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Letter to the Editor: Confronting the Australian Government’s Unlawful and Unreasonable Vaccine Mandates

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Recently the Corrective Services New South Wales (“CSNSW”) backtracked on their “no jab, no job” policy.  From 10 October, staff members will no longer be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as a condition of employment, the CSNSW Commissioner stated on 7 October.

In a previous letter, one of our readers, Scott White, described how his employment was terminated by CSNSW for exercising his right to refuse vaccination.  For almost a year he has been fighting his unfair dismissal.  With the about-face by CSNSW, Scott White said “I am writing an email to them for this Monday, with many questions, aiming to comprehend where I stand in my matter.”

True to his word, on Monday he emailed Allisar Katrib, Manager Employee Relations for Department of Communities and Justice (“DCJ”) New South Wales, Australia.  Below is a copy of his email.

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Dear The Exposé,

Thank you for posting my letter to the editor.

I have attached my response to CSNSW regarding the about-face on their COVID vaccine mandate.

It is a follow-up to the document I sent previously.


Scott White, New South Wales, Australia

To: Allisar Katrib, Manager Employee Relations; NSW DCJ

Dear Ms Katrib 


After many emails to multiple CSNSW employees over the course of the last week (including yourself) I was finally able to establish via directly contacting your superior Stephen Doran that the CSNSW ‘vaccine mandate’ policy has been drastically altered. As of 10 OCTOBER 2022 there is no COVID-19 ‘vaccine mandate’ for CSNSW employees. 

During the robust discussion with Stephen, I was informed that employees that were dismissed for not being injected will be offered reemployment for their positions NOT re-instatement thus attempting to create a legal loophole of responsibility for Employees dismissed unconstitutionally, unlawfully, illegally, unethically and unreasonably.

This is a blatant attempt to not compensate the 1% of CSNSW employees back pay that questioned the validity of the ‘vaccine mandate’ policy. It is also a disingenuous attempt by CSNSW to obviate responsibility for the harm its actions and policies has created. 

You and everyone else I have had dealings with in this Matter are responsible for supporting a mandate that directly contravenes many many laws, not least of which is the Nuremberg Code. You are intimately aware of the numerous laws that Yourself and other CSNSW and DCJ Agents have contravened as I have highlighted them many times over the past 12 months.

As you are well aware I have a current matter before the NSW IRC for Unfair Dismissal and I was dismissed with a determination of Gross Misconduct by Sandra Crawford because I insisted that CSNSW provide me with informed consent for the experimental mRNA COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ mandated as a condition of employment to keep my position as a Program Support Officer at Balund-a; a ‘vaccine’ that the manufacturers have been provided legal immunity by the Australian Government for all injury and death caused by their experimental genetically altering products. 

As of the 10 October 2022 no CSNSW employees need to present their ‘vaccine status’ or be vaccinated against COVID-19 even though Australia is still in a Pandemic status for COVID-19:

When were you going to inform me of this drastic policy change? Were you going to wait until the hearing? Do you believe you were fulfilling your ‘duty to the opponent’ by withholding this information?

I need to know instantly where this reversal of the ‘vaccine mandate’ puts my claim of Unfair Dismissal before the NSW IRC.

As it currently stands my Unfair Dismissal Claim needs to be re-written to account for this drastic about face. I will be applying for an extension to re-write my Unfair Dismissal Claim.

There are sections of Commissioner Kevin Corcoran’s ‘Commissioner’s Update’ from the 7th of October 2022 that I require clarification in order to fairly represent myself in this Matter before the NSW IRC. I have referenced the relevant statements by Commissioner Corcoran in Bold and Italics that I seek clarity on.

“Over the coming months there will be some changes to COVID-19 restrictions as we move towards ‘Living with COVID-19’” COVID deaths prior to mass vaccination was about 2000 people. 

COVID deaths post mass vaccination is about 16000. 

Objectively the amount of people that have died from COVID using ABS figures has increased dramatically (roughly 800%) after the bulk of the Australian population was vaccinated with experimental genetically modifying products: 

What is the medical definition for ‘living with COVID’ when empirically there are now more people dying of COVID as CSNSW is withdrawing the ‘vaccine mandate’? The WHO and Australian Government COVID-19 Pandemic status has not changed since 11 MARCH 2020.

“We saw 99% compliance across our workforce in relation to vaccination and it this (sic) has certainly protected us as we faced the pandemic in NSW” 

Almost all of CSNSW employees complied with a policy that was flawed from the beginning and was not supported by ‘the science’ I provided nearly a year ago. Can CSNSW provide empirical proof that the ‘vaccine mandate’ protected employees from COVID-19?

