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How Did the Corruption of Public Health Happen?

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“The Covid-19 response of the international health industry, led by the World Health Organisation (WHO), impoverished the public and degraded health.”  Now, there is a current push to grant even more authority to the WHO and while funding initiatives that provide access to essential healthcare services may benefit the global community, giving the WHO more power should not be mistaken for an effort to enhance public health. In fact, allocating public funds to the WHO would further diminish individual freedoms and fundamental human rights and would be detrimental to society.

David Bell of the Brownstone Institute argues “International institutions, supported by our taxes, must never be in a position to undermine democracy, curtail freedom of expression, or override our fundamental right to work, education, and normal family life. Doing so would be the antithesis of bodily autonomy and human rights. It would be the antithesis of democracy. And it would be the antithesis of good public health.” he asks:

How Did the Corruption of Public Health Happen?

The following article was originally published at the Brownstone Institute by David Bell

International public health is a mess. Once seen generally as a public good, the focus of the World Health Organization (WHO) now more closely resembles a scheme for extracting private profit from the public purse. Wealthy corporations drive a ‘public-private partnership’ agenda, the foundations of the rich determine global priorities, and a propagandized public are ever more removed from decision-making regarding their own well-being.

There was a time when things were different, and public health promoted genuine equity and decentralization. However, decades of naively swapping public control for private money have dismantled the decolonizing, community-based model on which institutions such as the WHO were ostensibly built. Recent policies have promoted impoverishment and centralized control, and the WHO is now seeking power to entrench these.

While the WHO remains mainly publicly funded, and defunding bad ideas is sensible, simplistic solutions to complex problems are seldom a good idea. Replacing net harm with a vacuum will not help the people who need substance. Knee-jerk reactions can satisfy those who are unaffected by collateral harm but want ‘something done’ (such as the privileged Zoom class who decided in 2020 that wrecking the livelihoods of others might protect them from a virus), but we should be better than that. Public health, like our personal health, should remain a responsibility of us all.

Some argue that ‘Public Health’ is a false construct, and only personal health really matters. Those who believe this should clarify what they will do when a factory upstream on their local river starts releasing mercury or cyanide into their water supply. Without a structure to monitor this, they won’t know until people around them get sick or die. If they want to walk outside, they probably prefer clean air. These require considerable communal effort. 

We also live far longer than our forebears principally due to improved sanitation, living conditions, and nutrition. Antibiotics play an important role, and some vaccines have contributed late in the game. While some of these improvements grew organically, many required communal action (i.e., a public health action). If the road has now led us into the bog, better to back up and reroute the road than destroy it altogether.

What Public Health Is

The WHO was designed in 1946 to help coordinate international public health. It was to be called upon by countries when needed. The WHO’s remit was primarily to address high burden diseases that cause avoidable sickness and death where countries lacked the resources or technical expertise needed. Although non-communicable diseases such as diabetes or obesity – or cancers and degenerative diseases such as dementia – kill most frequently, the WHO sensibly prioritized the unavoidable results of poverty or geography, predominantly infectious diseases, strike younger and so that shorten life far more. 

“Life-years lost” is an extremely important concept in public health. If we really believe that equity is important – a reasonable chance of all having a roughly equal lifespan – then addressing diseases that remove the most life years makes sense. Most people would prioritize a 5-year-old with pneumonia before an 85-year-old dying with dementia, if the choice had to be made. Both lives are of equal value, but one has more to lose than the other. When truth was important, preventable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and the effects of undernutrition were the priority of the international health community.

Covid-19 is therefore an obvious anomaly. It kills at an average age older than most people even live to, and predominantly affects those with severe metabolic or lifestyle diseases. This is why, from the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, only mortality rates were quoted by those who stood to gain from lockdowns and mass vaccination. Conventional public health metrics that consider life-years lost (such as Disability-adjusted Life Years, or DALYs) would have allowed the public to realize that things were not as serious as some needed them to believe. 

