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How the US WWII nuclear weapons programme became Operation Warp Speed

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In the last three years, Paula Jardine has carried out a forensic historical analysis of how and why we got to where we are now with the covid ‘pandemic’ and the drive for universal vaccination. This includes how the World War II Manhattan Project evolved into Operation Warp Speed to produce the covid mRNA injections.

According to Professor Norman Fenton, her work is among the most important for understanding the scale of pharma corruption and Deep State influence in all modern vaccine programmes. “Although Paula has documented her incredible findings in a series of articles in The Conservative Woman too few people are aware of her and her work,” he said.  So, yesterday Prof. Fenton interviewed Jardine to help get her work more widely publicised.

Anatomy of the sinister Covid project: Norman Fenton interviews Paula Jardine, 12 October 2023 (56 mins)

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We have heard much about the scientific perspective of all things covid.  But as a journalist with a university degree and interest in history, in her series of articles published by The Conservative Woman, Jardine gives a different perspective on what happened leading up to and during the covid era.

The Manhattan Project was a research and development undertaking during World War II that produced the first nuclear weapons.  So, what could this possibly have to do with the covid vaccination programme?

Part of the Bush administration’s national defence doctrine was what is called a full-spectrum dominance which included projects to find viruses in any location where the US military might be planning future operations, just as a preventative measure.

“They had this idea that you needed to defend against bioterrorism by doing your own bioweapons research and then developing countermeasures – vaccines and therapeutics – to defend against this hypothetical threat,” Jardine explained.

Since about 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11, a small group of people from the biodefence community have had aspirations for what they were openly calling ‘A Manhattan Project for Biodefence’.

The excuse they gave for needing this project was that someone like Saddam Hussein might use bioweapons against the US.  But this threat was exaggerated to the public.  In 2005, Milton Leitenberg wrote:

A few people at the core of this may have believed the threat of a lone wolf attack was real, but otherwise, it seemed, most didn’t believe the threat of a mass bioterrorist attack was real at the time.  So why did they exaggerate the threat?

“My research suggests that one of the motivations at the time was to benefit certain pharmaceutical companies in the United States, Emergent BioSolutions being the principal one,” Jardine said.

Emergent BioSolutions manufactured smallpox and anthrax vaccines.  Smallpox vaccines were withdrawn from the market in 1980 because they were very dangerous, Jardine said.  Anthrax vaccines were given to soldiers during the Gulf War but there was never any real reason to give them to civilians.

Somehow, Dr. Robert Kadlec, the principal architect of the US 21st century biodefence policy, managed to obtain billions of dollars to stockpile vaccines for the US government under Project Bioshield.  One of Kadlec’s fellow weapon inspectors in Iraq was former bioweapons researcher Dr. William Patrick. “William Patrick happened to have five, I think, patents on advanced Anthrax vaccines,” Jardine said, adding that this may also be one of the reasons that the bioterrorism threat was exaggerated.

In 2014, the Obama administration imposed a moratorium on gain-of-function research.  And then, all of a sudden, Jardine said “In 2015 … this idea of A Manhattan Project … kicked off again.”

The aim of this project was to have prototype vaccines for 28 different classes of known biological pathogens and rapid response vaccine platforms – like the mRNA and DNA vaccines – that could be tweaked and rolled out within a matter of weeks to the general public.

In 2015, Kadlec, who was at this time working as a consultant for Emergent BioSolutions, set up a Bipartisan Commission on Biodefence. “They were looking at how to update the American biodefense policy. One of the things up for discussion, right back in 2015, was this Manhattan Project for Biodefence … It was meant to be like a big bang and you could kind of roll everything out all at once under, well clearly the way it’s happened, an emergency, or a contrived emergency, where you’re able to loosen government purse strings and get the money for this [project],” Jardine explained.

In July 2019, the Bipartisan Commission on Biodefence held a forum entitled ‘A Manhattan Project for Biodefence: Taking Biological Threats off the Table’.  By this time, Kadlec was the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in Health and Human Services. Having been in this position since 2017, he had already worked out that he needed about $20 billion for this project, which is about what they spent on Operation Warp Speed, Jardine said.

“mRNA was the great hope [of the project],” Jardine explained, “the mRNA [injection] was the big one.”  They had a few other projects, for example, a MERS DNA vaccine which, after the 2014 gain-of-function moratorium, they partnered with a South Korean company to develop.  “It was one of the [vaccines] they tried to repurpose into a covid vaccine in January 2020,” Jardine said.  Essentially, they were looking for a convenient new virus to test out all their vaccines, she added.

Jardine referred to a Pfizer clinical trial paper published in a journal but didn’t name which one. What’s noticeable about this paper is it shows evidence that Pfizer had been developing a vaccine for covid before the world knew that covid existed. “At the bottom of the header on that [journal] page [it] gives a document date of the 5th of December 2019.  Well, isn’t that interesting because that’s, what, three weeks before China knew anything about this [covid] pneumonia, officially,” Jardine said.

