42% of Americans Would Likely Join a Class Action Lawsuit Against COVID Vax Makers if it was Permitted by Law.

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According to a Rasmussen poll “42% of Americans were vaccine injured! The poll also implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab,” according to Steve Kirsch, who asks “How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?” “This is getting too big to hide.” he says, and adds “Isn’t it funny how it is only the misinformation spreaders calling for data transparency of public health data? Nobody else. Not the media, the medical community, doctors, members of Congress, etc. What does that tell you? It tells you that they don’t want you to learn the truth.”

Rasmussen poll: A stunning 42% of Americans would likely join a class action lawsuit against COVID vax makers if it was permitted by law

Article by Steve Kirsch, Founder, of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (vacsafety.org) and originally published in Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter

Wow. 42% of Americans were vaccine-injured! The poll also implies that 500,000 Americans were killed by the jab. How many more Americans must be killed before this deadly vaccine is stopped?

Executive summary

Rasmussen Reports has just released yet another devastating survey about the COVID vaccine.

Their latest survey, released at 10:30am EST on November 2, confirms (yet again) that the COVID vaccine is a train wreck, the biggest healthcare disaster in our lifetime.

The key conclusions:

  1. 47% personally know someone who was killed by the COVID virus
  2. 24% personally know someone who was killed by the COVID vaccine.
  3. 42% said it was somewhat likely or very likely they would join a major class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine side effects. That would make it the largest class action in US history by a long shot.

The implications are stunning:

  1. 56% of people who got vaccinated are or were vaccine injured in some way. This is because 42% want to sue but only 75% were vaccinated. So 42/75=56%. That is is unprecedented; a complete train wreck for a vaccine that was touted as “safe and effective.”
  2. If you believe 1M people died from COVID, then this poll suggests that 500K people died from the COVID vaccine (computed as 24/47×1.1M killed from COVID virus using the two numbers above from the survey).

When the 911 terrorist attacks killed almost 3,000 people, it was major news. When the US government kills 500,000 Americans, there are no headlines and no investigations. This is the biggest story in America today.

Bottom line: Heads should roll. Now. Let the finger-pointing begin!


Earlier this year, I suggested to Rasmussen that it might be interesting to take a second look at COVID vaccine injuries.

They did.

Why? Because they are one of the few honest polling firms in the US. Nobody else wants to know about vaccine injuries and deaths. Fact check that one.

And the results are stunning as you’ll see below.

Survey result data

The full results (Excel spreadsheet which includes cross-tabs)

Note how the answers are very consistent regardless of demographic (scroll horizontally).


Nearly half the people surveyed knew someone who died from the COVID virus
24% knew someone who died from the vaccine. Vax deaths are more often reported by unvaccinated people (only about 30% of vaccinated people are able to recognize a “vaccine death”). So if everyone was equally aware of these deaths, the numbers would be over 50% which is comparable to the number of deaths from COVID.
This is stunning. 42% were likely to join a class action lawsuit. This is a train wreck. This would be the biggest class action in US history. How can this happen with a vaccine that people were brainwashed into believing was safe and effective?

Implication to Pfizer and Moderna stock

I think this is more likely than not to eventually cause Moderna stock to crater.

The #1 reason: 42% want to sue the drug companies if they could. It would be the largest class action in US history. But Congress, whose job it is to protect the drug companies, forbids it. But Aaron Siri believes he can unravel the protection and has filed a lawsuit to make that happen. Siri doesn’t waste his time on cases he cannot win.

Here’s is a summary of the reasons:

Class action lawsuit is a stronger influencer than trust
This is likely much closer to the truth
36% of people who got a shot were injured! This aligns closely with the 42% who would join an injury lawsuit in the Rasmussen poll.

And apparently I am not alone in thinking that Moderna stock is headed downward:

X follower opinion on where Moderna is heading

Therefore, I have established a large short position on Moderna stock because I believe in putting my money where my mouth is, i.e., where I lose if I got it wrong.

And I dare anyone to invest a large sum in Moderna now. Who would with 42% of your customers livid about the product.

Financial markets have a way of exposing the truth, don’t they? All you have to do is look at Moderna’s stock price to determine whether the Rasmussen poll is reflecting the truth or not.

The very sad reality is much worse than Rasmussen’s poll indicates because around half the respondents couldn’t see a vaccine injury even if it hit them in their own family just like it did to Congressman Sean Casten whose 17 year old daughter Gwen tragically died unexpectedly in a manner 100% consistent with a vaccine death. See this article and this article. Did they ever rule out the COVID vaccine in Gwen’s death. No. They didn’t even test for it. They didn’t want to know. Why don’t they want to know? They urged their daughter to take the vaccine that killed her. They wouldn’t be able to live with themselves if they learned the truth. So they didn’t look.

