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Breaking news – A Very Important and Urgent 8 Page Letter Sent to King Charles III

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Former Police Officer Mark Sexton has sent “a very important and urgent 8 page letter to King Charles III with a request for a national reply. “A lot of time and hard work has gone into getting this produced,” says Mark, who adds, “If you understand why this letter needs to be sent by as many people as possible and how it impacts the monarch, the country and the constitution then please send it.”

Mark Sexton who has worked tirelessly over the last few years to try and bring justice to all those involved in the orchestrating of crimes against humanity, says “All avenues in their system have to be exhausted!!!” Referring to the letter to King Charles, he states:

“Yes I know he’s WEF.
Yes I know how corrupt the whole system is.
Yes I know it needs the people to take back control.
Yes I know many will say “not my king”
Yes I know they all protect each other.
Yes I know there are many anti monarchy.
Yes I know, I know…..”

Mark Sexton

Petition of Right, claim of right of redress and remedy of grievance.

His Royal Highness King Charles III
Your majesty,

We the people below undersigned, being born as the case may be to the lands
known respectively as England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the
Commonwealth seek urgent intervention from his majesty. To address our
serious concerns surrounding the criminal acts being committed against us by
the U.K Government and Parliament.

Since July 2023 many thousands of men and women across Britain have
written to and emailed the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and all sitting members
of Parliament removing our consent to be governed by any corrupt,
compromised, belligerent, criminal government or Parliament and that we will
not comply. We demanded they stand down and must no longer receive
anymore public money.

The Government and Parliament no longer represent the interests of the
people, they represent corrupted and unelected corporations and foundations.
These same non Government organisations, The World Economic Forum,
World Health Organisation, The United Nations and others are seeking to
interfere with and change our laws, subvert our sovereignty and our
constitution. This must not be allowed to happen.

The constant state of fear, worry, stress, uncertainty and debt inflicted upon us
at every turn from Government and Parliament must be stopped. Of huge
concern is the fact there is no viable or credible opposition. With this in mind
the people seek urgent remedy from his majesty and request Parliament is
suspended, ministers are sacked and a temporary interim Government of the
people is installed to bring about much needed reassurances, to remove the
fears, stress, worry and the significant burdens of unprecedented and rising

Our supreme protection is His Majesty’s obligation under the Coronation Oath.
This Oath is a signed contract between his majesty and the people. The duties
arising from the relationship of sovereign and subject are reciprocal.
Protection, that is the security and governance of his dominions according to

It must be observed that the prerogatives are vested in his majesty for the
benefit of his subjects and that his majesty is under and not above the law.
We refer to previous interventions by the people where our Parliament was
acting outside of its jurisdiction and committing Treason against her majesty
Queen Elizabeth II and the people.

In 1972 then Prime minister Ted Heath signed the European Economic
Committees Bill handing over our sovereign rights to a foreign entity thus
committing Treason and Sedition. The official secrets act protected these
documents for a period of thirty years, but, now, they are in the public domain
showing and proving this Bill was signed by the Government of the day with
malice and aforethought. The full document is available and accessed here in
the archives.

Sir, your attention is also drawn to the 23rd of March 2001. Article 61 of the
great charter of Freedoms The Magna Carta, sealed in perpetuity and never
repealed came into effect. High Treason was evidently committed by then
Prime Minister Anthony Charles Lyndon Blair whom signed the Treasonous EU
Treaty of Nice on the 26th of January 2001.

The Barons petitioned Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II regarding the
Treasonous Treaty of Nice and the fact this act was contrary to and without the
wishes and permission of the people.
Her Majesty was duty bound to protect the realm and thus acted in breach of
her Coronation Oath, a signed and binding contract to protect and serve the
people under God.

Sir Robin Janvrin, private secretary to Her Majesty The Queen replied to the
Barons and he cites;

“As a constitutional sovereign, Her Majesty is advised by her Government who
support this treaty.”

