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How the New Normal Authorities Have Been Able to Gaslight the Masses

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For students of official propaganda, mind control, emotional coercion, and other insidious manipulation techniques, the rollout of the New Normal has been a bonanza. Never before have we been able to observe the application and effects of these powerful technologies in real time on such a massive scale.

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By CJ Hopkins

In a little over two and a half years, our collective “reality” has been radically revised. Our societies have been radically restructured. Millions (probably billions) of people have been systematically conditioned to believe a variety of patently ridiculous assertions, assertions based on absolutely nothing, repeatedly disproved by widely available evidence, but which have nevertheless attained the status of facts. An entire fictitious history has been written based on those baseless and ridiculous assertions. It will not be unwritten easily or quickly.

I am not going to waste your time debunking those assertions. They have been repeatedly, exhaustively debunked. You know what they are and you either believe them or you don’t. Either way, reviewing and debunking them again isn’t going to change a thing.

Instead, I want to focus on one particularly effective mind-control technology, one that has done a lot of heavy lifting throughout the implementation of the New Normal and is doing a lot of heavy lifting currently. I want to do that because many people mistakenly believe that mind control is either (a) a “conspiracy theory” or (b) something that can only be achieved with drugs, microwaves, surgery, torture, or some other invasive physical means. Of course, there is a vast and well-documented history of the use of such invasive physical technologies (see, e.g., the history of the CIA’s infamous MKULTRA program), but in many instances, mind control can be achieved through much less elaborate techniques.

One of the most basic and effective techniques that cults, totalitarian systems, and individuals with fascistic personalities use to disorient and control people’s minds is “gaslighting.” You’re probably familiar with the term. If not, here are a few definitions:

“the manipulation of another person into doubting their perceptions, experiences, or understanding of events.” American Psychological Association

“an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control. Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity.” Psychology Today

“a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt and confusion in their victim’s mind. Typically, gaslighters are seeking to gain power and control over the other person, by distorting reality and forcing them to question their own judgment and intuition.” Newport Institute

The main goal of gaslighting is to confuse, coerce, and emotionally manipulate your victim into abandoning their own perception of reality and accepting whatever new “reality” you impose on them. Ultimately, you want to completely destroy their ability to trust their own perception, emotions, reasoning, and memory of historical events, and render them utterly dependent on you to tell them what is real and what “really” happened, and so on, and how they should be feeling about it.

Anyone who has ever experienced gaslighting in the context of an abusive relationship, or a cult, or a totalitarian system, or who has worked in a battered women’s shelter, can tell you how powerful and destructive it is. In the most extreme cases, the victims of gaslighting are entirely stripped of their sense of self and surrender their individual autonomy completely. Among the best-known and most dramatic examples are the Patty Hearst case, Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, the Manson family, and various other cults, but, the truth is, gaslighting happens every day, out of the spotlight of the media, in countless personal and professional relationships.

Since the Spring of 2020, we have been subjected to official gaslighting on an unprecedented scale. In a sense, the “Apocalyptic Pandemic” PSYOP has been one big extended gaslighting campaign (comprising countless individual instances of gaslighting) inflicted on the masses throughout the world. The events of this past week were just another example.

Basically, what happened was, a Pfizer executive confirmed to the European Parliament last Monday that Pfizer did not know whether its Covid “vaccine” prevented transmission of the virus before it was promoted as doing exactly that and forced on the masses in December of 2020. People saw the video of the executive admitting this, or heard about it, and got upset. They tweeted and Facebooked and posted videos of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Bill Gates, the Director of the CDC, official propagandists like Rachel Maddow, and various other “experts” and “authorities” blatantly lying to the public, promising people that getting “vaccinated” would “prevent transmission,” “protect other people from infection,” “stop the virus in its tracks,” and so on, which totally baseless assertions (i.e., lies) were the justification for the systematic segregation and persecution of “the Unvaccinated,” and the fomenting of mass fanatical hatred of anyone challenging the official “vaccine” narrative, and the official New Normal ideology, which hatred persists to this very day.

