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A pandemic so deadly that 80% of people who test positive have no symptoms – so are they even positive at all?

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A U.K. study has found that more than two thirds of people who tested positive for what the authorities have dubbed coronavirus were asymptomatic.

University College London researchers studied data collected by U.K. statistics body, the Office for National Statistics, which has been regularly collecting coronavirus testing data from thousands of British households during the pandemic as part of its “infection survey.” The survey tests households whether they have symptoms or not.

The study, which was peer reviewed, looked at 36,061 individuals who took a coronavirus test as part of the infection survey between 26 April and 27 June 2020. It found that 86.1% of those who tested positive for the virus did not report “core” symptoms associated with the virus (a cough, fever or a loss of taste and/or smell) on the day they took a test. .

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Researchers Irene Petersen and Andrew Phillips concluded in the study, published in the Clinical Epidemiology journal on Thursday, that “Covid-19 symptoms are poor markers of SARS-CoV-2 (the new coronavirus).”

“To reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2, it is important to identify those who are infectious. However, little is known about what proportion of infectious people are asymptomatic and potential “silent” transmitters,” the researchers noted.

“A more widespread testing programme is necessary to capture ‘silent’ transmission and potentially prevent and reduce future outbreaks,” they argued.

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So a peer reviewed study has shown 86.1% of people who test positive for Covid have no symptoms at all. At the same time less than 0.2% of those who test positive die (even then the number is questionable as anyone who dies with 28 days of the positive result is added to the statistics, even if they are run over).

Can anyone justify to us why we needed to shutdown the country, destroy the economy and ruin people’s lives based on these statistics? Surely we should be questioning the legitimacy of these test results if 86.1% have zero symptoms? Should we not also be questioning the actual existence of a pandemic if 81.6% have zero symptoms?

This is either the biggest over reaction in human history or the public have been played, either way the end result is going to be catastrophic.

Maybe we should listen to Nobel Prize winner and Inventor of the PCR Test, Kary Mullis when it comes to the reliability of the PCR test that has been used to create this Scamdemic. Watch the video below.

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