If this be the case, since 2001 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was in clear
breach of The Coronation Oath and this has very serious and far reaching
implications. Of huge importance and significance this dictates that Article 61
of the Magna Carta is still invoked and that satisfactory remedy by the
monarch, for the people, has still not been made to this day.
So it is clear that no one, neither Sovereign nor Parliament, nor Government
nor people, may tamper with, dismantle, destroy or surrender our
constitution. We are all tenants of it and trustees.
We inherited these rights and we have a supreme responsibility to pass them
in good order for future generations. They are not ours to discard or diminish.
Which is why the oaths of allegiance place an essential limitation on
parliament’s power and on the monarch and for that very reason the
Coronation Oath is crucial.

Sir, The Coronation Oath is a moral obligation, a religious obligation, a sworn
obligation, a contractual obligation, a statutory obligation, a common-law
obligation, a customary obligation and an obligation on all who swear
allegiance. It is the duty of government and it is sworn for the nation, the
Commonwealth and all dominions.

Therefore the Coronation Oath is the peak of a pyramid and all subordinate
oaths are bound by its limitations.

We are in unprecedented times and the people of Britain are victims of many
grievous crimes at the hands of this rogue and belligerent Government and

The most important duty of the monarch is for the protection of the people
and the safe guarding of our land and our constitution. Your loyal subjects are
being persecuted by the incumbent Government and Parliament. The many
cries for help and assistance made to The Police, The Judiciary and The Civil
Service are being wilfully and deliberately ignored. Why?

We respectfully bring to your attention the following powers bestowed upon
the monarchy.

Constitutional Arbitration – In times of Crisis, as with a hung Parliament, the
lack of an automatic choice of Prime Minister or an unjustifiable and
unnecessary request for a dissolution of Parliament, the Monarchy provides an
impartial and non-political arbitrator, like an umpire called in when the players
cannot agree. It would also be able to intervene if the government acted un-
constitutionally by, say putting the opposition in jail, abolishing elections, or
instructing the police not to prosecute members of the government for criminal offences.

Sir, right now many obvious criminal offences are being committed against us
and have been since March 2020. The police have wilfully ignored our many
requests for help and blatantly dismissed a vast amount of irrefutable and
damning evidence of crimes being committed by Government ministers. We
therefore deem this a time of crisis and we seek your intervention to instruct
the Police to act in our best Interests, without fear or favour and to uphold the
laws of the land.

The other powers of Royal prerogative include but are not limited to;
The power to appoint and dismiss the Prime Minister.
The power to appoint and dismiss other ministers.
The power to summon, prorogue and dissolve Parliament.
The power to make war and peace.
The power to command the armed forces of the United Kingdom.
The power to regulate the Civil Service.

Our borders are not secure and we are being invaded by hundreds of
thousands of fighting age men from foreign shores. This is a threat to our
security and our women and children are at risk of harm. This is costing us, the
tax payer, upwards of eight million pounds per day to house these illegal
immigrants in three, four and even five star hotels. All of this is happening
while we have an epidemic of homelessness of our own men and women and
this includes many of our own hero veterans. How is this allowed to continue?

Sir, we therefore deem this a time of crisis and we seek your intervention to
instruct our Royal Navy to patrol and protect our waters and our borders from
a criminal invasion.

We are victims of a rogue and criminal Government and Parliament. We are
asking you to exercise your sovereign powers and protect the people, our
borders, our land, our constitution, our country and our future. Child sexual
abuse and Human trafficking continues unabated, we are facing a mental
health crisis, our young men and women are suffering the most.
Our children are being sexualised, indoctrinated and confused by a wicked and
evil agenda regarding gender transitions and reassignments, this must stop.
Our food and water are being deliberately contaminated exasperated by the
constant spraying of our skies with Chemtrails.

We have exhausted every legal avenue demanding the crimes being
perpetrated against us are stopped. We are seeing a catastrophic amount of
excess deaths all since the rollout of the very dangerous, unsafe and ineffective
Covid-19 injections. Despite the vast amount of evidence clearly pointing to
the injections causing mass death and harms, they continue. The harrowing
treatment and mass Democide of our elderly using end of life drugs in the
hospitals and care homes is an indelible stain on our nation, our morality and
our souls. May God almighty forgive all of us for allowing these wicked and evil
acts to have happened.