Even worse, I called Sean Casten’s office to find out the date Gwen was last vaccinated in order to expose the truth so the speculation would be over.

They said it was “Confidential.” Really? Why is that??? If she wanted to go to a restaurant, she’d have to show her vaccine card.

Why is it suddenly confidential now after her death??

The last survey

This is from Rasmussen’s earlier survey which was nearly 1 year ago. Do you see how the results match up?

A good scientific study produces repeatable results. And that’s exactly what we have here. A repeatable result.

The inescapable conclusion is of course that the vaccine killed at least half as many people as COVID did.

Which means the COVID vaccines have killed at least 500,000 Americans if you accept the 1M dead from COVID. Meanwhile the CDC still thinks only 9 people or so have been killed by the mRNA vaccines.

But the alternate math is that over half actually know someone who died from the vaccine, but only around half know how to spot a vaccine death (and it is near 0 if you are a member of the press writing about a death). So that means that vaccine deaths are at least comparable to COVID deaths. But COVID deaths were inflated by at least 2X (because hospitals got paid when they reported a COVID death because the government was trying to encourage hospitals to kill people so they labeled everything they could a COVID death to maximize revenue). So we’re realistically looking at around 500,000 deaths caused by the vaccine if we put on our red pill glasses.

If that is true, how can these results be so consistent one year later with a completely different population sample?

Someone is lying to you. But the mainstream media and medical community do not care to know who is telling the truth. They basically follow whatever the CDC says, even though it is disconnected from reality and even though the CDC refuses to allow anyone to challenge them. When I tried, I got ghosted very quickly.

This is from almost a year ago. Compare with the current results. They are very close. It means that around 500,000 people were killed by the vaccine.

Limitations of the survey

75% of the public is vaccinated. Vaccinated people are relatively poor in assessing vaccine deaths. The 25% figure is thus under-reported and it is more likely that the vaccines have killed at least as many people as COVID if not more.

How credible is the study?

Very. The 25% matches the 28% polled nearly 1 year ago. So the results are repeatable.

The poll is subject to the ability of people to assess a vaccine injury or death which means it undercounts vaccine injury.

Even with the undercounting, it means that the vaccine deaths are at least 500,000 based on this poll (since 50% saw COVID deaths which are believed to be on the order of 1M people). Note: This is the blue pill calculation method (vs. redpill above).

The 500,000 vaccine deaths is a very credible number.

Don’t believe me?

Do your own survey! You can get a quick estimate quickly with a X poll.

Check out this new simple method for validating the size of the vaccine deaths.

Another way to validate the data is in the consistency across demographics. Check this out:

A very consistent 25% of people know someone who died from the vaccine, no matter how you slice the demographics. This is an extremely strong signal that SHOULD NOT be ignored. The reality is likely twice that if everyone was redpilled.

Replication attempts

Nobody will try to replicate this poll. They will have the fact checkers discredit it and use them to gaslight the American people into believing the poll is flawed and biased.

That’s why you have to do your own poll if you are confused.

Or I can make it easy for you: the people who refuse to try to replicate a study are the people who are lying to you.

Rasmussen is a very credible polling organization

They are the only major polling organization who isn’t captured by the narrative.

Fact: They are the ONLY polling organization that has ever asked these questions. Fact check that one!!!

All of the other polling organizations are prohibited from asking questions like these because they would provide disturbing results (aka “truth”).

Don’t believe me? Try it yourself!

When we tried to hire mainstream pollsters for similar surveys, we were politely told that our survey could not be run. This is because data transparency is simply not allowed because it would upset the drug companies if people learned the truth.

This is why nobody will run an “accurate” survey because they don’t want you to know Rasmussen was over target.

So they will try to gaslight you and claim the methodology is flawed, etc. And yet Rasmussen is not losing clients. If they are so bad, why are they still in business? And why doesn’t anyone show us the “correct” answer? Why doesn’t any other polling firm want to ask these questions?

Can we look at the facts? Here’s a ranking done by 538 (a mainstream polling firm):

Rasmussen was in the top 5. Whoops! Ranking done by 538 which is owned by ABC News/Disney. Look where they ranked (near the bottom).

Whoops! Rasmussen was at #5. Look at where the LA Times, NY Times, and Wash Post were. Whoops!