“It’s also the same time period when Moderna was getting ready to send a prototype of their vaccine to Dr. [Ralph] Barak … [Moderna] sent a prototype under a material transfer agreement to Barak on the 12th of December 2019.  The transfer agreement says that it is for mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates jointly owned by the NIAID and Moderna.”

The official explanation is that this material transfer was for a MERS vaccine.  In May 2019, Moderna entered into a research collaboration agreement with NIH to develop a MERS vaccine.  So, they are attempting to hide the fact that they had a prototype for a mRNA coronavirus vaccine by claiming that it was a vaccine for MERS.

Further reading: How Fauci pulled the Moderna vaccine rabbit out of the hat

The covid virus was a key part of the plan to push forward The Manhattan Project for Biodefence.  But why and who is determined to implement this project? According to Jardine’s research, it all leads back to the Rockefellers.

Speaking only about the vaccine strand of the project, universal vaccination became a “thing” in 1984 through UNICEF, Jardine explained. “But the organisation that was pushing it was the Rockefeller Foundation, and that started in the 1970s.”

In 1978 the Rockefeller Foundation published a paper basically attacking the World Health Organisation’s approach to “health for all” by promoting clean water, sanitation and healthy, nutritious food.  The Rockefeller Foundation said the healthy lifestyle approach was unrealistic and too expensive for the developing world and instead populations in the developing world should follow the GOBI approach.  GOBI stands for Growth monitoring, Oral Rehydration Therapy-ORT, Breastfeeding and Immunisation.  The GOBI approach was implemented by UNICEF in the 1980s, probably in 1982.

Further reading: The History of PHC (Part 4): Introduction of GOBI-FFF, Child Survival Revolution, & Kick-out of Comprehensive PHC!

“By 1984 [Rockefeller installed UNICEF director James P. Grant] had basically worn the WHO down and they inserted the word ‘universal’ in front of ‘immunisation’,” Jardine said. “And all of a sudden, everybody everywhere was supposed to have as many of these [vaccines] as you could have.”

UNICEF director James (“Jim”) Grant also proposed a Summit for Children which took place two years later in 1990. UNICEF’s Summit outlined a set of objectives that would eventually pave the way for the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) that we are burdened with today.  Grant was Rockefeller’s man and the SDGs are a Rockefeller initiative.

“GAVI … is a Rockefeller Foundation initiative, they just got [Bill] Gates to put the money up for it,” Jardine said.

The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (“GAVI”) was born out of the idea that the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (“CVI”) needed to be more closely linked to its funders.  CVI was born out of an earlier Rockefeller initiative; initially known as the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission and then the International Health Division.

Further reading: The Rockefeller Foundation’s 20th Century Global Fight Against Disease

“Before the Rockefeller Foundation ever got involved in global health, they had a global population research team.  They were they’d been arguing since the 1950s that the world was overpopulated and we needed to do more to reduce that population. So, there is an intersection there,” Jardine said.

Further reading: Population and the American Future, The Rockefeller Commission Report, 27 March 1972

At the end of the interview, Jardine was asked what she thought they would do next. She answered that she thought a Nipah virus vaccine would be rolled out under emergency use authorisation.

WHO Chief Scientist, formerly director of Wellcome Trust, “[Jeremy] Farrar had a key role in identifying [Nipah] back in 1999 and I think that was a cover-up for a disastrous vaccine program in Malaysia … But there’s been a lot in the press recently about Nipah outbreaks in Bangladesh, I’m not sure if there was another one in Malaysia or the Philippines, but you keep hearing little things about it and I think they’re gearing up for that.” 

Jardine has also had a whistle-blower contact her to say that they are stockpiling RSV vaccines. “They’re almost out of date so there’ll be pressure to roll those out as well,” she said. She warned that the RSV vaccines, as with other recently rolled out vaccines, are under-tested.

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1 month ago

Just a little correction. they are not mRNA vaccines. After the revelation of La Quinta Columna, that there was no biological matter found in the vials and two basic atoms of life were missing – phosphorus and nitrogen – now Dr Tom Cowan examined the possibility of mRNA and spike protein part from a totally different point of view and concluded that the jabs can’t be mRNA.


1 month ago

WW11 is still ongoing. No peace treaty was ever signed. Nor can there be. It would require every country that was involved to all come together and agree on peace. Certain countries no longer exist in the same capacity that they were recognised/called at the end of WW11.
The same issue had been ongoing until recently, regarding America and the Civil War. Which was in fact a mercenary conflict between two Corporations. That war had been ongoing from 1860 until the Autumn of 2021 when the actual American Government declared peace.