The following ministers, police forces, military, organisations, governing bodies
and regulators have been contacted many times, by thousands of people from
all over the British Isles via, phone calls, emails, letters, face to face
interactions and many meetings. Yet all are either ignored or dismissed and the
crimes and harms continue.

1, Significant Criminal complaints to The Metropolitan, West Midlands,
Warwickshire and Thames Valley police. Plus thousands more to all other
police forces U.K. wide, all either dismissed or ignored.
2, The IOPC (independent Office of Police conduct).
3, To many of the police Crime Commissioners.
4, Sadiq Khan Mayor of London’s office.
5, The police federation of England and Wales.
6, The Metropolitan Police Federation.
7, Direct to Sir Graham Brady MP, head of the Conservative 1922
committee in a meeting with sixteen world renowned experts in September
8, Direct to Nadhim Zahawi MP vaccine minister.
9, Direct to Theresa Coffey MP Health secretary.
10, Direct to Chris Philp MP policing minister.
11, UKHSA Head office.
12, NICE Head office
13, NHS Head office
14, Direct to Cressida Dick former commissioner of the Met.
15, Direct to Stephen House former acting commissioner of the Met.
16, Direct to Sir Mark Rowley current commissioner of the Met.
17, Direct to Baroness Hallett chair of independent inquiry.
18, Direct to Hugo Keith lead barrister at independent inquiry.
19, Direct to Andy Cooke head of her Majesties inspector of constabulary.
20, Direct to the association of crime commissioners and chief officers.
21, Direct to General Sir Mark Carlton Smith head of the British army.
22, Direct to the high court in London.
23, Direct to the international criminal court in The Hague December 2021.
24, Multiple submissions to the MHRA.
25, Multiple submissions to the GMC.
26, Direct to Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland.
27, Direct to the Lord Chief Justice Burnett.

It is incomprehensible only one MP in Parliament is raising the alarm,
representing the people and trying to protect our country and that MP is
Andrew Bridgen. Yet he is ridiculed, investigated, de-platformed and openly
mocked on social media, but of more concern, he is abused by his colleagues
while carrying out his duties in Parliament. This is overt bullying of the worst
kind towards a democratically elected representative of the people, the people
and our country he so honourably serves.

The rights and protections of the people are laid out in the great charter, The
Magna Carta of 1215 and in particular we refer again to article 61.
The Magna Carta and The Declaration Of Rights are contracts between the
Sovereign and the people. They are not statute laws therefore they cannot be
repealed. Both were claimed to be self evident freedoms, existing by right
equally and both were based on a concept of permanence.

Sir, if you choose not to intervene as is your sworn duty and royal prerogative,
the people will have no choice, but, to protect their families, their properties
and their country from this belligerent Government and Parliament. The wilful
and on going failings of our publicly paid servants, The Police, The Judiciary and
The Civil Service leaves us to fend for ourselves. How can this be?

Article 61, states;
Until redress has been obtained as deemed fit by the community of the realm,
distrain and distress in all possible ways will take place, by seizing the castles,
the lands and possessions and in any other way they can. No harms will come
to any person and when redress has been obtained our relationships will
continue as before. (Literal quote of Article 61 is on the last page).

Your Majesty, we are at your mercy and seek your immediate intervention in
order to save lives, save our country and to save and protect our constitution.
The children really are our future. We all have an on going duty to make sure it
is safe, secure, fulfilled and a happy one to enjoy with all of our God given
freedoms fully intact. These very freedoms are what we owe our children and
we must guarantee and secure them.

In order for our communities to succeed we must have a democracy built on
fairness, transparency and equality in law. Right now we are living in an
autocratic dictatorship. Our freedom of speech, freedom of movement and our
innate and inalienable rights and freedoms under God are being stripped from
us by a rogue Government and Parliament unduly influenced by unelected,
non governmental organisations and foundations.

We say “NO.”
Enough is enough.
We will not accept them and we did not vote for them. This is an act of
Treason against His Majesty and against every sovereign Man and Woman of
the realm, a realm that we call home. We will protect it and her people.

