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Wind farms are destroying wildlife while environmental organisations accept millions of dollars from wind energy companies

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Governments worldwide have been trying to convince their people to ditch fossil fuel energy, “go green” and shift to renewable energy, particularly, wind power. However, the green cult seems to be covering up how these huge wind farms are killing wildlife.

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The following is the article ‘Blinded by Money: Wind farms are killing eagles and whales, but the green cult ignores reality as it pockets millions in donations’ published by Natural News on 5 October 2023.

In Australia, devastating evidence has been found that onshore wind turbines take on local eagle populations. The local Wedge-tailed eagle is thought to be down to just 1,000 individuals, but over the last 12 years, at least 270 birds have been killed or injured in the vicinity of wind farms. According to a recent paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Australian Field Ornithology, a further 49 vulnerable white-bellied sea eagles have also been killed in this period.

Gregory Pullen, author of the study, revealed that information about eagle deaths is not readily available, “nor readily made available” but he suggested that unrecorded casualties are higher since most are recorded anecdotally and are not the result of systematic surveys. The Tasmanian sub-species of the wedge-tailed eagle is listed as endangered under both federal and state threatened species legislation.

Large birds of prey such as eagles are at particular risk from giant wind turbine blades revolving at speed since they rely on air currents for sustained flight. As per independent news outlet The Daily Sceptic, few activists, bird conservation groups, and writers seem able to rouse themselves to complain when the natural flight path of raptors stands in the way of green progress. The Australian climate journalist Jo Nova has stood out from the unquestioning crowd, noting that in Tasmania the greens are destroying nature again. “It’s not about the environment is it,” she said. She went on to add that there are plans to build up to 10 wind turbine parks across Tasmania “and if one tower misses, the next will get them.”

Furthermore, it’s not just the large birds that get victimised by the wind turbines. Several studies have pointed to the destruction of millions of bats and smaller birds every year by turbine blades capable of travelling at the tip at speeds approaching 150mph.

Meanwhile, on the East Coast of the United States, building offshore wind farms was found to kill sea mammals such as dolphins and whales, as per a new documentary, ‘Thrown To The Wind’, by director and producer Jonah Markowitz.

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This film came after scientists and government officials, under pressure from the White House, denied that the construction of large industrial wind turbines caused the increase in whale, dolphin, and other cetacean deaths. The movie showed that the surprisingly loud, high-decibel sonar emitted by wind industry vessels when measured with state-of-the-art hydrophones is correlated directly with specific whale deaths.

According to reports, the population of North Atlantic right whales has dropped to 340 from over 400 over the last few years. And, there have been more than 60 recorded whale deaths of all species on the East Coast since 1 December 2022, a number that increased markedly since 2016 when the wind industry started to ramp up.

The New York Post reported that the wind projects are going forward despite urgent warnings from leading conservation groups and a top scientist at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”), Dr. Sean Hayes, who said last year that industrial wind projects “could have population-level effects on an already endangered and stressed species.” He also said that oceanographic impacts from installed and operating turbines cannot be mitigated for the 30-year lifespan of the project unless they are decommissioned. But his warnings were ignored.

Wind energy companies donate $4.7 million to three dozen environmental organisations

Despite all the news covering the killing of animals due to wind turbines, wind energy companies continue to mount their facilities in the United States because of their massive donations.

The New York Post‘s Michael Shellenberger revealed that the wind companies as well as their foundations have donated nearly $4.7 million to at least three dozen major environmental organisations. He further revealed how Big Tech companies such as Facebook censored his post linking whale deaths to wind energy off the East Coast.

“The censorship came in the form of adding a link to a ‘‘ article from 31 March 2023, which relied entirely on US government sources ‘Thrown to the Wind’ debunks,” Shellenberger wrote. “It is clear that the American people and our representatives cannot trust NOAA and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (“BOEM”), the two government agencies that, for years, have repeatedly betrayed the public’s trust in service to powerful industrial interests,” the award-winning author further said in the Post.

Meanwhile, he remains hopeful that things will soon change as the people had strong reactions to ‘Thrown To The Wind’, including members of Congress.

Featured image: Wedge-tailed Eagle. Source: Joanne Nova

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Dave Owen
Dave Owen
2 months ago

I recently went on a 50 mile journey, as a passenger.
Just for some interest I counted 100 windmills, only 4 were turning. That was 4%.
Two weeks later on the same journey, 14 were turning. That was 14%.
If this is the usual percentage, it’s not very good.
Hardly going to run a Country.

John Steeples
John Steeples
2 months ago

How do you fix anything if government? if governments don’t tell people to stop dropping trees down and making fires, this is. causing all the weather change. If you abuse the Earth, the Earth will react. That’s why they’re bringing these injections out to More people off an injured thousands. The world has gone mad when we all had to do is make sure people understand not to have many children.

2 months ago

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Chris C
Chris C
2 months ago

Instead of We The People continuing to be dependent on huge (mostly foreign owned) energy companies, who have now told us that they are going to control our lives in a sinster way, we need to come together to be more self-sufficient in energy.
Total reliance on the NWO “green energy” could be catastrophic for national security. Some things we could all do:

  1. Refuse to comply with any ban on fossil fuels, and mass defiance to keep our God-given right to have fires, gas boilers etc.

2. Use renewable energy in a local way, by having small wind turbines and privately-owned solar panels on individual properties and on the corners of roads, requiring community spirit to re-emerge.

The whole nefarious NWO agenda is dependent on us complying with smart meters, energy surveillance, electric cars etc., so simply banding together as small communities regionally and setting up energy generators will thwart the demonic control freaks.
Once started, this message can spread to every locality.

Nature in the form of wind and Sun supplies many kilowatts of power to us both for individuals and small regions, and these devices are long-lasting investments in our freedom.

2 months ago

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1 month ago

GREEN MIRAGE: World’s biggest offshore wind farm developer & whale killer warns industry is in serious trouble

1 month ago