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“We own the Science and the World should know it”: UN & WEF admit they CENSOR Search Results & pay Big Tech & Influencers to shape Public Opinion on Climate Change & COVID etc…

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The World Economic Forum held the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings towards the end of September 2022, convening at the same time as the United Nations General Assembly.

In those meetings, UN officials declared that they apparently “own the science”.

They also admitted to; among other things –

  • Partnering with Google to censor search results that don’t fit the official narrative and ensure their propaganda is top of the list in relation to things such as ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Climate Change’ in order to shape public opinion.
  • Partnering with Big Tech Social Media companies to boost propaganda messaging on things such as Covid-19 and Climate Change in order to shape public opinion.
  • Giving millions to social media influencers to spout their propaganda for them in order to shape public opinion.

“We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do,”

“If you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.”

“Another really key strategy we had was to deploy influencers… influencers who were really keen, who have huge followings, but really keen to help carry messages that were going to serve their communities, and they were much more trusted than the United Nations”

“This idea that all speech is equal is not true”

Welcome to The Great Reset...

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During the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Sustainable Development Impact Meetings in September 2022, the unelected globalists held a panel on “Tackling Disinformation” where participants from the UN, CNN, and Brown University discussed how to best control narratives.

Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at the United Nations, highlighted that the UN had partnered with several big tech companies, including TikTok and Google, to control COVID and climate narratives while claiming, “We own the science.”

On the topic of controlling the climate change narrative, Fleming remarked that the UN had partnered with Google so that the unelected globalists’ authoritative narratives would appear at the top of search results.

“We partnered with Google,” said Fleming, adding, “for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of your search, you will get all kinds of UN resources.

“We started this partnership when we were shocked to see that when we Googled ‘climate change,’ we were getting incredibly distorted information right at the top.

“We’re becoming much more proactive. We own the science, and we think that the world should know it, and the platforms themselves also do,” she added.

But the unelected globalists’ efforts on narrative control didn’t end with partnering with Google to manipulate search results on climate change.

Fleming also highlighted that the UN worked with TikTok on a project called “Team Halo” to boost COVID messaging coming from medical and scientific communities on the Chinese-owned video-sharing platform.

“We had another trusted messenger project, which was called ‘Team Halo’ where we trained scientists around the world and some doctors on TikTok, and we had TikTok working with us,” she said.

The UN claims to own the science, but if we take a closer look at who funds the UN’s “directing and coordinating authority on international health” — the World Health Organization (WHO) — we get a clearer picture of who is really calling the shots.

Historically, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with the Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, have contributed more to the WHO program budget than all member nations, save two — the US and the UK.

Who owns the science again?

During the recent WEF panel, the UN global communications rep went on to admit that people didn’t trust institutions like the UN when it came to information related to COVID, and so to counter this, the UN looked to influencers to get its message across through the backdoor.

“Another really key strategy we had was to deploy influencers,” she said, adding, “influencers who were really keen, who have huge followings, but really keen to help carry messages that were going to serve their communities, and they were much more trusted than the United Nations telling them something from New York City headquarters.”

The idea of infiltrating and subverting online groups from within by targeting influencers mirrors recommendations coming out of a Google-backed RAND report published in April 2021.

According to the report’s policy recommendations:

“Conspiracists have their own experts on whom they lean to support and strengthen their views, and their reliance on these experts might limit the impact of formal outreach by public health professionals.

“Our review of the literature shows that one alternative approach could be to direct outreach toward moderate members of those groups who could, in turn, exert influence on the broader community.”

The report went on to say, “Commercial marketing programs use a similar approach when they engage social media influencers (or brand ambassadors), who can then credibly communicate advantages of a commercial brand to their own audiences on social media.”

Moderating the “Tackling Disinformation” panel was WEF managing director Adrian Monck, who in recent months has been name-calling critics of the WEF and components of its great reset agenda as white supremacists and anti-Semites engaged in far-right disinformation campaigns.

When addressing CNN’s Rachel Smolkin, Monck said that CNN was part of a political war strategy to “own the narrative.”

“CNN is both an organization that’s trying to make sense of the world and trying to establish the facts; it’s also part of a political war on who owns the narrative,” he said.

According to MintPress News, CNN received $3.6 million in donations from none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — the same organization that’s been heavily invested in the WHO.

The investigation revealed that Gates had also donated a whopping $319 million to many of the biggest and most influential corporate news outlets in the world.

Who’s really engaged in the “political war on who owns the narrative” again?

Speaking of owning narratives, last year, the WEF launched the great narrative initiative as a sequel to the great reset, with the goal of reshaping all aspects of society and the global economy.

The idea of a great narrative is something that the French philosopher Jean-Francois Lyotard called a “grand narrative,” (aka “metanarrative“) which, according to Philo-Notes, “functions to legitimize power, authority, and social customs” — everything that the great reset is trying to achieve.

Once the great reset has its great narrative implemented, any opposing narrative can be dismissed as disinformation, conspiracy, or extremism that must be censored and suppressed for the greater, collective good.

In one single WEF panel on “Tackling Disinformation,” we saw unelected globalists claim that they basically had a monopoly on science and that corporate media was embroiled in a battle to own the narrative.

At the same time, the UN rep claimed that people who questioned the vaccine narrative were “seizing the opportunity of people being afraid” to inject disinformation.

According to Fleming, “People who are very active in the anti-vaccine scene and others were seizing the opportunity of people being so afraid — injecting disinformation and misleading information — fueled also by some leaders and governments.”

However, it was the UK’s King Charles III, (Prince of Wales at the time of The Great Reset launch), who said in June 2020, “We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis — its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.”