The people await your earliest response by national broadcast, so we may look
forward to resuming in full, the proper and lawful relationship between we the
people and our constitutionally aligned Government. It is the decision of each
living man and woman if they choose to distrain and seek remedy, be it by
seizing public buildings, withholding taxes or by any other lawful constraints
they feel appropriate to them. Without causing harm to another or damaging
any property and by standing in their own sovereign truth.

Your Majesty,
Please honour the oath you swore to the people, to our constitution and with
God as your witness.

In peace, truth and gratitude, we are all man, made in the image of the

Your faithful subject

Void where lawfully prohibited

Article 1; part quote,
We have first of all granted to God and by this our present charter confers for
ourselves and our heirs in perpetuity (eternity, forever), that the English
church is to be and to have its full rights and its liberties intact and we wish this
observed accordingly.

Article 13;
And the city of London is to have all its ancient liberties and free customs, both
on land and on water. Moreover we wish and grant that all other cities,
boroughs, towns and ports are to have all their liberties and free customs.

Article 39;
No free man shall be taken, imprisoned, stripped of his rights or possessions,
outlawed or exiled or in any way ruined, nor will we proceed against or
prosecute him except by the lawful judgement of his peers and by the law of
the land.

Article 40;
We will not sell, or deny, or delay right or justice to anyone.

Article 61; part quote,

The following security was granted, if we, our Chief Justice, our officials or any
of our servants offend in any respect against any man, or transgress any of the
articles of the peace or of this security and the offence is made known, the said
twenty five Barons may distrain upon and assail us in every way possible, with
the support of the WHOLE COMMUNITY OF THE LAND, by seizing our castles,
lands, possessions, or anything else saving only our own person and those of
the queen/king and our children, until they have secured such redress as they
have determined upon, they may then resume their normal obedience to us.

The Magna Carta has been triggered (invoked) five times in our history.
1216, 1258, 1500, 1688/89 and 2001 The Treaty of Nice

The wishes of the people must be heard. Enough really is enough.

If this resonates with you then print and send recorded delivery.

The address and letter can both be found by clicking on the link and just scroll down to the bottom of the page. –

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23 days ago

I wonder where Charles will go to live when Gb is no longer viable? Does anyone know?

The country is bankrupt, the piggy bank is empty. Printing money has led us a long way into this situation.

Donald Drumpf
Donald Drumpf
Reply to  M.dowrick
23 days ago

Mark Sexton has laid a foundation for each and every English citizen to take back control of their country. This letter should be sent to every student President of each University in England and have them distribute throughout their respective schools.

They young people, when mobilized by the hundreds of thousands can descend on the City of London (who control this evil pyramid of corruption, greed, death and destruction) and either peacefully have these folks removed or be willing to put their lives on the line to take it back.

I’m happy to come from the USA as my family is all English and be part of any real movement to eliminate this threat that has destroyed the USA, France, Germany and every other sovereign nation of the world and it’s people through illegal and unconstitutional CENTRAL BANKS.

The families (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, etc) must be brought to justice or eliminated by the people if we want to ever have freedom again. They are the ones leading the Zionist destruction of our world and killing innocent Palestinian children along with children throughout the world. All to have POWER, PROFIT AND CONTROL of all us 8 billion citizens who just want to live our lives.

It’s time people RISE UP and REALLY take control. Death will happen, but I’d rather die fighting for my children than be a slave to these Talmudic, evil, parasites any longer. Take ACTION people before it truly is too late.

God will be with us. Not the satanic “king charlie” who is as sick as they come. Get this letter to all the university student Presidents and ask them to organize as they are the one’s who will be prisoners of the Zionist cabal unless they along with the police and military really observe their obligations and do the right thing for once instead of looking the other way for a paycheck and pension.

Reply to  Donald Drumpf
22 days ago

A citizen is a slave. A resident is a slave. A legal fiction person is a slave.
Men and women ARE the authority on the Land and Soil jurisdiction. Only The Primal Creator is higher.
Corporations are things. They have zero life nor substance.
Does a thing devoid of life, have authority over living beings?
If you acquiesce, and agree to being a citizen, resident or legal fiction person, then yes it does.
All their frauds can be peacefully bought to an end. All it requires is for citizens, persons and legal fiction persons to publicly declare themselves as men or women. Then it’s game over for the criminal cabal without any fist-fighting or worse taking place.

