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Letter to the Editor: Australian government department is divorced from reality in its response to a claim of unfair dismissal due to “no jab, no job” policy

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One of our readers in Australia, Scott White, had a directions hearing in his employment tribunal for unfair dismissal during the second week of November.  In a previous letter we published from him, we requested that White keep us up to date on how his case was going.  Below is an update.

White’s employment was terminated by Corrective Services New South Wales (“CSNSW”) for exercising his right to refuse vaccination. For the past year, he has been in a legal battle regarding his unfair dismissal.  On 10 October, CSNSW backtracked on its previous “no jab, no job” policy, the policy they used to terminate White’s employment.  For some background to his case, White’s previous letters to us can be read HERE, HERE and HERE.

White has now received a response from CSNSW. In it, CSNSW claims it “has been a role model in the management of Covid-19 in the workplace.”  People who coerce or enforce medical experiments onto others are not role models for any decent and moral human being – at the end of World War II such “role models” were prosecuted and sentenced accordingly, and some were given the death penalty.

Apart from their inability to abide by human rights, CSNSW’s denial of facts surrounding the harm caused by Covid injections that are becoming mainstream is astounding.  As the dam is breaking and more and more medical professionals, scientists and politicians speak out it is clear CSNSW either is denying reality to save their own skin or is a willing instrument of the propaganda machine – perhaps both.  Whatever their motives, CSNSW is gaslighting White and the very real challenge he presents for them.

The Naked Emperor noted yesterday that US dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2022 is “gaslighting,” which is not surprising with the amount of gaslighting that has taken place. But hopefully, our 2022 gaslighting story ends the same way as all the other great gaslighting stories: the criminals and those who have acted unlawfully are exposed and end up being held accountable, fined and/or go to jail.

Gaslighting shouldn’t be dismissed as insignificant or as acceptable behaviour.  Very Well Mind describes gaslighting as a form of manipulation that often occurs in abusive relationships. It is a covert type of emotional abuse in which the bully or abuser misleads the target, creating a false narrative and making them question their judgments and reality.  Perhaps CSNSW should consider this before further pursuing their current line of defence and digging a deeper hole than they already find themselves in. They won’t be winning any employer of the month awards going forward and a bad reputation is difficult to shake. No one wants to work for an abusive employer/manager. And in the case of CSNSW’s current management should they choose or need to move on, no employer wants to hire a manager with a history of abuse – it’s bad for business.

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To The Exposé,

Update on Unfair Dismissal Claim

Just an update on my matter. The Respondent has replied to my Statement of Facts. Their summary is below. I have highlighted the most relevant parts:

“15. The Applicant’s primary contention is that the vaccines approved for use in Australia by the Therapeutic Goods Administration are not safe or effective. He has repeatedly referred to them as a genocidal bioweapon and has doubted the very existence of Covid-19. For obvious reasons, his contention must fail.”

“20. The Applicant has not provided any basis to justify his views and to contradict those of ATAGI and the Command Post (informed by Justice Health). He has provided a hotchpotch of materials which does not constitute evidence upon which findings can be made.”

“21. The Applicant invites the Commission to embark on an unwarranted inquisition into the existence of Covid-19 and the safety and efficacy of vaccines”

“28. The Applicant’s attitude has been a complete disregard for the welfare of those to whom he directs his email correspondence. He elevates his own conspiracy theories and makes unfounded allegations against those in positions of authority. He simply cannot be trusted to act responsibly.”


Scott White

You can read CSNSW’s full response in the file attached below.

If you would like to publish a letter, please email it to addressed “Letter to the Editor.”  At the end of your email, please indicate the name or pseudonym you would like shown when we publish your letter.

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Justin Castro
Justin Castro
1 month ago

Russian attacker Ivan Miroshnichenko went through a course of treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, journalist Lance Lisowski reports on his page in « Twitter » with reference to the director of the central scout bureau of the NHL Dan Marr.
It is noted that the 18-year-old striker is admitted to training and is ready to play next season.
Recall that on March 3 « Vanguard » reported that a Hodgkin lymphoma was discovered in Miroshnichenko. The disease occurs in a simple form and is treatable. It was reported that the hockey player could have missed the whole next season due to illness.
Miroshnichenko will take part in the draft National Hockey League of 2022, which will be held July 7-8 in Montreal.
The last match the forward spent at the « Omsk Wings » January 14. In total, he has 16 points in 31 VHL matches.

1 month ago

Thanks for the update Scott. Hang in there and keep persevering. Show them they can’t wear you down.

1 month ago

Something in their response of: ‘If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.’ Just like in your other report of the MHRA patently lying about the adverse affects of the jab.

1 month ago

The Australian government are still calling these demonstrably dangerous injections ‘safe and effective’. ‘Conspiracy theories…’. No, just plain conspiracy, all the more evident by the disingenuous response.

Rabbi Seamus
Rabbi Seamus
1 month ago

Shows the WW2 ‘human experiments’ cases were probably bogus and it was just a showboating boondoggle for lawyurs.

On another note, China has resorted to lemons, oranges and traditional Chinese medicine to combat their ever present Covid outbreak.

Xie Xie for participating in the Sinovax experiment. It failed.

Piotr Bein
Piotr Bein
1 month ago

Would it not be a better policy to publish successful cases, or monthly mega-analyses of completed cases? Readers of my blogs tell me Expose became repetitive and depressive. I agree!

Every day I used to copy headlines from Expose to my two blogs. For contents balance and the responsibility to maintain hope, I’m abandoning , which means I will have to spend more time (which I do not have) to hunt for blog contents.

I sent to Expose a few positive BREAKING NEWS-type recently. some relating to top national hubs of resistance, e.g. the focus of the “coup” raids in Germany, as seen by a key person who personally knows the alleged former special forces commander in the “coup conspiring” group.

My material from Canada contained lots of examples to emulate. Expose wasted the time authors and translators put into the material sent to E~xpose.perhaps in place of a terse “If you would like to publish a letter…” specify precisely what you need in terms of readers’ help. Even better: modify the specs according to recent contents.

A slight change in editorial policy would reduce the repetitions and win you more readers.

1 month ago

Look, all Government and mass media are liars and are complicit in murder.

They will never admit it, or they all go down. So don’t waste your time, you will GET NOTHING FROM THEM

Treat them with the contempt they deserve.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  Nick
30 days ago

Hi Nick,
You are correct, both Conservatives and Labour have been voting together in the UK.
I have written to my MP Ed Miliband several times, still waiting for one reply.
Never forgive never forget.

26 days ago

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