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Climate Related News: The only people concerned about “climate change” are those who do their own research

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How to make climate data look scary. ESG is explained in simple terms.  Multiple arrests for arson in Canada which corporate media diligently ignores in favour of “climate change.” 

The climate cult dreams up seaweed farming, then ditches the idea, thank goodness.  Bill Gates’ Beyond Meats is putting poor farmers out of business because they pay farmers too little for the ingredients.  NASA designs a climate change-fighting plane and Sadiq Khan unveils an eco-friendly knife to combat crime in London.

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Researchers Reveal

Making climate data look scary: The key to engendering a sense of crisis is to remove any sense of perspective. The first common trick to make small changes look large is to use variance measures instead of absolute ones.  The second is to manipulate the time frame. The “Climategate” scandal of data tampering was all about disappearing the “medieval warm period.”  A third trick is to use a data “splice” where recent data from one series, e.g., thermometers, is grafted into a set of proxy data such as from ice cores, sediment, etc. So perhaps take some of these claims with a grain of salt.  They are mostly chart-crime intended to alarm, not inform.  Read more HERE.

Geoengineering lawsuit gaining attention: On 18 April, Reinette Senum launched a Stop US Geoengineering Legal Fund crowdfunding campaign in preparation for a landmark lawsuit against the biggest geoengineering perpetrators on the planet. The suit is gaining steam.  Read more HERE.

ESG is a demoralised social credit system: ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Each pillar has nothing to do with the other, but they are bundled together to advance The Great Reset: GAE/WEF/CCP “private-public partnership” fascism.  According to ESG ratings, FTX had a higher score than Exxon, which had a higher score than Tesla. DEI is but a small billion-dollar subsidiary of the “S” in ESG, which in total is now a trillion-dollar industrial complex. “Sustainability” means higher costs, lower quality, and wealth transfer to leftist interests.  Read more HERE.

The Great Reset’s stealthy dance with destruction: A Lily Bit discusses the conflict between Russia and Ukraine as the next impetus for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan.  Part of this is the exploitation of the stringent sanctions against Russia, fast-tracking the transition towards “green” energy and underscoring the significance of decarbonisation in the “battle against climate change.” It would be narrow-minded to presume that the ultimate goal of The Great Reset is a fair distribution of “green” hydrogen and carbon-neutral synthetic fuels as alternatives to petrol and diesel. 

Additionally, the food scarcities triggered by the war will serve as a significant windfall for the synthetic biology industry. The fusion of digital technologies with materials science and biology will dramatically revolutionise the agricultural sector, spurring global acceptance of plant-based and laboratory-cultivated alternatives. In this reshaped agricultural landscape, companies may no longer rely on traditional farming practices. Read more HERE.

Many recent Quebec and Alberta fires started simultaneously: Canadian wildfires at historic levels which Prime Minister Trudeau is claiming are due to climate change, however, when viewing satellite footage, we see that these fires were started simultaneously in clusters which indicates these so-called wildfires were in fact started by arsonists.  Read more HERE.  (Also see our article HERE which demonstrates wildfires were more extensive in the past.)

Media blames “climate change” for Canadian wildfires despite arrest of multiple arsonists: While the mainstream media continues to point to “climate change” as the source of the wildfires, reports show that multiple people have been arrested in connection with dozens of intentionally set fires in Canada.  Read more HERE.

Wildfires from climate liars: The usual suspects trot out their climate change lies in the face of the Canadian wildfires despite the evidence.  Also discussed in this week on the New World Next Week is that the mainstream finally picks up on the guerrilla gardening revolution and Mexico seeks to block GMO corn.  Read more HERE.

The Corbett Report: Wildfires from Climate Liars,
15 June 2023 (21 mins)

Climate Cult Conjures Up

Seaweed farming for carbon dioxide capture would take up too much of the ocean: Projects focused on growing seaweed to suck CO2 from the air and lock it in the sea have attracted a lot of attention, but farming enough seaweed to meet climate-change goals may not be feasible after all. Read more HERE. [Thank goodness they appear to have given up on that harebrained idea.  If you’re unsure why interfering with the sea to “suck CO2 from the air” is a bad idea you can start your research by reading THIS article.]

Inside the quest to engineer climate-saving “super trees”: Biotech startup Living Carbon is trying to design trees that grow faster and grab more carbon than their natural peers.  In February, the startup planted the first forest in the United States that contains genetically engineered trees. But there’s still much we don’t know. How will these trees affect the rest of the forest? How far will their genes spread? And how good are they, really, at pulling more carbon from the atmosphere?  Read more HERE.

Flashback – Commentary on G20 Riyadh Summit in 2020: The Global Governance Project offered some improvements for future summits, among others.  It suggested “it may serve the G20 well to increase the links between health and other issues such as the environment, climate change, gender or sustainable development. Such connections could help the G20 achieve higher compliance with its health commitments.” We can’t say they didn’t warn us about how they would loop all their disparate plans into the health basket.  Read more HERE.

