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Truth be Told: Victims gather to raise awareness of vaccine injuries and deaths

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On Saturday some brave and determined victims of the covid “vaccines” and their supporters gathered in London to make their presence known.

This was one of the events being organised by the UK’s ‘Truth be Told’ campaign this month to raise awareness of vaccine injuries and deaths.  Below are some highlights. You can watch the entire rally HERE.

Peaceful protestors in London threw white roses across a police border on Downing Street in a demonstration to honour the victims of covid injections.

White Roses Protest, Source: Children’s Health Defense on Telegram

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Before going to Downing Street, the rally met outside the BBC Broadcasting House in Central London where various people spoke in support of the people killed and harmed by the covid injections. Speakers included voices of the vaccine injured and bereaved, as well as: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Robert Malone, Matt Le Tissier, Dr. Christian Buckland, Mark Sharman, Brianne Dressen, Cat Parker, John Watt, Alex Kelly, Alex Mitchell, Adam Rowland, Adrian Walker, Kristy Munslow, Wayne Snaith, Tony Shingler, Ali Lilley, and Nicky Black. It was followed by a silent memorial procession.

Below is a clip of Matt Le Tissier’s speech. “[The BBC], over the last few years, has done more harm to people’s health than any man-made virus could ever f**ing do,” he said.

“You’re meant to hold government accountable on behalf of ‘we the people’, but you let us down badly and the majority of people, I believe, now know this. They see you for what you are – a government propaganda arm … [The media] it’s time for you [ ] to choose your side. Because, we are the many and they are the few. And we are coming for you.”

Matt Le Tissier, Source: Child Covid Vaccine Injuries UK on Telegram

Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire, also spoke at the event:

“We were told that these novel medical treatments … they were 100% effective.  That was a lie … And we were told that they were safe and I get email after email, message after message, letter after letter from people and all that tells me, that that was a lie as well … I’m sick to death of the lies … The truth will prevail.”

Andrew Bridgen, MP, Source: Lawyers of Light on Telegram

For those who want to cling to the narrative that the covid injections are “safe and effective” it would be advisable to look at the swathe of evidence that says otherwise.  Ignorance cannot be claimed as an excuse.  We, along with many others, have been warning of the risks and dangers of covid injections from before the first dose was given to a member of the public in December 2020.  And, over the years we, as with many, have published numerous calls from doctors and scientists to halt the vaccination programme.  Even a quick scroll through a list of our recently published articles will point to a variety of sources indicating a variety of life-threatening and serious harms caused by the injections.

When information is viewed through an honest lens, try as they might, those who attempt to give the “vaccines” the benefit of the doubt, as Professors Martin Neil and Norman Fenton have done, can only conclude the injections are unsafe.

The Devil’s Advocate: An Exploratory Analysis of 2022 Excess Mortality

In December, Profs. Neil and Fenton wanted to act as the “devil’s advocate” and test whether there was evidence to support alternative causes of excess deaths, not the vaccination programme.  They looked at the data to test a variety of hypotheses:

  • Covid-19 occurring in 2022 causing undiagnosed covid deaths in 2022.
  • So-called long-covid contracted in 2020/21 causing death in 2022.
  • Stringency of lockdown measures in 2020/21 causing additional deaths in 2022.
  • Healthcare quality influencing or mitigating excess deaths.
  • The covid vaccinations administered in late 2020 and 2021 are causing excess deaths in 2022.

The data the two professors used was from published government sources for weeks 1-44 of 2022.  They concluded from their exploratory analysis:

  • Clearly the surge in covid-19 and its effect on excess deaths shows the vaccines are not effective. This looks self-evident and this isn’t news.
  • There is no evidence to support long-covid as a cause of excess deaths.
  • There is weak evidence of the negative effect of lockdown measures.
  • Healthcare quality looks to be irrelevant, but we are not satisfied we have good metrics for this.
  • There is a clear signal that the vaccination programme is causing, at least, some of the excess death rate. With this data, the vaccines don’t look to be safe.

They presented their work at a Pandemics Data & Analytics (“PANDA”) Open Science meeting. Prof. Fenton presented first talking about flawed covid definition, data and modelling. And Prof. Neil presented his work on excess deaths. You can watch their presentations on PANDA’s Rumble channel and read a summary on their Substack page HERE.

The mRNA Vaccines Could Wind Up in Food Supplies

Meanwhile, the US Food and Drug Administration and Centres for Disease Control are investigating the impact of vaccines and possible links to stroke in elderly people. Early signs suggest that boosters may play a part in ischemic stroke, The Epoch Times’ ‘Crossroads’ reported.

But that’s not all.  Instead of banning the use of harmful and dangerous mRNA technology, it seems they are attempting to find additional ways to broaden its use – without our consent. New food programs could result in mRNA vaccines in the world’s food supplies. This is raising concerns over the potential impact the vaccines could have on people who regularly consume products with the controversial drugs.

Crossroads with Joshua Philipp: The mRNA Vaccines Could Wind Up in Food Supplies; CDC Investigates Vaccines and Strokes, 18 January 2022 (25 mins)

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raj patel
raj patel
7 months ago

Thanks for covering this story – i was unable to attend as i doing a local outreach distribution of The Light paper – but kudos to all of the people who attended – we are definitely getting the truth out there.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  raj patel
7 months ago

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

Johnson & Johnson EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS Exposed | The Ultimate Proof: Microscopy PHOTOS and VIDEOS
Posted By: A_Call_to_Actions [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 22-Jan-2023 18:07:31

7 months ago

Thank you for sharing this information that further validates the two, heretofore “conspiracies” about the origin and nature of the COVID-19 “virus”, and the tragically harmful gene-editing therapy, aka a “vaccine.”

Dave Owen
Dave Owen

Well it seems the Gates family is involved again pushing vaccination of one form or another.
The Gates family were involved in the Spanish flu of 1916.
It was the same plan then, they killed 50 million with the vaccinations.
The Mormons and the Amish refused the vaccinations, and survived.
How come we have not learned from history ?

7 months ago

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[…] News) Britons who suffered vaccine damage from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) injections gathered in the British capital London on Jan. 21 for the “Truth Be Told” […]

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