At best the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ were ineffective at stopping people receiving and transmitting COVID (an as yet un-isolated virus) and at worst is a preplanned genocidal bioweapon. 

If there is hubristic doubt with the former postulation ask for the information to quantify and qualify this shockingly profound statement. I will provide current information and data to illuminate this assertion.

I have attached a current Report (9 August 2022) by Phillip M. Altman

(BPharm – Hons, MSc, PhD Clinical Trial & Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant) titled “The Time of COVID” to provide the most up to date analysis of the past two years from an Australian Doctors perspective. The injections categorically do not provide ‘protection’.

This Report “address some important aspects of COVID19 management and policy, especially in Australia, with a focus on the nature, deployment and effects of “vaccines”. It is abundantly clear that there has been repression and suppression in scientific circles and the media of any views or suggestions that run counter to the government/ mainstream narrative. However, many studies now indicate that the Covid19 vaccines, especially the mRNA vaccines, are less than ‘safe and effective’, and the ramifications are truly confronting.”

“The current advice from health experts is that vaccination against COVID-19 protects individuals against serious illness and death but does not impact transmission”

The clinical trials are ongoing and the test subjects are the people of Australia. The empirical data does not align with the Commissioner’s statement that the ‘vaccine’ protects against serious illness and death. I require the trial data CSNSW is working from to make the assertion that COVID vaccines protect individuals against serious illness and death.

The latest “NSW respiratory surveillance reports – COVID-19 and influenza” figures and deaths (for the week 2 – 8 October, 2022), show:

Government reports PROVE the COVID vaccine is killing hundreds of thousands EVERY WEEK and confidential Pfizer documents confirm Governments knew this would occur:

How do these “health experts” conclude that COVID ‘vaccination’ protects against serious illness? Who are the “health experts’ CSNSW is relying upon for its COVID-19 policy advice? Where is the peer reviewed evidence to support the “health experts” advice?

“following robust risk assessment processes and consultation, from 10 October 2022, CSNSW staff members will no longer be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment.” 

Pfizer President of International Markets Janine Small’s statement has undermined the entire reasoning for the CSNSW ‘vaccine mandate’.  If the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ did not protect against transmission then there was no benefit to enforce vaccinations onto CSNSW employees:

I need CSNSW to provide the “robust risk assessment processes and consultation” data and evidence why staff do not need to be injected. This statement is counter to the NSW Government data. Injury from ‘long covid’ and death from COVID has been increasing and continues to gather pace. 

“Individuals who are no longer employed by CSNSW (due to vaccination status) may reapply to work for CSNSW through normal recruitment processes. Re-employment is dependent on the individual meeting the appropriate recruitment requirements. Vaccination status will not be considered as a conduct issue during the recruitment processes.”

Employees were dismissed for “Gross Misconduct” because they were not injected with a experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccine’. The pandemic status for Australia has not changed though from the beginning of the Pandemic on 11 March 2020:

I require confirmation whether employees that were terminated from their positions for refusing to be coerced and intimidated into being injected with an experimental drug (whereby the manufactures of said drug have been given legal immunity from death or injury caused by their products) did in fact constitute ‘Gross Misconduct’ and if so how and why?

Will the ruling of ‘Gross Misconduct’ for CSNSW staff that did not follow the ‘vaccine mandate’ be withdrawn after they are re-employed?

If the 1% of CSNSW employees that were charged with ‘Gross Misconduct’ for not being injected can now re-attend their place of work even though there still is officially a Pandemic what lawful, legal and reasonable grounds is this justified by CSNSW and the DCJ?

Is the CSNSW  ‘vaccine mandate’ able to be re-introduced for any future ‘Pandemics’?

I require all the risk assessments and medical documentation/ recommendations that is related or referenced to any change of said CSNSW COVID19 policy. To be clear I need the peer reviewed papers that state unambiguously that it is now safe for employees to not be ‘vaccinated’ against COVID-19.

I require the NSW Government COVID19 pandemic status as per WHO guidelines and how it relates to current CSNSW COVID19 policy. I require the NSW Chief Health Officer statement that the COVID-19 pandemic is finished/over.