The New Normal propaganda apparatus (i.e., the corporate media, health “experts,” et al.) responded to the story predictably. They ignored it, hoping it would just go away. When it didn’t, they rolled out the “fact-checkers” (i.e., gaslighters).

The Associated PressReutersPolitiFact, and other official gaslighting outfits immediately published lengthy official “fact-checks” that would make a sophist blush. Read them and you will see what I mean. They are perfect examples of official gaslighting, crafted to distract you from the point and suck you into an argument over meaningless details and definitions. They sound exactly like Holocaust deniers pathetically asserting that there is no written proof that Hitler ordered the Final Solution … which, there isn’t, but it doesn’t f**king matter. Of course Hitler ordered the Final Solution, and of course, they lied about the “vaccines.”

The Internet is swimming with evidence of their lies … tweets, videos, articles, and so on.

Which is what makes gaslighting so frustrating for people who believe they are engaged in an actual good-faith argument over facts and the truth. But that’s not how totalitarianism works. The New Normals, when they repeat whatever the authorities have instructed them to repeat today (e.g., “trust the Science,” “safe and effective,” “no one ever claimed they would prevent transmission”), could not care less whether it is actually true, or even if it makes the slightest sense.

These gaslighting “fact-checks” are not meant to convince them that anything is true or false. And they are certainly not meant to convince us. They are official scripts, talking points, and thought-terminating clichés for the New Normals to repeat, like cultists chanting mantras at you to shut off their minds and block out anything that contradicts or threatens the “reality” of the cult.

You can present them with the actual facts, and they will smile knowingly, and deny them to your face, and condescendingly mock you for not “seeing the truth.”

But here’s the tricky thing about gaslighting.

In order to effectively gaslight someone, you have to be in a position of authority or wield some other form of power over them. They have to need something vital from you (i.e., sustenance, safety, financial security, community, career advancement, or just love). You can’t walk up to some random stranger on the street and start gaslighting them. They will laugh in your face.

The reason the New Normal authorities have been able to gaslight the masses so effectively is that most of the masses do need something from them … a job, food, shelter, money, security, status, their friends, a relationship, or whatever it is they’re not willing to risk by challenging those in power and their lies. Gaslighters, cultists, and power freaks, generally, know this. It is what they depend on, your unwillingness to live without whatever it is. They zero in on it and threaten you with the loss of it (sometimes consciously, sometimes just intuitively).

Gaslighting won’t work if you are willing to give up whatever the gaslighter is threatening to take from you (or stop giving you, as the case may be), but you have to be willing to actually lose it, because you will be punished for defending yourself, for not surrendering your autonomy and integrity, and conforming to the “reality” of the cult, or the abusive relationship, or the totalitarian system.

I have described the New Normal (i.e., our new “reality”) as pathologised-totalitarianism, and as “a cult writ large, on a societal scale.” I used the “Covidian Cult” analogy because every totalitarian system essentially operates like a cult, the main difference being that, in totalitarian systems, the balance of power between the cult and the normal (i.e., dominant) society is completely inverted. The cult becomes the dominant (i.e., “normal”) society, and non-cult-members become its “deviants.”

We do not want to see ourselves as “deviants” (because we haven’t changed, the society has), and our instinct is to reject the label, but that is exactly what we are … deviants. People who deviate from the norm, a new norm, which we reject, and oppose, but which, despite that, is nonetheless the norm, and thus we are going to be regarded and dealt with like deviants.

I am such a deviant. I have a feeling you are too. Under the circumstances, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, we need to accept it and embrace it. Above all, we need to get clear about it, about where we stand in this new “reality.”

We are heading toward New Normal Winter No. 3. They are already cranking up the official propaganda, jacking up the fabricated “cases,” talking about reintroducing mask mandates, fomenting mass hatred of “the Unvaccinated,” and so on. People’s gas bills and doubling and tripling. The global-capitalist ruling classes are openly embracing neo-Nazis. There is talk of “limited” nuclear war. Fanaticism, fear, and hatred abound. The gaslighting of the masses is not abating. It is increasing. The suppression of dissent is intensifying. The demonisation of non-conformity is intensifying. Lines are being drawn in the sand. You see it and feel it just like I do.

