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Newly released email shows Peter Daszak schooled Fauci in January 2020 about NIAID’s involvement in man-made coronaviruses

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A little more than a week ago, a new email obtained through the Freedom of Information Act confirmed that Anthony Fauci knew the magnitude of the coronavirus research going on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, even while publicly shrugging off suggestions the pandemic began with a research accident as conspiratorial.

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In an email dated 27 January 2020, Fauci received talking points for a press conference that was being held the next day. An aide laid out in detail the research at the Wuhan lab funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID”).

Through the non-profit EcoHealth Alliance, its president Peter Daszak and its contracted lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, NIAID had funded the discovery of 52 novel sarbecoviruses, or coronaviruses related to SARS. These included the closest known relative of the “nCoV,” or novel coronavirus, that was responsible for the 2020 pandemic and the measures subsequently imposed on the world.

“EcoHealth group (Peter Daszak et al), has for years been among the biggest players in coronavirus work, also in collaboration with Ralph Baric, Ian Lipkin and others,” wrote Fauci’s chief of staff, Greg Folkers.

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About five hours earlier on 27 January 2020, Daszak had sent an email to David Morens, Fauci’s senior advisor, with the subject line ‘Wuhan novel coronavirus – NIAID’s role in bat-origin CoVs’.

This email was released in June 2021 in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from either The Washington Post or BuzzFeed News dubbed the “smoking gun” emails.  While BuzzFeed made all the emails received freely available on the internet, The Washington Post published stories about the 800 pages of emails they had obtained.  Unfortunately, The Washington Post’s articles are behind a paywall.  We were unable to find Daszak’s email to Morens among BuzzFeed’s batch of emails, so we assume it is among those received by The Washington Post.

The purpose of Daszak’s email earlier in the day was to give Fauci forewarning, via Morens, about the connection between Fauci’s office and the origin of the virus that caused the covid pandemic. Daszak confirmed that NIAID had been funding coronavirus work at the Wuhan lab for five years.

However, as pointed out by Truth Over NewsJeff Carlson, large portions of Daszak’s email were redacted when it was released in June 2021.  There also was no direct link to Fauci of the information Daszak was supplying to Morens in his email.

Now, with the new email released that was sent to Fauci five hours after Daszak’s, Carlson pieced together what exactly Fauci knew about the Wuhan lab and his office’s role in seeding the pandemic.

Carlson compared the newly released Folkers to Fauci email to the unredacted portions of Daszak’s email, and they matched exactly. Information from Daszak’s email to Morens was simply copied and pasted into the email sent to Fauci five hours later.  Effectively, Morens and Folkers were merely acting as a go-between in passing Daszak’s message to Fauci.

The image below is the recently received email from Folkers to Fauci. Using Carlson’s report, we have outlined the text in red which is the block of text copied from Daszak’s email to Morens (“David M”), and highlighted in yellow the text that was redacted when Fauci’s “smoking gun” emails were released in June 2021.

Source: US Right to Know: FOI documents on origins of Covid-19, gain-of-function research and biolabs, NIH batch #29 (9.12.23) (13 pages), pg. 3

The information Fauci had in January 2020 is so damning that he must have known very early on that covid came out of the Wuhan laboratory, Carlson said and explained why.

You can watch Carlson’s 15-minute report on Epoch TV HERE.  You will be required to create an account by providing your email address which will give you access to a limited number of reports for free.  For access to unlimited Epoch TV reports, you will need to pay a subscription.

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Bill Gates and Fauci ought to be at the top of the list when it comes to prosecution for crimes against humanity

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Hang the guilty