Or look at this image. Who got the closest to being exactly on target???

Final was +2.1. Rasmussen got the closest at +2.

Here’s yet another example:

Whoops! Rasmussen was rated #3 (ranked with lowest average error at the top). So they have to gaslight you into believing otherwise or the narrative falls apart.

See also this tweet from Rasmussen.

This is why they trash Rasmussen on their Wikipedia page. When that happens, you know you are over the target because Wikipedia is all controlled by the narrative.

Wikipedia trashes everyone who goes against the narrative, just like me

I have a lifetime ban at Wikipedia for requesting they correct my entry.

Did you know I went from a good guy who was awarded with a National Caring Award presented to me by Hilary Clinton in Washington DC to having Wikipedia delete that award right after I spoke out against the vaccines. That is a fact documented in the Wikipedia history of my page. Fact check that one.

It is clear objective evidence that if you oppose the narrative, they smear you on Wikipedia. Read this article: How Wikipedia transformed me into an evil person in just 4 days.

Then promise me you will never donate to Wikipedia again. You are supporting false government propaganda when you donate to Wikipedia. They wouldn’t get back to me when I complained. They are not an objective source of truth. My entry is documented proof of that and you can verify it on the wayback machine if you don’t believe me.

The question you should ask

How many more people have to die before the NY Times runs their own poll?

Do we have to get to 80% of the American public wanting to join a class action lawsuit before Congress will hold hearings?

My question is: When will the first US state release the record level data showing for each person (just identified by their age range only): vaccination history and date of death (if any)? If a state did that, we’ll know in 24 hours the truth. See my article on Data Transparency.

The problem is only the “misinformation spreaders” are calling for the data to be released. Ever seen the NY Times write an op-ed calling for data transparency? Not going to happen. Never. Not in my lifetime that’s for sure. If there was data transparency, it would destroy any remaining credibility that the NY Times has on the issue (which is already small).

Why is everyone afraid of knowing the truth?

The answer is simple: they don’t want to have their credibility go into the toilet. This is why they are never going to call for data transparency on other important health issues like whether vaccines (and the misnamed vitamin K shot) cause autism, ADHD, autoimmune diseases, food allergies, etc. The numbers are clear that they do, but nobody will debate this publicly; RFK has been trying for 20 years to have this debate. Their job: keep you in the dark by never calling for data transparency.

The excuse that it would violate privacy is complete BS. I disclosed the records for people in Medicare and not a single person complained, dead or alive.

What happens next

Who will be the first to start the finger-pointing?

Will this survey change anything?

In any rational society where the government serves the people, this survey should make a huge difference.

But we are a society where Congress and the regulators serve the drug companies, not the people. That’s why they keep the healthcare data secret and that’s why the drug companies get immunity even if they don’t give you immunity (with their “vaccines”).

What is it going to take before the lawmakers in Congress take action and demand the public release of the public health data so that people can do their own research instead of “trusting the science?”

My prediction

The health authorities, mainstream media, medical community, CDC, FDA, and members of Congress will gaslight people into believing the poll is unreliable. They will not try to replicate the poll.

They will wait for the first to happen of:

  1. At least 15% of Congress becomes visibly vaccine injured.
  2. A state health official releases the record level data so that the community can prove the vaccines were a disaster (which will happen about 1 hour after they release the data). Sadly, nobody is going to do this. There isn’t an honest, courageous health official anywhere in the country.
  3. A least 60% of Americans have been injured by the COVID vaccine.

Who do you trust?

The most important thing to determine is who you can trust.

Consider the following common characteristics of those who support the mainstream narrative:

  1. They refuse to debate us to resolve the conflicts
  2. They seek to censor our views from public view
  3. They seek to undermine our credibility us by doing things such as publishing a “Disinformation Dozen” list.
  4. They hide the public health data from public view even though it could be easily disclosed without violating anyone’s privacy. This causes everyone to have to speculate about what is really happening.
  5. They never call for transparency of public health data even though that would lead to better health outcomes
  6. When asked if they want to see very credible data which shows that they are wrong, they refuse to see it
  7. When asked if they believe in data transparency of public health data, they refuse to answer
  8. When asked to explain how a survey done by a credible polling organization can show a 42% rate of vaccine injury and 500,000 deaths, they try to change the topic
  9. They complain about misinformation being a huge problem, yet they could easily end the debate in a heartbeat by releasing the public health records. They will not do that.

My one wish

If I had just one wish and could change just one thing, it would be to compel all state health authorities to publish the public health data as described here.