All cause mortality for Australia has increased by over 300 deaths per week post mass vaccination and climbing. This is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every week with no medical ‘experts’ able to account for this dramatic rise of Australians dying. The phraseology employed include ‘unknown causes’ and ‘Sudden Adult Death Syndrome’ to account for this statistical anomaly. I submit the article below to establish this fact:

I have demonstrated previously that the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ is protected from scrutiny by AHPRA, TGA and ATAGI. ALL Doctors that go against the Company line are threatened and/or deregistered. Australian Health Practitioners confirming there was no ability for Medical professionals to provide informed consent is linked below:

The is reinforced by the fact that the Public Relations firm for Pfizer and Moderna is the same as the one for the CDC:

A recent documentary called “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion”  shines a light on COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths, looking at the systemic failings that have enabled them:

Florida’s Surgeon General has stated that the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are dangerous for men under the age of 39. A reasonably intelligent person would then postulate that if the ‘vaccines’ are dangerous for men from the ages of 18 through to 39 then they are dangerous for ALL individuals:

To keep Australians ‘safe’ from what is objectively a variant of the common cold (sniffles) Federal and State Authorities have gone to extreme lengths:

  • Enforcing people stay in their residences via house arrest or ‘lockdowns’ to use prison terminology, 
  • Denying freedom of movement and the fundamental human right to protest unjust legislation, 
  • Removing bodily autonomy and freedom of medical choice, 
  • Creating border check points and tracking applications, 
  • State sponsored censorship and MSM fear projection, 
  • Forcing people to wear masks (muzzles),
  • Using tools of social manipulation and propaganda via so called ‘Nudge’ units.

As well as inane and absurd rules like ‘safe drinking’ rules at Pubs where sitting down is ‘safe’ but standing up will put other people at risk and closing down parks and children’s playgrounds.

Individuals taking a stand for all Australians against this tyranny were shot and beaten by Corporatised Policy Enforcers (Police) and subjected to directed energy weapon attacks:

I have personally been attacked by the DCJ (via the Ministry of Health – mental health department) that had agents of the NSW Government contact myself and my family attempting to intimidate me to submit to a ‘mental health check’. Even though I have indisputable evidence that this blatant act of intimidation occurred no one from the DCJ will take responsibility for this illegal, unethical and immoral use of a Government department.

These are the actions of a fascist and repressive communist dystopia and I for one will never forget and I will never forgive until the perpetrators of these crimes have been brought to justice. 

There are conservative estimates that over 20 million people have been killed so far by the experimental ‘vaccines’ and over 2 billion injured:

Again, I ask CSNSW and the DCJ what duty of care will the respective Departments provide for those 99% of staff that may be injured and for the families of those that may have a loved one die because of a ‘vaccine mandate’ that was removed after only a year of operation?

What the bureaucrats, politicians and Main Stream Media mouth pieces can not comprehend is that the 1% that stood their ground have sacrificed for the good of all Australians now and those to follow.  Whether those people that were ‘just following orders’ are afflicted with the Dunning-Kruger effect, Stockholm syndrome or as Henry Kissinger has labeled them; ‘useful idiots’ is irrelevant. Their actions have enabled dictatorial and draconian actions; directed by their corporate masters because they made a conscious choice to sell out their fellow Aussies. 

There is no greater crime in my mind than being a traitor to Your Country and an enemy collaborator; such a heinous crime must be met with the most severe of punishments allowed within the Law.

I require ALL the information requested as I have a matter before the

NSW Industrial Relations Commission regarding my Claim of Unfair Dismissal from CSNSW for seeking informed consent. Your thorough and prompt reply to all questions is appreciated.

Finally, I ask You what remedy you feel is fair and just recompense after CSNSW has persecuted me and my family financially, emotionally, socially and mentally for the past year for simply wanting the choice to decide what I put into my body?

Yours Sincerely,

Scott: White

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11 months ago

This is a brilliant letter. I salute the author and wish him all the best, and hope that one day he will be somehow compensated for all these unspeakable atrocities he and his family had to endure.

11 months ago

Also, as the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission to others, there isn’t any point in vaccine mandates!

11 months ago

Luvvly jubbly Scott! It appears you have CSNSW well and truly snookered. We in Britain wish you the best of luck and please keep us informed how you get on through The Expose. Your determination can reverberate and send encouragement throughout the whole world. I hope you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.

11 months ago

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Janet Cutts
Janet Cutts
11 months ago

NSW is just one step behind CCP just look back & see how quickly this happened and now we have Hunt hovering on the sidelines with a CCP wife waiting to become PM UK is one step behind NSW Truss needs to be kept as the lesser evil we are in dire straits now

11 months ago

Wow.. all the research that i have seen.. and given to them, well done,i wish more people would wright like that to every politician, doctors hospitals .. schools etc.. put them on notice! nurenburg trials for all of them.. Totall disgusting the lies that this would stop Transmision and getting it.. it doesnt even work.. fully injected are dying in ICU every week.. just look at the Data..Government just keeps quite.. because they are never going say woops it doesnt work.. or say Sorry we made a mistake

10 months ago

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