Ann Mc Donagh Mills
Ann Mc Donagh Mills
Reply to  Donald Drumpf
21 days ago

Powerful words my friend. Totally agree. God bless you 🙏

23 days ago

The saddest part of this very thoughtful effort is that it will fall on deaf ears. Imho the moment the Queen died Charles began to put great reset agenda’s into overdrive. Let’s not forget one important factor. Schwab, Gates, WEF members and their Reset handlers BELIEVE this path is the only way for humanity going forward, so they are all in at the poker table and common sense ideologies will not affect them whatsoever…Fire with Fire is the only concept these overlords will understand at this point in the agenda’s timeline.

Reply to  peacewarrior
22 days ago

I think Charles may be a true believer but have my doubts about the others. Power is the ultimate motivator.

23 days ago

[…] Go to Source Follow on Telegram […]

Jerry Alatalo
Jerry Alatalo
23 days ago
Reply to  Jerry Alatalo
23 days ago

Russell Brand? Is that the same Russell Brand who is friends with Yuval Noah Harari?
Isn’t Russell Brand a Freemason?
Is Russell Brand trustworthy?

Reply to  john
23 days ago

Dr.Martin certainly is. This is his presentation to the EU on the origins of covid and the vax, both US DoD projects from the start.

Tony Ryan
Tony Ryan
Reply to  john
22 days ago

It is a waste of time asking that question. Is Brand a shill? Why would the globalists attack a useful shill? My conclusion is that Brand is genuine, but is ego-driven nevertheless, which means his words must be weighed carefully. In balance, none of us are perfect. Anyone pointing an accusing finger at the globalists is useful in this war. Later, wait and see,

Maude gonne
Maude gonne
Reply to  Tony Ryan
22 days ago

He’s a changed man from when he was an narcistic sex maniac. At least now he’s AWARE of the problem of letting the ego take control. And there’s no doubt he brings important truths into the light- which can’t make him one of the Globalist Mafia.

Reply to  Jerry Alatalo
23 days ago

A Corporation that is nothing more than a heading on a piece of paper, cannot exempt itself from Public Law.
Much has changed since they pulled that fraud.

Mark Deacon
Mark Deacon
23 days ago

Took a cop of the letter thanks … these are the thing you need to show other paths were tried and failed.

“Not my king” is going to do whatever he wants but I think people under “Off With His Head Cromwell and My Lord Protector” lived a better life than what the WEF has planned.

23 days ago

But Charles isn’t a real sovereign king, he is a corporate employee. Plus, he does not wear the crown for our nation. 

23 days ago

ERROR: Charles is an Emperor, NOT a King.
ERROR: The Coronation Oath he purportedly took was a sham.
ERROR: Charles was crowned with the Imperial Crown, an Office of Rome. Making him an Emperor and overseer of the Popes Commonwealth interests.
ERROR: Charles was NOT crowned with the Crown of St. Edward which is the Crown of a King.
Lord Ivan Talbot, Hereditary Lord High Steward of England, has a greater claim to the throne than Charles the Usurper.

Reply to  john
23 days ago

Not to quibble but this article says he wore both at his coronation, seems odd of them, why two crowns?

Reply to  Bonami1776
23 days ago

A false assumption.