Similarly, WEF founder Klaus Schwab said that the pandemic represented “a rare but narrow window of opportunity” to initiate the great reset agenda.

If anyone was “seizing the opportunity” to exploit people’s fears during the pandemic, unelected globalists and the British crown would certainly be at the top of that list.

On the subject of free speech, Brown University’s Claire Wardle, who is self-styled as “one of the world’s leading experts on misinformation,” told the WEF disinformation panel that she was frustrated that people couldn’t have a “more nuanced conversation about speech” as she simultaneously engaged in a nuanced conversation about free speech.

Free speech is free speech. It allows for nuanced conversation by default.

However, that didn’t stop Wardle from complaining about free speech even as she was actively participating in it in real time.

“I just wish we could have a more nuanced conversation about speech,” she said.

“This idea that all speech is equal is not true, and I wish we could just have that conversation properly,” Wardle added, as she had exactly that type of conversation.

By declaring they “own the science,” partnering with big tech companies to manipulate search results to influence public opinion, and pouring millions of dollars into media outlets, the unelected globalists are once again showing their true colours for all to see.

Owning the science leads to owning the narrative.

Owning the narrative means controlling thought and speech.

Controlling thought and speech means the end of free society.

Welcome to The Great Reset.

The unelected globalists’ authoritarian attempts to remake society out of the destruction of the old are becoming increasingly more obvious and desperate as the people’s trust in the global elites continues to crumble.

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lynette courtney
lynette courtney
1 month ago

Nothing we didn’t already know. For years doctors have been selling their credibility (name) to publications by big farma

1 month ago

U.N. and WEF OWN NOTHING…Both are simply camouflage to shield the actual ‘Head of the Snake’ until it feels safe to expose itself openly.

The City of London Central Banker Family Cartel, The Crown Corporation’s Monarchs and Peerage with the Treasonous U.S. East Coast Establishment OWN EVERYTHING.

Their wealth based in the Opium Trade and Oil are what they now use to ‘BUILD BACK BETTER’ new Trade Routes through the Mid East for both Markets…Hence, the reason for the False Flag War For Profit in Israel with Iran in the game, too.

Must admit…You folks really are covering-up for the TRUE GUILTY to the bitter end, aren’t you? Such ‘gas-lighting’ and pretense of being censored is such a JOKE.😉🙄

Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
1 month ago

Science is truth, it has to be or it is not science.

When any devious crook tells me he owns science he refers to his owned ministry of truth.

Liars and charlatans all of them when science is settled its stopped being science.

1 month ago

History has a habit of repeating itself.
Many, many, many years ago, mankind was supposed to be totally wiped out. Although not his real name and a false narrative in Biblical terms, Noah HAD to survive otherwise mankind would not be here today.
The same entities responsible many thousands of years ago, are the same entities once again attempting to wipe out mankind.
Although in depth, Wes speaks of the same feuding brothers Enlil and Enki as discussed in the above expose.

Chris C
Chris C
1 month ago

The God/creator-made evil psychopathic globalists arose as natural life by the unchanging laws of physics, and they are intent on annihilating ALL of that life, which just happens to include humanity, then supplanting it with demonic loveless synthetic biology operating on adjacent GHz frequency bands.

Only the apathy of the public who fail to do their PRIMARY DUTY of questioning their information sources (e.g. MSM and governments) will allow these Satanists to accomplish their wicked Beast-system mission, by believing the pseudo-science and anti-science pushed by the monstrous lying criminals of the U.N., W.E.F, W.H.O. scaring us with “viruses”, ourselves, threats from CO2 etc.

Mo Money
Mo Money
29 days ago

To think Bill Gates has a company that cuts down trees.. .they are trying to do anything to prove their narrative.

Madaqm DeFarge
Madaqm DeFarge
29 days ago

They can say they own anything they want, but lead will make a change of ownership, and save our precious air from dictator wannabee’s. Death to wek, death to the un.

Madaqm DeFarge
Madaqm DeFarge
Reply to  Madaqm DeFarge
29 days ago


29 days ago

Thanks to Obama for repealing the act that disallows the dissemination of propaganda!

29 days ago

Nuke the next WEF meeting at Davos!

29 days ago

Sustainable Development is an oxymoron used to muddy meanings and confuse the public. Any economic system that demands continuous development to generate endless profits can not be sustainable with finite resources. The volume of resources that are squandered every
day to develop and promote “new” products that are little more than rebranded replacements for the poor quality originals built with planned obsolescence to ensure continuous revenue streams.

The elites spewing this SD propaganda are the very same people causing the waste and ignoring the environmental costs of their own criminal behaviours and evil economic models. Don’t allow their bullshit into your head.

29 days ago

Somebody needs to let some of the hot-air out of Klod hopper Schwabs big ego!… This reject from Hogan’s Heroes is pumping himself up as Ruler of the World! He is a zit on the arse of satan!

Nolan Parker
Nolan Parker
29 days ago

Yeah, that explains Neil DeGrass Tyson pumping the lgIBeQueer crap and the Gitcher Jab or die bull.
As for this part

Partnering with Google to censor search results that don’t fit the official narrative and ensure their propaganda is top of the list in relation to things such as ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Climate Change’ in order to shape public opinion..

Anyone who is surprised at that is just not paying attention.

27 days ago

[…] –  “We own the Science and the World should know it”: UN & WEF admit they CENSOR Search Results… […]

11 days ago

[…] ONZ i WEF cenzurują wyniki wyszukiwarek, płacą influencerom i korporacjom techu iza kształtowani… […]