What Public Health Is not

In terms of equity, it would be ludicrous to divert resources from African children dying of malaria in order to vaccinate them against Covid-19. Such a resource diversion would be expected to kill more children than could conceivably be saved – mass Covid vaccination is far more costly than malaria management. Less than 1 percent of Africans are over 75 years of age, half are under 20, and nearly all had immunity against Covid before Omicron immunized the rest. So, the fact that such a vaccination program was run by the WHO, and is still underway, says everything we need to know about the current intent of the WHO and its partners. 

Mass Covid vaccination, though clearly a public health negative in low-income countries, was not a mistake but a deliberate act. The people in charge knew the age at which people die of Covid-19, they knew most people already had immunity, and they knew the worsening of other diseases that resource diversion would drive. In the same way, they had known that closing schools would entrench future poverty and increase child marriage, and that closing workplaces in crowded cities would enforce poverty whilst having no impact on virus transmission. 

It is therefore rational to conclude that those driving such policies are acting incompetently from a public health standpoint. Calls for their organizations to be defunded and dismantled are fully understandable. In wealthier countries, where organizations such as the WHO provide minimal value-add beyond career opportunities, the benefit of demolishing international public health may appear obvious. However, those born by good fortune into countries with strong economies and health systems must also think more broadly. An example will help explain the issue.

Where International Cooperation Saves Lives

Malaria has had a huge influence over humankind. It has killed enough to change humanity, selecting for mutations such as sickle-cell disease that, while deadly in themselves, killed less often than the malaria parasite they protect against. Malaria still kills over 600,000 children every year. Good diagnosis and treatments exist but they die because it is often unavailable. This is mostly due to poverty. The parasite is naturally spread by mosquitoes throughout the tropics and sub-tropics but is only a major issue in poorer countries. For example, there is no malaria in Singapore, very little in Malaysia, but a lot in Papua New Guinea.

A concerted effort in development of better malaria drugs, diagnostics, and insecticide-impregnated bed nets (to stop and kill the mosquitoes) has reduced risk for many, but many low-income countries cannot procure and distribute them without external support. As the Covid-19 response demonstrated, some people and corporations are willing to risk the lives of others for profit – so without international regulatory support malfeasants would also send substandard and fake products to these countries.

A similar picture applies to many other diseases, including tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and schistosomiasis (a very nasty worm infection). So, while it may be reasonable to state that the WHO and partners have been a net public health negative over the past few years, not all the actions of such institutions produce net harm. Not all their work is configured to benefit the rich. If we permanently eliminated all international health efforts, then history suggests we would kill far more than we save. That is not an outcome to strive for.

Recognizing Institutional Realities

Somehow, we must retain the benefits whilst removing the ability to sell out to the highest bidder. A penchant for injecting pregnant women with mRNA medicines that concentrate in the ovaries and liver, crossing the placenta to enter the dividing cells of the fetus, does not mean honesty or competence are beyond reach. It simply means people can be bought and/or brainwashed. We already knew that. Public health, like plumbing or selling cars, is a way by which ordinary people make money. Therefore we need ordinary restraints and rules to make sure they do not abuse others for self-enrichment.

The current mess is also society’s fault. Because these institutions deal in health, we pretended they were more caring, more ethical, and more able to self-regulate. The WHO’s version of self-regulation over the past 20 years has been to cast aside longstanding norms regarding conflict of interest and cozy up with Pharma and high net worth individuals in Davos. We should have expected this and prevented it.

Because the WHO is staffed by humans, and humans have a natural desire for more money, it will keep prioritizing its corporate benefactors and their investors. Car salesmen don’t succeed by giving customers the best deal, but by gaining the best deal for the manufacturer.

Who and What to Fund?

It is irrational to support corrupted institutions, but rational to support improvements in health and well-being. It is rational (and decent) to help populations who, through accidents of history such as past colonial exploitation or other misfortune, lack the means to fully address their own basic healthcare. While bilateral arrangements may address much of this, it also makes sense to coordinate more widely. Multilateral institutions can provide efficiencies and benefits beyond those achievable on a bilateral basis.

A sensible model would recognize human frailty and greed, ensuring international health institutions can only act when and as requested by each country. It would exclude private interest, as the priorities of population health are simply incompatible with maximization of corporate profit (which  theWHO’s corporate donors are obligated to prioritize). The tendency of humans to put loyalty to an institution (and their own salaries) above a Cause also necessitates strict staff term limits. Equity would demand the same.