Now, finally, we get to the topic of the National, Christian, and Imperial Crowns and the Baitand-Switch Fraud which has been used by generations of British Monarchs to defraud the people of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and all the countries of the Commonwealth. The National Crown of England is a crown of thorns, a poor, scabrous thing made of iron alloy, clothed in tattered gilt, devoid of jewels or pearls. It nonetheless sits on a velvet pillow in the Royal Vaults, a symbol of the good Common People — Subjects, as in those “subjected” to the lash and thorns and actual sacrifice. The Christian Crown of St. Edward similarly is in disrepair but made of gold and decorated with jewels, a bit worm-eaten and time-worn, but still viable. It hasn’t been worn for any serious purpose in generations. And finally, we have the Imperial Crown of Rome, which the late Queen wore as she sat on The Chair of the Estates, serving as the Pope’s Overseer of the Commonwealth, also known as “Territorial” properties. The use of an Imperial Crown reappeared after a lapse of some centuries on the head of Napoleon Bonaparte. And then, mysteriously, on the head of Wilhelm II, King of Prussia. One must surmise that its appearance on the head of Elizabeth II marks the end of British hegemony. The parasite moves on. We have definitive proof presented as the High Court case of YAH v Regina, in which the Court determined that Elizabeth II pulled a Bait and Switch Fraud on the British People, rendering her entire Coronation a farce and her kissing of the Bible an act of fraud. The public face of the dutiful Christian Monarch devoted to the good of humanity and the welfare of the people was a fraudulent misrepresentation and the Coronation itself was an “Act” as in a theater act. The contract with the British People affirmed by the Coronation was overturned within three days, as if the late Queen suffered Buyer’s Remorse. She spent the rest of her life as a shill working for and under the Imperial Crown, walking ten paces behind the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, obliged to worship at the Crown Temple and required to embrace its dreadful religion. In exchange, Elizabeth II had the wealth and splendor of the world, the same deal Satan offered Yeshuah in the Wilderness. Elizabeth II, like her progenitors, failed the test, took the bait, and served the wrong crown. Any contract between the late Queen and the British population was thus severed and no action she took, no decree or declaration she issued, no debt she accrued and no Law she approved can be charged against them; all the rules, regulations, codes, and charges against their credit that she and her administration made, stand rebutted and returned for service and for cause. This same fraud scheme, a Bait (Christian Monarch) and Switch (Pagan Monarch) Fraud has been routinely carried out by every British Monarch since George III, rendering all their actions and contracts seeming to obligate the British people null and void for deliberate fraud, duplicity, impersonation, and misrepresentation of authority.

Chris C
Chris C
23 days ago

We should not be begging as a loyal “subject” to these evil psychopaths, because it is like a WW2 occupant of a gas chamber pleading with Hitler for help.

My dad won bravery awards and brought back monochrome detailed photos of pits full of tangled emaciated stripped bodies, so the useless cowardly commenters such as Dave Owen on The Expose who ask “where are the photos?” will deserve all that’s coming, for denying my dad’s sacrifices.

No, begging for our freedom from these Illuminati scum will not work, and we need to take back power by dragging them from their hideyholes and places of “work”.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  Chris C
22 days ago

Hi Chris C.
I am usually a supporter of yours.
My father was in the war too.
He threw his medals away.
There were not 6m in the whole world.
Just use Whitakers almanack.
Just be real, where are the bodies.

Chris C
Chris C
Reply to  Dave Owen
22 days ago

Hi Dave. My dad received special medals for gallantry and went to liberate Bergen-Belsen in 1945: he and others photographed the naked murdered bodies there.
What the current mob are planning for us with their “silent weapons for quiet wars” is a thousand times worse, involving BILLIONS of people and an extermination-of-all-life agenda to supplant it with synthetic biology.

I apologize for overreacting to your comment the other day, and hope we are essentially on the same page.
Whatever the truth is about WW2 we cannot argue that We the People have had war declared against us, so I hope you will forgive me, as I am trying to forgive myself in these trying times.

Reply to  Chris C
22 days ago

“Trying times”? You’re not wrong there!!

Watcher Seeker
Watcher Seeker
23 days ago

He has written – Anthony Charles Lyndon Blair The article a few days ago said the name is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

Reply to  Patricia Harrity
22 days ago

Just checked and Lynton is correct – Not Lyndon

Eyez Wide open
Eyez Wide open
23 days ago

Pleading with a man implicitly linked to the crime to stop the criminals is never going to be highly effective. Its the innocents who need find the responsiblity to their own lives, come together to walk away lock stock and barrel from this stench of corruption. The man this letter is addressed to is otherwise occupied. He’s on a war like footing on a military style campaign with a heavy heart. Poor fellow.

Janice Donaldson
Janice Donaldson
22 days ago

Fabulous letter.

