancer rates to double by 2020.They needed a cover up. Plus after Andrew got implicated in Little Saint James they needed a distraction Bingo Covid. Now they were planning, what they called a “Flood as early as 2016, I’ve seen them talking about it, the global flood of information to coincide with their Agenda.
There’s the covid flood and then there’s HAARP.
To understand the real world you need to understand who why what where and when HAARP came into being
No journalists will tell you.

Reply to  Anonymous
19 days ago

“They” seem intent on getting rid of us “Human Rubbish” the results of computers and automation taking away manual jobs and putting generations of low skilled people out of work, potentially for ever. The rich don’t want to support us, they want to keep their wealth for themselves and Trump is a fine example of that – he never pays any income tax. Each year Trump writes down the value of his properties so he is running them all at a loss, but when he goes to the Bank to get loans he overvalues his properties in the millions of Dollars – and all of the rich people are using offshore accounting firms to dodge their Income Tax including your King Charles III – Bahama’s I seem to recall is where their accounting firm is.
Remeber there was a whistle blower a few years ago – a lot of financial documentation was released to the press – supposed to have been audited and the tax dodgers held to account, including your Queen at that time, it just went silent and faded out and nothing came of any of it – why not?
Anyway, according to Deagle’s forecast in 2020 75% of the World’s populations will have been exterminated by 2025 and everything is on target to achieve that, from the vaccinated: What has Deagel Predicted?’s [infamous] 2025 forecast was removed from their website sometime in 2020. However, thanks to the Wayback Machine / Internet Archive, we are able to view the original predictions before discovered by critical thinkers.
Deagel predicted in 2020 that the United Kingdom would see its population decline by 77.1% by the year 2025.
The Expose
Have you thought what it will be like to see such a massive depopulation, if you survive it (not vaccinated) a lot like Marple’s Axe with the railways, but now it is the people instead and have you given any thought to how you will survive when the numbers of humans still living are few and far between each other?

19 days ago

The number of smokers in the UK has HALVED in the last 30 years from around 30% to around 15%, so the numbers need to reflect that drop in contribution .
Health Survey for England: Smoking (
Adult smoking habits in the UK – Office for National Statistics (
IOW, something else NOT cigarettes has been causing the rise in cancer rates over the last 30 years.

19 days ago

Well, electric cars were a dud – so the next best way to get carbon emissions down was to knock off the people who would or rather should have been buying electric cars, instead.
Same result just a different way to go about it.
What bothers me about all of these vaccines are that they were never a medical incentive but a military one.
The military purchased the Gene Drivers from the vaccine makers and gave them immunity from prosecution, no matter what the vaccines did or did not do.
It is established fact that for the past 200 years vaccines have never been trialed against a salt water placebo, to see if they do anything or not – the assumption that injecting poisons into your blood supply cures you of something is a totally wrong and ineffective assumption – they just injure and kill “generally” instead.
These mRNA vaccines are the second part of the 2 part bio weapon they set out to be, they inject billions of NanoGraphi nanotubes (carbon particles) of a set length which when hit with a sound within a certain frequency range by 5G, all ring together, cancelling out human thought.
Test out and see if you potentially qualify – if vaccinated have someone scan your body with an Android 5 phone and Bluetooth to find your body’s new MAC address, the means by which that sound will be delivered to your mind – hence the military incentive and what they get out of it – Super Soldiers had their vaccines worked – which they don’t – or at least, not yet.
In a statement released on social media, Renz claims that the widely recognized mRNA technology, allegedly utilized in the vaccines, is not what it appears to be.
“They claimed the COVID-19 vaccines were mRNA & that meant MESSENGER RNA (which occurs in life everywhere). It is NOT. The mRNA is modRNA. modRNA is a lab-created hybrid designed to create changes in your genes,” said Renz.
ModRNA, as described by Renz, has the potential to last longer and create permanent changes in genes. He also warns of the potential for “massive unintended consequences” in the 3300 billion lines of genetic code that make up humanity.
3300 billion lines of genetic code from which the scientists have translated just 17 so far

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
19 days ago

This man has spent years researching the effect of aspirin on cancer.

“Aspirin and cancer: the emerging evidence”

Professor Peter Elwood
Honorary Professor, Cardiff University
Cardiff University School of Medicine

There is a remarkable harmony between the effects of aspirin on the biological mechanisms of cancer metabolism and growth, and clinical evidence of reductions in cancer mortality and metastatic cancer spread.

He gets on to cancer at 23 minutes.

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
19 days ago

More on Peter Wilby and the disgusting Guardian (not that the Mail is much better) – “Peter Wilby’s the holier-than-thou paedophile editor who used The Guardian and New Statesman to mount a campaign to PROTECT child child abusers. So, asks GUY ADAMS, why haven’t either of those bastions of Left-wing sanctimony taken down his columns?”.

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
19 days ago

Hi Rhoda, I don’t know how to take “into context”. I find it vague and open to interpretation.

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
Reply to  Rhoda Wilson
16 days ago

Thanks Rhoda

Chris C
Chris C
19 days ago

The Corporate Media MSM (Daily Express, BBC, Sky News etc. etc. worldwide) are OWNED BY THE SATANIC CULT that is committing genocide, Crimes against Humanity etc.
They are all lying to us and censoring the truth: it’s simple.

Therefore things will only get worse until we remove the MSM and replace it with gems such as “The Light” truthpaper and reclaim control of the airwaves, by having some backbone and stop cowering to the psychopaths who run OfCom [the people who forced Mark Steyn out of his job at GB News for allowing Naomi Wolf to tell the truth about the bioweapons (actually electromagnetic devices) on air].

18 days ago

Dietary risk factors (diet high in red meat, low in fruits, high in sodium and low in milk, etc.), alcohol consumption and tobacco use are the main risk factors underlying early-onset cancers.

This part is absolute BS, sorry. Who bought the opinion of these people?

  • red meat: the most beneficial to us, there is a cancer cure based on carnivore diet, there is science behind it, I mean real science. That diet is also used to cure the so called autoimmune diseases and it works. Every mammal converts its food into fat, herbivores do have the system, bacteria, enzymes to ferment fibers converting into fat, you don’t. You need animal source. See Dr Barry Gloves lecture: Homo Carnivorous What We Are Designed to Eat.
  • you need salt, that gives the energy/ions to your cells. low salt diet is one of their terribly wrong and harmful advices
  • alcohol and tobacco – while they are tend to be unhealthy, many people lived long lives with those habits, eg Churchill, it’s again blaming things on something else. It was a UK research to know the connection between smoking and lung cancer, the result was that you had to spend 30 years in a heavily smoky area like a smoking pub to develop, I would look around for the real causes elsewhere. Tobacco is overpriced and banned mainly based because of the beneficial health effects of nicotine, antidepressant and blood sugar regulator – of course they don’t want you to smoke.
Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
8 days ago

“Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch”

In it – ““What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease—that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they’re seeing in very young people.”

He said this is not how cancer normally develops.

“There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens,” he said.”

or at –