The UN just handed out an urgent climate to-do list: According to an IPCC report released at the end of March 2023, “time is running short to address climate change, but there are feasible and effective solutions on the table.” Stopping climate change will still be complicated and expensive, and long-term emissions cuts may rely on technologies, like carbon dioxide removal, that are still unproven at scale.  Their complicated and expensive plans include: deploying wind and solar power, and a lot of it [see our articles HERE and HERE]; cutting methane emissions from fossil-fuel production and waste [see our articles HERE and HERE]; protect natural ecosystems that trap carbon [the first two schemes mentioned in this section that have been conjured up contradict this]; and, use energy efficiently in vehicles, homes and industry. Read more HERE.

Plant-based foods aren’t immune from environmental and social issues: Two ingredients of Beyond Meat’s plant-based “burgers,” coconut oil and cocoa butter, threaten tropical ecosystems and the people who live there.  Due to unpredictable prices [offered by Bill Gates’ fake meat operations such as Beyond Meat] cacao farmers in Indonesia, for example, are going out of business and having to chop down their cacao trees. Much of the supply of coconut oil and cacao butter comes from countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana where the farmers who produce the raw materials are increasingly struggling to make a living.  Read more HERE.

In the clash of the EV chargers, it’s Tesla vs. everyone else: Tesla’s electric vehicles have long included a port that’s different from what most other vehicles used in the US. But in recent weeks, several automakers and charging networks have signed on to adopt Tesla’s charging technology.  These moves are changing the dynamics in the battle over chargers, in a way that could have significant impacts on how people get around.  Read more HERE.

Biden vetoes truck emissions rollback: President Joe Biden on Wednesday vetoed a measure approved by Congress that would have negated emissions cuts he placed on heavy-duty trucks in the US. Republicans complained that the EPA-imposed emissions limits were too difficult and costly for heavy trucks to implement. All eyes are on the EV market for the future, then, or at least until a Republican president gets elected.  Read more HERE.

NASA has designed a climate change-fighting plane: The space agency has a plan to “skip a generation” of passenger aircraft design to fight climate change. The new X-plane isn’t built to break speed barriers, carry astronauts, or test the possibilities of unmanned air combat. This one is designed to fight climate change.  The design is a product of the Sustainable Flight Demonstrator project, a NASA-Boeing partnership to produce a single-aisle plane that promises to slash fuel consumption for commercial aircraft. [What happened to safety first?]  Read more HERE.

London Mayor unveils eco-friendly knife: The eco-friendly knife, designed in collaboration with sustainable technology experts, boasts an array of environmentally conscious features. During the unveiling, Mayor Sadiq Khan emphasised the importance of adopting sustainable solutions to combat crime while preserving the planet. He stated, “This eco-friendly knife represents our commitment to both public safety and environmental responsibility.” [Safety? No, a knife is a knife.  So, crime is okay then as long as it’s eco-friendly?].  It includes an integrated GPS tracker, enabling law enforcement agencies to track the knife’s location in real time. [Oh, that’ll work … if they want to track a knife you’re using to cut your lettuce.  How often do criminals source their weapons from shops, conceivably less so if they know it’s being tracked? Sorry, we’re not buying it. This is the drip, drip, drip introduction of the Internet of Things.] Read more HERE.

Featured image: NASA’s newest X-plane wants to save the planet

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Richard Greene
Richard Greene
3 months ago

“The only people concerned about “climate change” are those who do their own research”
That claim makes no sense, and is not explained in the article. I do my own climate research. For 25 years. I have yet to identify anyone hurt from the global warming from 1975 to 2014, or from the lack of global warming after 2014.

I realize climate charts are often designed to scare people by exaggerating small changes, or truncating data that do not support the official climate narrative. That would be important if climate predictions were actually based on historical climate data. But they are not.

Predictions of the future climate — for rapid, dangerous global warming — are not based on any data. Such a fast rate of warming has never happened before. That means no historical data. And there are never data for the future climate. So the predictions are 100% data-free. And with no data, they are not real science. The climate predictions are climate astrology, with little or no correlation to any historical climate trend.


3 months ago

They seem to dream up more and more absurd ideas to waste money in the fight against a non-existent problem.

3 months ago

The only way to stop the propaganda and lies is to remove those doing it endlessly for a Power Grab/Depopulation/Slavery…
These evil demons wearing human being suits ARE HUMAN AND CAN DIE.

Frank S.
Frank S.
3 months ago

The only research one needs is from global ice core samples. Scroll down the link to “Overall View” for the REAL truth.
Geologic temperature record – Wikipedia

3 months ago

when the alien tech and over unity devices are finally released to the world then climate bs will literally fall away overnight so to will decarbonization and all the sustainability crap, the only climate problem we have is the so called scientists and ngo’s doing the chem trailing! stop that you stop the whole problem.

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
Reply to  pierre
3 months ago

Hi pierre,
Noticed in the UK last week, there was heavy cross matrix, chemtrailing.
Now we have floods.
Just a coincidence.
Have contacted my MP, Ed Miliband, several times about the matter.
Still waiting for a single reply.

3 months ago

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