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The Real Experts Are Stepping Forward to Restore the Scientific Definition of “Climate Change”

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Most of the energy in the Earth’s atmosphere comes from the Sun. It has long been recognised that changes in the so-called total solar irradiance (“TSI”) – the amount of energy emitted by the Sun, over the last few centuries – could have contributed substantially to recent climate change.

Crucially, a 2021 CERES-led study found that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (“IPCC”) only considered a small subset of the published TSI datasets when they were assessing the role of the Sun in climate change and that this subset only included “low solar variability” datasets. As a result, the IPCC was premature in ruling out a substantial role of the Sun in recent climate change.

CERES, the Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences, is a multi-disciplinary and independent research group whose aims are to address important issues in the fields of environmental and earth sciences.

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The study, which is the most comprehensive to date, was conducted by 23 experts in the fields of solar physics and climate science from 14 countries and published in Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics (“RAA”). It examined the role of the Sun in climate change over the last 150 years and found that the IPCC may have been premature in their conclusion that recent climate change is mostly caused by human greenhouse gas emissions.

The authors wrote that scientists come to opposite conclusions about the causes of recent climate change depending on which datasets they consider.  In a press release announcing their study, CERES gave examples of how, by selecting certain datasets, IPCC skews their conclusions and noted what various experts had to say about the study’s findings.  Below is a sample of what the real experts had to say.

CERES co-team leader Dr. Ronan Connolly, lead author of the study, said:

“The IPCC is mandated to find a consensus on the causes of climate change. I understand the political usefulness of having a consensus view in that it makes things easier for politicians. However, science doesn’t work by consensus. In fact, science thrives best when scientists are allowed to disagree with each other and to investigate the various reasons for disagreement. I fear that by effectively only considering the datasets and studies that support their chosen narrative, the IPCC have seriously hampered scientific progress into genuinely understanding the causes of recent and future climate change. I am particularly disturbed by their inability to satisfactorily explain the rural temperature trends.”

How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate, Press Release, 6 August 2021

WeiJia Zhang, Professor of Physics at Shaoxing University (China) and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (UK) said:

“The quest to understand how the Earth’s climate is connected to the Sun is one of the oldest science subjects studied by the ancient Greeks and Chinese. This review paper blows open the mystery and explains why it has been so difficult to make scientific advances so far. It will take the real understanding of fluid dynamics and magnetism on both the Sun and Earth to find the next big leap forward.”

How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate, Press Release, 6 August 2021

László Szarka, from the ELKH Institute of Earth Physics and Space Science (Hungary) and also a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences said:

“This review is a crucial milestone on the way to restoring the scientific definition of ‘climate change’ that has become gradually distorted over the last three decades. The scientific community should finally realise that in science there is no authority or consensus; only the right to seek the truth.”

How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate, Press Release, 6 August 2021

Recently, Dr. John Robson of the Climate Discussion Nexus (“CDN”) interviewed Dr. Connolly on the role of the Sun in recent climate change.

CDN published a 20-minute “explainer” video including extracts from this interview and a discussion of some of CERES’ recent scientific research. Although the video covers quite a few technical points, they are explained in a very clear and accessible manner.

The video refers to the CERES study described earlier in this article, namely: ‘How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate’ and you can read a brief description of the topics the video covers HERE.

Climate Discussion Nexus: Looking at The Sun, 1 June 2022 (20 mins)

YouTube, of course, has labelled the video to “nudge” viewers away from facts and towards the UN globalist “party line.”

If the video is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Rumble HERE.

The Real Experts Are Stepping Forward to Restore the Scientific Definition of “Climate Change”
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Gordon Bird
Gordon Bird
1 month ago

Since the Industrial Revolution Gigatons of pollution has been sent into the sky! Has that No Effect? The 18 degrees area of inshore shallower Ocean is where the Plankton Produces MOST of our Oxygen!.These Oceanic waters are now mostly above 20c.(West Africa)! When Infra-Red rays hit the Carbon dioxidee the Electons orbit more rapidly creating Heat! The Infra-Red get Trapped by the Carbon Dioxide! So YES! The Sun is part of the cause of Global Warming!…But!!! Don,t listen to me! I,m not Carl Sagan!..Listen to him talk to Congress 1985 for example!…Warton.LA5 UK

1 month ago

I noticed that the man made warming excuses are the same arguments used in promoting the covid injectables. We must not give any ground to the anti-vaxers and to vaccine hesitancy. Therefore we will continue to hide the actual data.
Folks, these arguments a non-starters with me. Propaganda is Propaganda with a total lack of ingenuity. It is the same crap in medicine as in science. I have always believed that our sun was the most important factor in earth’s temperature. It is obvious, without the sun earth turns into and sphere of ice in about 8 minutes.

Ken Hughes
Ken Hughes
1 month ago

Anyone who watched he UK Channel 4 documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, knows this already.
Scientists knew it then and the debate has been silenced.

Barry Flounders
Barry Flounders
29 days ago

We are currently in a solar sunspot minimum and the earth is actually getting cooler and not warmer. The sun has solar cycles which last for 11 years in one direction, ie from maximum to minimum and then another 11 years to go back to maximum. The current sunspot is due to end in 2030 but will not get back to a full maximum before starting a new cycle which will continue for 22 years ending in 2053. The cycle will be called a grand maunder minimum which will put the earth into another mini ice age. The sun has major influences in our weather and it has nothing to do with global warming which is what the governments are claiming. When we come out of the current cycle in 2030 the governments will then start claiming it was due to their carbon cuts etc that has made the world cooler but that is rubbish

26 days ago

How about the 150 haarp like installations all over the world. They can manipulate the weather.

25 days ago

In the recent Australian election, those that campaigned on “climate change” won seats. Those that campaigned on “no mandatory jabs” lost seats. The country has pivoted away from pandemic issues to climate change issues. The same might be happening elsewhere.

To this end, I found the following 2 articles interesting.

1.      The UN (via Agenda 2030) wants to set aside 30% of the world’s surface as Protected Areas. They seemed to have kicked off some indigenous people of their land to do this.
2.      The NYSE has set up a new category of investments called Natural Asset Companies (NACs). The wealthy can invest in natural resources and processes via NACs. It would appear that NACs could be used to privatise the Protected Areas. If this is correct, it could be a land grab by another name.