International institutions, supported by our taxes, must never be in a position to undermine democracy, curtail freedom of expression, or override our fundamental right to work, education, and normal family life. Doing so would be the antithesis of bodily autonomy and human rights. It would be the antithesis of democracy. And it would be the antithesis of good public health. Institutions seeking power to impose their will on ordinary, free people must be dealt with accordingly. 

The Covid-19 response of the international health industry, led by the WHO, impoverished the public and degraded health. The current rush to transfer greater powers to the WHO should therefore not be confused with public health. Publicly funding the further erosion of freedom and basic human rights would be self-harm, while funding access to basic healthcare is a global good. The public, and politicians who claim to represent them, should be clear on the difference.


This article was originally published by Brownstone Institute by David Bell
David Bell Senior Scholar at Brownstone Institute, is a public health physician and biotech consultant in global health. He is a former medical officer and scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), Programme Head for malaria and febrile diseases at the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) in Geneva, Switzerland, and Director of Global Health Technologies at Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund in Bellevue, WA, USA.

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Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
1 month ago

Lets lay the blame on Billy Gates, Vaccines and net zero do we need more?

Chris Williams
Chris Williams
Reply to  Brin Jenkins
1 month ago

Yes – you’ve omitted curruptible and intrinsically corrupt professional politicians – with Gates, and big pharma, symbiotic relationship relationship made in Hell.

1 month ago

The biggest terrorist state on the planet is British Crown/UK INC.
Israel is a British State.
The U.S. Military is controlled by the British Territorial Government.
The UK Online Safety Bill, declares many British institutions as being above the Law.
Israel isn’t the enemy of the world. Nor is the U.S. Military.

mike radant
mike radant
Reply to  john
1 month ago

Both are controlled by the Rothschilds and the Illuminati who rank above them!

1 month ago

Dr Tedros, is not a Medical Doctor, he is mafia, a terrorist and murdered masses of people in Ethiopia. This is on record! Beware what you allow to happen by a man who is evil!

John Steeples
John Steeples
1 month ago

Money that’s what? caused it huge amount of money.
Look at chemotherapy. What do you thinks drove that 420 years about? her money that the drug company have pushed to everybody. and killed millions of people at the same time. When there’s other ways to. kill cancer. Vitamin C in huge amounts going through the arm can kill cancer. A good diet through. vegetables every day. Smoothies connect remove cancer eventually. It’s not needed. Chemotherapy should be banned. It’s killed millions and it’s all to do with what you’ve just said. Money money, money,

1 month ago

In 1926, the League of Nations abolished slavery in all jurisdictions worldwide. Virtually all of the member countries piled on and signed it. 

The League of Nations was quickly disbanded and replaced with the United Nations instead. 

The United Nations approves of and thrives on slavery and indentured servitude. That’s why there’s a United Nations instead of a League of Nations. 

When you ask, “Hey, what happened to the League of Nations?” 

You will be told that the League of Nations was disbanded because it failed to prevent war. With 22 hot wars presently raging unabated, has the United Nations done any better? 

No, the League of Nations was disbanded because it took a stand against slavery on a worldwide basis, and that was something that the puppet masters running the phony corporation governments and banks didn’t want to end.  

That’s how they’ve made the Lion’s Share of their income for thousands of years and the means they have used to finance their war-mongering, too. 

Just ask (if he were still alive) Benjamin D’Israeli, Queen Victoria’s former Lord of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, how he “enfranchised” and enslaved the British working class and used them and their labor and everything they owned as collateral to finance the British Raj in India.  


Ask Allen Dulles and Michael Hayden and Big Moe and the Rockefellers and the LBJ’s of the world how World War II was financed, and then read the Buck Act. 


The worst part of it all, is that mankind has largely done this to ourselves, by abdicating our own freewill and individual authority, by handing over our “proxies” to “representatives”, by not having faith in ourselves and our ability to self-govern, by being lazy and wanting to remain in an infantile dependent state, and being afraid of our own natural empowerments. 

