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The Social Credit System is already here…

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We are afraid to say that the Social Credit System isn’t coming; it’s already here, and has been for some time.

The Expose has had a target on its back for a long time because of the work we are doing in exposing the propaganda, fraud and lies perpetuated by Governments and Institutions who hold huge power around the world.

And now the Authorities are going to sinister and extreme lengths to try and shut us down.

This means The Expose is now in grave danger of being unable to continue to report the facts the mainstream refuse to.

It would appear it is now a criminal offense to tell the truth.

That’s because access to over two-thirds of the funds The Expose needs to operate was restricted without warning towards the end of October, simply because of the work we are doing to expose the Establishments actions and true intentions.

This has highlighted the enormous dangers of the cashless society that your Government is now trying to impose under the instruction of the United Nations, World Economic Forum and Central `Banks.

On Friday, October 21st, our team discovered that we could not access the funds we had received throughout our Fundraising Campaign that are essential to The Expose being able to operate and stay online.

The timing of this could not have been worse and by restricting access to those funds, the authorities have managed to force The Expose into a fight for survival.

Quick thinking meant we were quickly able to redirect any future funds received elsewhere, meaning we will still receive funds from our fantastic, generous and loyal monthly subscribers. But unfortunately, this support on its own will not be enough to save The Expose.

It should, however, come as no surprise that Authorities have done this because since the very beginning of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic, the exchange of ideas has essentially been outlawed.

This is why attempts to silence The Expose have been made since the very first day we reported the facts the mainstream refuse to.

  • We are now censored by Google.
  • We have been banned by Twitter (numerous times) and Facebook (since we posted our very first article exposing MPs financial ties to Big “Pharma)
  • And we have been defunded by PayPal, a company that has VANGUARD and `BLACKROCK as it’s biggest shareholders, several times.

But each and every single attempt to silence us for good and shut us down has so far failed. Partly due to our determination to not give up but most importantly because of you and your support.

However, the latest attempt by authorities to withhold two-thirds our funds could yet prove to be fatal.

They will succeed in shutting us down unless we can find the funds to save The `Expose and keep us online. And the only way we can possibly do that is with your help because we rely entirely on your support.

So if you want The Expose to continue exposing your Government’s and powerful Institutions’ propaganda, fraud and lies then please support us today.

We are fast running out of time to win this fight. But we are confident that if 9 in every 10 people reading this choose to support us today that we will win and prevent Authorities from forcefully gaining totalitarian control over information.

Please know that every single penny will help, and the fate of The Expose now rests in your hands.

So please don’t delay and simply choose your preferred method to support us below. It’s secure, quick and easy.

Thank you in advance for your support,
The Expose team

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Please choose your preferred donation method

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