Reply to  john
1 month ago

The ruse that the British-backed Territorial U.S. Government hit upon at the end of the so-called American Civil War — to keep the “war” going in the jurisdiction of the sea and the air, even long after it was ended on the land — has been copied again and again to the detriment of law, order, and decency. We find that not only was the American Civil War purportedly never resolved (until 2020) but neither was the First World War, the Second World War, and the infamous Korean War / Conflict. All these wars were left in an active status at sea and in the air, which allowed the Perpetrators to continue to assess and collect “war reparations” even 160 years after the end of actual physical hostilities. World War I ended in an Armistice and a singular Treaty of Versailles that encompassed peace on the land jurisdiction only. World War II was similarly denied any complete ending; although hostilities in fact ended in September of 1945. In this case, an impossible to satisfy United Nations accord stands in the way of peace — an accord that requires all Parties to the Second World War to sign off on the peace treaties ending it, which is impossible because numerous Parties to the Second World War no longer exist as political entities. Like the American Civil War, the Korean War was in fact the Korean Conflict — an undeclared, unauthorized, and entirely dubious struggle that never actually ended with any trilateral peace treaties on air, land, and sea.

Chris C
Chris C
1 month ago

The neuroweapon C-19 injections are only one way that the satanists are getting nanotechnology into our bodies: scaleable as it has exactly 33 forms of robotics, to attack the cells, organs, biofield (WBAN/aura etc. as described by Sabrina Wallace) to disguise genocide as unrelated injuries.

So every portal of ours to the divine is being targetted fractally upwards from the nuclear spin of “good” elements (rhodium, gold etc.) in our pineal gland right up to the population on a global scale.

Interviews with Celeste Solum (ex-FEMA) who researches official documents (the cult like to taunt us with their plans) prove that the Smart Dust is aerosolized, in water, household substances and food which often has unnatural faded colours.
She grows 50 varieties of tomatoes and explains that the Great Resetters want to barcode (IBOL and CBOL: the cabal enjoy playing word games) ALL life: the Phylocode, and replace it with demonic synthetic biology, firstly hybridized then fully alien.

The natural microwave frequencies needed for our cells to cohere (read Igor Jerman’s paper “Life from Quantum Vacuum, Water and Polar molecules”) are being supplanted by frequencies adjacent in the electromagnetic spectrum (e.g. 5G, 6G etc. in the gigahertz range) which is where evil resides in God’s internet/wi-fi field that ultimately may emanate from the infinite via Planck-scale black holes (there are ten to the power of 99 per cubic centimetre): zero-point energy/information is measurable in a few unrelated ways, such as the Casimir Effect, Lamb Shifts of hydrogen spectra, Kleppener devices and genuine Vacuum Engineering.

The satanic cult-paid demons in the military also admit the “need” for altering the magnetic “spin” states of God’s natural life, which somehow ties in with our Earth’s Schumann Resonance currently at a 12 thousand year inflexion. So walking barefoot in a field has health benefits.

Celeste quotes from an ex-CIA agent’s book “The Adam and Eve Story” that is free to read, but listening to Celeste often leaves me feeling powerless against the forces clearly out to exterminate ALL natural life and food, not just depopulation which can sound acceptable to some.
They want to allow us UBI to buy only lab-grown food “by the molecule” and we have to stop these insane monsters.

So Celeste does recommend we avoid masks, PCR “tests” (that are proven to insert nanotech), and all “vaccines” and try to live our lives with natural substances.

If we cannot yet convince our police, councils, courts and politicians that the NWO have brought forward our extermination from 2030 to 2025, only WE OURSELVES can break the chain of command by not complying.
That way, the levels of imposition of the evil forces from the quantum field cannot be expressed through their globalist puppets (WEF, WHO etc.), and in turn our national politicians and servants cannot impose restrictions on We The People.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
1 month ago

Hi Rhoda,
Strange that Paula never mentioned the Medallion Network, 5G system, on the Diamond Princess.
This was a test to see what would happen when it was switched on.
The test worked well and everybody was ill and some may have died.
The same happened in Wuhan, when people were falling down dead.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  Dave Owen
1 month ago

Paula mentions Maurice Strong, who made millions of pounds, buying and selling carbon credit notes.
If you remember, this was a way to save the planet by stopping pollution.
Maurice then retired in China of all places.
China is one of the top polluters.
Strange that Maurice would want to live in all that smoke.
Am I missing something ?

1 month ago

[…] Read more: How the US WWII nuclear weapons programme became Operation Warp Speed […]

1 month ago

[…] How the US WWII nuclear weapons programme became Operation Warp Speed In the last three years, Paula Jardine has carried out a forensic historical analysis of how and why we got to where we are now with the covid ‘pandemic’ and the drive for universal vaccination. This includes how the World War II Manhattan Project evolved into Operation Warp Speed to produce the covid mRNA injections. […]

1 month ago

[…] How the US WWII nuclear weapons programme became Operation Warp SpeedIn the last three years, Paula Jardine has carried out a forensic historical analysis of how and why we got to where we are now with the covid ‘pandemic’ and the drive for universal vaccination. This includes how the World War II Manhattan Project evolved into Operation Warp Speed to produce the covid mRNA injections. […]