Get clear on what’s essential to you. Get clear about what you’re willing to lose. Stay deviant. Stay frosty. This isn’t over.

About the Author

CJ Hopkins is an award-winning playwright, novelist, and political satirist.  His political satire and commentary have been published by Consent Factory, OffGuardian, ZeroHedge, ColdType, Rubikon,, CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, and many other publications, and have been widely translated.

The above is an article authored by CJ Hopkins titled ‘The Gaslighting of the Masses’. You can find more articles by CJ Hopkins and subscribe to his Substack HERE.

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11 months ago

“They sound exactly like Holocaust deniers pathetically asserting that there is no written proof that Hitler ordered the Final Solution … which, there isn’t, but it doesn’t f**king matter. Of course Hitler ordered the Final Solution, and of course, they lied about the “vaccines.”

Here, CJ Hopkins’ is delving into some serious gaslighting himself.
Doesn’t he know the whole Holohoax narrative is a gigantic exercise in mass psychotic deception perpetuated by the very bodies he rails against?

Kai Chambers
Kai Chambers
Reply to  Des
11 months ago

Yeah right.

J Smith
J Smith
11 months ago

If you only deal in fiction by watching fictional TV programmes or reading fiction books, then I expect you will be more easily persuaded that black is white, and white is black. However, if like me you read only factual matter and don’t watch the increasing amount of fiction in TV news broadcasts, Game Shows, and fictional light entertainment, then you will be much more grounded in the real world. Even listening to the radio, as soon as the latest Covid announcements boomed out I’d use my index finger to switch it off. I can recognise a hoax and refuse to listen to it. We don’t have to subject ourselves to propaganda.

11 months ago

An excellent piece that highlights the sheer viciousness of the opposition’s methods. One cannot underestimate the role of mind control and related psychological employed by the psychopaths on the masses to break them down to complete subservience.

However, when it comes down to it, how many are going to hold their own in the face of an attempted great reset? I believe it will be a greater number than ‘they’ are banking on. And that will be a major factor that will eventually result in the real up-ending of this whole control system.

God bless everyone willing to play their part by holding out.

tim murphy
tim murphy
Reply to  Robin
11 months ago

peace and love my

11 months ago

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tim murphy
tim murphy
11 months ago

so true,love your work you do.i see things eyes wide open,they try to contain me with fear.but i know thy self, i am a king on my own land,but i do not ask you to bow down to me,i ask only that you know thy self and i shall know not be afraid when you awaken,for i shall walk with you and many more shall walk with us. i am freedom spirit

11 months ago

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Robin L
Robin L
10 months ago

One by one each nation has turned against their citizens, and abdicated their responsibilities to uphold the rule of law in favor of Marxism and totalitarianism. If it seems insane to you, that’s because it is; evil flourishes in the soil of chaos and lies. First and foremost we are in a spiritual battle, it is one for the ages. Evil seeks destruction and is being unleased upon the whole planet.

We are a world under judgment. God ALWAYS gives people over to wicked rulers when they refuse to follow Him. Can you name a nation that doesn’t have corrupted and evil leaders at the helm?

God is merciful; however, His patience will not last forever, especially when humanity hardens their collective hearts and will not turn from their evil ways. God’s course of action is clear: when a nation decides to forsake Him and go in the wrong direction, and embrace cultural decadence, He brings certain and absolute judgment upon them. This is the real global pandemic.

We are seeing what was foretold in the Bible, especially in Isaiah, Daniel, and Revelation. The globalists’ Great Reset is, in fact, God’s promised Great Tribulation.

It is too late for nations to escape the wrath that was prophesied from between 2700-2000 years ago, this is unfolding upon humanity. But the individual can still be saved!

If you want to escape the wrath and go to Heaven, you must be born again (John 3:3). God loves you. If you have not done so, sincerely admit that you are a sinner, believe that Jesus is the virgin-born, sinless Son of God who died for the sins of the world, was buried, and raised from the dead. Ask Him to forgive you, cleanse you, and be your Savior.
Please, do it today, TIME IS SHORT!

7 months ago

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