That one thing would instantly expose the corruption and destroy the trust people have in their doctors, the mainstream medical community, the FDA, CDC, and NIH, the mainstream media, members of Congress, state lawmakers, and local health authorities.


The COVID vaccines have killed over 500,000 Americans so far.

This is getting too big to hide. I’ll be exposing a lot more stuff that cannot be explained over the coming months.

They will continue the same playbook: going after doctors who don’t comply, mask mandates are coming back in California, all debates will be refused, the censorship and gaslighting efforts will be ramped up, they will continue to gaslight people into believing COVID is coming back, that vaccines will reduce their chance of death, etc.

But the stock price of Moderna tells you who is telling the truth. The stock will continue to fall as more and more people realize they were fooled. Money is a great way to determine your confidence in a belief. This is why only one guy on planet earth (Saar Wilf) has accepted any of my debate challenges. And he will pay the price.

And we have a new analysis coming out in under 60 days that will convince anyone with an open mind that they’ve been lied to. That analysis can be replicated by anyone in 24 hours using objective data collected by honest governments. It’s super simple and quite obvious when you show it to someone. Once that is released, we’ll see a lot of people switching sides and finger pointing.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to get an independent crude estimate of whether the Rasmussen survey was right or not can use the method I describe in this article. I predict that nobody in the mainstream media will do it even though you can do it in minutes. It’s a crude estimate because of bias and gaming in X surveys, but it gives you a ballpark estimate.

And don’t worry about something unexpected happening to me. There are a dozen people working on this now in secret and it’s going really well. So if something happens to me, it won’t change anything. The genie is out of the bottle. This train cannot be stopped, even in the event of my untimely demise. That would just draw more attention to an issue that they want hidden.

Oh, and one more thing. If they really wanted to stop “misinformation” all they have to do is release the record level data for each US state as explained in this post.

Isn’t it funny how it is only the misinformation spreaders calling for data transparency of public health data? Nobody else. Not the media, the medical community, doctors, members of Congress, etc. What does that tell you? It tells you that they don’t want you to learn the truth.

Stay tuned. The best is yet to come!

SOURCE – STEVE KIRSCH in Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter


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1 month ago

Surely, given recent exposure that undisclosed contents (plastic DNA fragments), a different vaccine rolled out to the public to the one tested in the trials, plus data regarding heart issues in trials being withheld in order to gain FDA approval….all constitute fraud? This invalidates their indemnity…doesn’t it??

Reply to  Lionel
1 month ago

plasmic* damned autocorrect! 😁

1 month ago

Speaking of class action lawsuits, does anyone know about the fate of Reiner Fuellmilch?

Reply to  mcc
1 month ago

PS Is he in prison? If so we need to keep a close watch and hope he doesnt meet the same fate as say Julian Assange. With so many distractions going on I fear TPTB might want to whisk him away quietly, never to be seen again.
Rhoda/Patricia, , have you heard anything?

Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
1 month ago

People are dumb … you do not go after them for the vaxx you go after them for the obvious fraudulent data that was used to get the vaxx implemented. Contaminated with other ingredients too.

Their is no approved vaxx if they lied.

My rna
My rna
1 month ago

But if the information published by the drug companies is fraudulent, different than what the Government’s were believed they were being supplied, can’t they drug companies and their agents be sued for fraud foe selling a different product than what the original product the Government’s belied they were buying iIf the product the received contains contaminants that injured, and led to disability and even death of their citizens?

John Steeples
John Steeples
1 month ago

That’s what needs to happen. We need to join a lot of people together to. take these **** who’s killing children. Ladies and husbands. into enormous family. is terrible. What’s happening today?

The need stopping and that’s the only way. A good collection and get money from the rest of the world and have them in court. Stop them.

All these people that die. the doctors are saying the die of this and that but this isn’t change anything cause the injections damage the immune system

and then you can die of anything when the immune system’s not working properly. and the tricks that put in the injection for doing other things to the body should be unlawful.

I’ve had two injections. It’s enormous things it’s done to me, but I’ve been looking after myself for 30 years. A vegan diet. Smoothies. natural food all the time. Don’t drink or smoke. a no sugary drinks. But it is odd still to keep this. bay.

1 month ago

This is beginnining to correspond to the Deagle ‘estimation’ of only 35% of United Statesians remaining alive after 2025…

Chris C
Chris C
1 month ago

Please all decent Americans, forget your current and past divisions to join together and beat our common enemy which is the satanic cabal and their puppets using your votes to serve only demonic forces.

21 days ago

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