Shelley Kennedy
Shelley Kennedy
22 days ago

King Charles is not only the present King of England, I believe he is the future AntiChrist, so this won’t only fall on deaf ears but it could be held against anyone who questions the Kings actions. I have no respect for the Monarchy. They have been involved in not just illegal acts but morally unjustified acts including murder. I don’t say this lightly. This has been a well thought out and researched opinion.

22 days ago

The longer the letter the less it is read. Should have been shorter………..
We have seen what happened to letters send to Seen Victoria during the Irish Famine Plot: namely NOTHING.
This king guy is part of the problem………….

22 days ago

Charlie is not king. Ivan is the true successor

22 days ago

As another comment said, unfortunately this will more than likely fall on deaf ears. How do we know? Because the psychopaths’ like Charles who want to depopulate the earth never want to start with themselves. They are the ultimate form of hypocrite. Other than a miracle from God this level of selfishness will not change.

22 days ago

Mark Is this youre new grift i do not consent and youve been consenting everytime .many have tried to use the magna carta against the rule of today and failed misrabaly so what make you any different

Tony Ryan
Tony Ryan
22 days ago

Just for the record, for at least a decade, an Australian former police officer, David Walter, has been attempting to harness WEII and now Charlie, to the same objective. Actually, in my opinion, Walter paid way more attention to critical protocols of recognition and legal formality.
Insomuch as publicly accessible law is concerned, these former officers and patriots have done what had to be done. I daresay, others have done likewise, probably in their hundreds.
What is only now becoming common knowledge, at least among the energetic and conscientious geopolitically aware, is that the monarchs and Parliament are subservient to the City of London; which in turn is subservient to the remainder of the investment banker elite, an alliance led by the Rothschilds and, for a century, the Rockefellers. Somewhat hidden are the aristocratic dynasties whose names have become obscured since Victorian times, and others who shrouded themselves in secrecy following the spate of revolutions that emerged in Europe from 1770.
Although the alliance’s intelligentsia has flourished under the aegis of the Rockefellers; embedded in their own infrastructures of UN, WB, IMF, CFA, TC. TI, and NED, to mention just a few, it has adopted a frontline for recognition by the global public, known to most of us as the WEF.
Do not be fooled, The WEF is disposable, as are all the personas paraded before us: Claus Schwarb, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Antony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Jacinda Adern, Anthony Albanese, Rishi Sunak, and so on. A globalisation Plan B will see these useful idiots sacrificed by prearranged heroes, messiahs, pundits, gurus, and warriors; many of these inserted into the narrative by 2008, especially those that write.
These ‘great leaders’, the first of which had their keys wound up many decades ago and set forth to march us to the death camps, are already dead. The first was Mohandas Gandhi, followed by Martin Luthor King, both assassinated for the validation of martyrdom, and both featured in the globalist’s Hollywood as epic movies. These were the compliance wardens.
This brings us to yet another layer of the globalist agenda infrastructure, the media. In 1973, Rupert Murdoch was assigned to establish the media empire, which has since controlled public awareness and thought processes. The media, including Hollywood, enabled the mind-control that facilitated the scamdemic. Likewise “catastrophic climate change” dubbed AGW. Quickly added were the Ukraine proxy war, “Hamas terrorism”, and the yet-to-be-exposed division of mRNA/PEG jabs and placebos. For example, 99% of Israeli ethnic Jews (Mizrahim and Sephardi) were jabbed with the real thing while Ashkenazim (Khazarian) non-ethnic Jews received the placebo. Key personnel everywhere received the placebo, 11,000 in NZ.
All of this was orchestrated by the Murdoch media. We need to revisit Murdoch.
In March of 2017, Globalist Tzar David Rockefeller died and his appointee since 1973, Rupert Murdoch, took over. Murdoch is no fool. Once he realised the tide was turning against the WEF, triggered by Schwarb’s absurd and intemperate threats, he handed the media over to son Lachlan and resumed control of globalisation.
At this point, we can only speculate. Was the collapse of Davos intended all along? Is Israel to be wiped out according to plan? Is the US designed to collapse under the foolish jousting against the superior militaries of Russia, China, Turkey, and Iran?
I do not know. But sixty years of close observation have taught me to presume nothing. I know only one thing for sure. Global peace and prosperity can only be achieved with the deaths of all globalists. As psychopaths, they cannot be modified or cured.