Then ask yourselves, how can you be free if you are still a slave to money? Ask yourselves, what is money? 

It’s a product. A widget. A “symbol of value” — but what is the value being symbolized?  

In one way or another, the value that money represents is energy — your energy and the energy of creation, manifested as labor and the material substance of the Earth, which is the inheritance of all mankind. 

The assets backing the money belong to you, and the money backing the credit belongs to you, too. You are the value being symbolized and you are the image of the Living God, raised up in material form. 

By what madness have you been enslaved, and given away your authority and your freedom to symbol-makers?  

Mere people just like you, sitting in the back room of an office in a building called a “treasury” crank out these symbols like widgets and charge you “full face value” for paper and digital idols (another name for symbols). 

Other mere people, just like you, sit in banks and enter digits into accounting forms, and presume to tell you what your “value” is — according to them and their records. 

These people are just middlemen gone wild. They are charging you for their use of your own assets. 
They are sitting as lords over you and denying you access to your own credit. 

And you are allowing this? You are allowing them to use your own assets and credit against you? You are letting them sell you a promise in exchange for actual physical assets, and never collecting what they owe you?  

It’s time to end slavery and break the money spell, so that we and our children and our children’s children’s children and all the generations hence can say good-bye to the evils these practices and delusions have caused.  

It’s time for you to wake up. All the way up.  

It’s time to decide whether you will be ruled by the True God and the Law of Creation, or some Fakir you or someone else elected.  

How about King Saul? He’s dead, but so what? So are all these corporations that have been ruling over you. Faceless, nameless, unaccountable things — that’s why we call them Corps —-corpses. 

And unless you really want to live your life as a corpse and be accounted for as a Genetically Modified Organism owned as chattel property by the DOD and DARPA, it’s time to settle the past and the issue of slavery once and for all.  

Yes, it’s time, and that time — the only time we have, is now. 
A.V.R. Fiduciary

Tony Ryan
Tony Ryan
1 month ago

That article is fundamentally wrong. This is because it was predicated on myth, and extrapolating on that basis is pointless.

The UN was designed by Nelson Rockefeller from 1933 to 1938, including its various agencies, including the WHO. The WTO, WB, IMF, and other agencies were considered complementary to the wider strategy. The intention from the outset was eugenics and what we are confronted with now is exactly what was planned.

I have had a gutful of academics emerging from their smelly studies to plague the world with such nonsense.

Here is the actual history of Public Heath:

In the 1880s, London and Paris constructed sewerage systems, followed by reservoirs of protected drinking water. This is why the French word ‘reservoir’ is used. These developments decimated the death rates from disease and were followed by slum removal, public housing; and freezers on ships that brought fresh meat to Britain; and improved rural transport and roads that brought vegetables and fruit to the cities, hence improved nutrition. The discoveries of penicillin and antibiotics were a major advance. Even the vacuum cleaner assisted by sucking up flea eggs from carpets.

Throughout this era was a sustained campaign of personal hygiene.

This is the history that all public servants, including school teachers, were required to study, known, unsurprisingly, as Public Health Exams. I passed these twice.

It was not until 1934 that the first vaccine regime since the disastrous smallpox campaigns of three decades previous were installed. Records show these had no impact on death from disease. The first case of autism was identified in the same year and has increased in incidence parallel to vaccines.

From the 1970s, we were told that vaccines reduced disease, a blatant lie. The biggest con was polio. This was caused by saturation clouding of DDT and then doctors compounded the problem by placing children’s limbs in plaster casts, which caused atrophy. Queensland nurse Elizabeth Kenny realised this and massaged limbs, causing 100% recovery. Doctors, realising they might be sued into oblivion for their stupidity, had her imprisoned for five years.

Also in 1934, several doctors proved the real causes of cancer and cures. All were imprisoned, ruined or murdered.

No treatment by oncology regimes cures cancer yet there are at least 20 cures around, some used for thousands of years.

Since the 1930s, increasingly, public health has been the killing field of the Medical Mafia. All require prosecution and execution.

1 month ago

[…] By Patricia Harrity and All News Pipeline […]