22 days ago

Pretty good letter… However let me point out one defect:
Mark, please avoid the “Title-itis” …

The “i know…etc” phrases at the beginning clearly indicate that, for once and for all, We Slaves have to Suppress the Title Adjectives” of Royal, Highness, and Majesty, etc etc. when addresing the Totalitarian rulers we have managed to obtain…

Not only regarding Charles but also all the “titlles” we submissively bestow on all the officials than have manged to climb onto their posts in ALL the countries. We need humble and intelligent and ethical people to rule and administer our lives and sow peace unto the World.

Let me really congratulate Mark Sexton for the brave and enlightening letter he composed…

The fact that it is unanswerable by those it is addressed to proves its correctness.

Graham Paris
Graham Paris
22 days ago

This letter certainly resonates with me as I have had vigorous communications with Chief Constables regarding the illegal coercion in ‘Covid Centres’ and work places to accept experimental injections. I also did write to BJ and if he had followed my advice we (and he) would certainly have been in a better place today! I was ‘passed on’ then ignored. But presumably my communications, along with many others no doubt, are on file.

I can just imagine the King opening my letter and gasping with horror at all the crimes revealed and he will immediately call in the army chief, get Martial Law installed and sack the government. Or maybe, just maybe he’ll not be shown the letter which will be shredded and recycled along with all the other crazy missives. But, in this digital age it will be on file and even on the indestructible “Akashic Record”? I am posting it today, just hope there are a few others to accompany it.

Maude gonne
Maude gonne
22 days ago

This excellent letter describes exactly the situation that exists right now. The UK Government has been captured by rogue elements and no longer represent the people . There fore by the principles laid down in the Magma Carta and dignified by the Kings oath we the people must do whatever is necessary to restore honour truth and justice to the system which WE allow by common consent.

Ann Mc Donagh Mills
Ann Mc Donagh Mills
21 days ago

Absolutely brilliant letter. Really hope you get the awner you seek. To be honest Charlie is head of the organisation who invoked all this on your Country and mine (Ireland). Along with our government going along, when you see him at the meeting and saying, by whatever means this will happen. This is what I believe the men are been sent all around the world, if we dont comply they will make sure you do. They are not here for nothing, getting away with raps hurting people ect. The only weapon we have is our Rosary 📿 to our blessed Mother Mary she says it will be our weapon against this evil world. Seriously I really wish you all the best and please God things will take a turn for the better. In Jesus I Trust. 🙏

Jennifer roberts
Jennifer roberts
21 days ago

Agreed 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Marchell Abrahams
Marchell Abrahams
18 days ago

This country has to reach a tipping point before the King can act. That tipping point, when the voice of the people overwhelms all accepted and orthodox methods of government, is at hand. I beg everybody to understand that since the so-called ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688 the Crown has reigned only with the consent of Parliament. This is what shackled our late Queen, and presently shackles the King. This is the big stick that Parliament has used to get its own way ever since. Now, since our British crown is the most important and puissant crown on the face of this planet, the time for the King to act has to be chosen very carefully; it is not quite yet, but very soon, and when it comes it will be unmistakeable. Your letter is a remarkable document, and be VERY SURE that the King will have read every single word, and taken it to heart. I have said on other platforms that his involvement with the W.E.F. is a fact-finding mission: they think they have him by the coat-tails, but it is very much the other way round. The King is a devout Christian, Patron of the Prayer Book Society, and has been relentlessly assaulted for decades by the curs (and that’s an insult to dogs) who were not courageous enough to try to assault the late Queen and so undermine the relationship between Crown and People. Have some faith in the steely backbone of this man, who has endured a great deal of abuse and misrepresentation, and watch on and exult when the time finally comes for him to act. Your document stands on a par with Magna Carta itself, Mr Sexton; as a proud Englishwoman with a bloodline from all four corners of the British Isles, I salute you, and all who collaborated with you.