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Letter to the Editor: From 9/11 to the “War on Terror” to Covid to Climate Change

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A reader from France writes about how he believes the Covid lies and fear-mongering are really an extension of something that started at least 20 years ago, with the “terrorist attacks” and the collapse of the World Trade Centre complex in New York on 11 September 2001 (“9/11”).

“Last year was the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and it got me thinking about all the lies that we´ve been fed over that time,” he began. “What initially unfolded in the aftermath of 9/11 was a reaction of horror to what amounted to what many saw as a terror attack on American soil.  In the weeks that followed though, engineers started to ask questions.”

“The ‘war on terror’ led to three major things,” he writes and “this leads us neatly to the ongoing fear campaigns, one the war on Covid and other “deadly” biomedical threats and two, the campaign to save the planet from the deadly effects of C02.”

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To The Exposé,

Thanks for providing us all with real reporting during these difficult times.

I wrote this piece some time ago on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with a view to posting it on Facebook, where I used to be outspoken.  I have since stopped using Facebook to focus on real-world activity and so thought to send it here.  You may wish to post it for your readership, you may not, but either way, thanks again.


Last year was the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and it got me thinking about all the lies that we´ve been fed over that time.  What initially unfolded in the aftermath of 9/11 was a reaction of horror to what amounted to what many saw as a terror attack on American soil. 

In the weeks that followed though, engineers started to ask questions.  In my own mind, I was one of them.  I´d spent the last three years analysing structures for use on the railway at that time and things didn´t add up.  Buildings don´t just collapse, even when they get hit by a plane.  There are strict physical rules about energy and conservation of momentum that have to be followed and then there are modes of failure.  Steel frame structures normally deform once their yield point is reached.  The failures are predictable, they don´t disintegrate unless you apply energy in a way that makes such a failure possible.  Controlled demolition seemed the only possible answer to the failure mode we witnessed. Partial collapse, perhaps, but an almost total collapse and disintegration like that which occurred here just didn´t seem possible.  The story gets stranger, especially with regard to the collapse of those buildings surrounding the towers, that apparently suffered no impact damage.  It doesn´t matter how you want to dress it up, conspiracy theory or terror attack, the towers fell for a reason and it wasn´t down to planes alone.  I have seen enough evidence to firmly believe this was an attack on the American people by dark forces hiding behind the cloak of terrorism.  Today I call them the Globalists.

Looking back today, with all things Covid, I now look at the towers’ collapse as the beginning of the “end game” for the Globalist agenda.  Bush Senior even referenced a “New World Order” whilst President and the towers attack happened on Bush Junior’s watch.  What am I saying? 

Well after 9/11 the US began the “war on terror.”  It was the beginning of the project fear campaign.  First Al Qaida, then ISIS.  These organisations were all borne out of American policies (Osama Bin Laden was funded to fight Russian forces in Afghanistan / Isis born out of the remnants of the Iraq war).  The “war on terror” led to three major things:

  1. The increasing use of the surveillance state apparatus.
  2. The militarisation of our police forces.
  3. The changes to laws to support the counter-terrorism narrative.

These three things are now mightily important to the final chapter.

This leads us neatly to the ongoing fear campaigns, one the war on Covid and other “deadly” biomedical threats and two, the campaign to save the planet from the deadly effects of C02.

The war on Covid has already led to a massive restriction on our human rights and freedoms.  Regardless of the recent lifting of restrictions, the end game is the same.  Eventually, these freedoms will only be “loaned back to you” on the basis that you comply with future vaccinations and get a digitised passport.   What the war on terror and Covid have enabled are the laws and tools to control any populist kickback or dissent. 

In America, they have already marked out many as domestic terrorists for their stance on vaccination.  Now with a militarised police force, it will be easier to keep people in check and control the masses.  The USA is perhaps the only Western country in the world where the masses have the weaponry to fight back in civilian circulation.  Locking people up for acts of terror is now a much easier task and the surveillance state now has its eyes on everyone.

Here in France, where I have lived for 7 years, lawyers have been arrested for suggesting that crimes against humanity are being committed.  Prof Luc Montagnier sadly suspiciously died before he could testify any further on the “genetic” work that had occurred in the making of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its links to HIV and malaria.  Was he another victim of the Big Pharma mafia hit squad?

This is a world problem as we have already seen.  Macron is just one of the WEF political puppets jumping to the hymn sheet of Producer, Klaus Schwabs´ Grand Reset opera. Of course, the funders and brains behind this great production remain hidden in a very SPECTRE-like way, very secret behind the scenes but not so secret in implementing their agenda.

Finally, we have the end solution, which on the basis of saving the planet will further restrict your freedoms in the name of carbon neutrality.  The Kissinger report of 1974 looked deeply into the population of the world.  It set a maximum target of about 6 billion people, a target we have already surpassed. 

On page 83 of the Kissinger report it sets out some proposals “should we fail to enact the population controls within this document”.  These proposals mention mandatory population controls and mandatory food control and distribution.  The report was endorsed by the United Nations. 

Now, food production has improved exponentially since 1974 so you´d think it wouldn´t be a problem but the whole environmental planet-saving game is also now a financial behemoth of its own.  Much like Covid though, it hides behind “science”, but only the narrative-approved kind. 

The environmental agenda is now the final large stick with which to enact de-population (think vaccines) and food control (think eating bugs), whilst enslaving the rest of humanity (think social credits).

I am sure that some vast AI computer has already fed the future scenarios back to those with their fingers at the controls.  It operates, I´m sure, on the GIGO principle of “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”  It was only just before the Covid outbreak that many governments around the world declared a “climate emergency”, aided in their push for this declaration by their Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg puppets (sad folks, sadly manipulated by Globalist propaganda) and yet nobody anywhere asked the pertinent question: “What is the plan in a climate emergency and what powers does this give our government?”

I wonder if our governments, in seeing that the future of humanity was at risk – something I personally believe is a load of hogwash – decided that depopulation was the only answer.  Were they then legally, under emergency climate powers, able to enact a de-population plan?  With no fear of prosecution, was the intention of saving a few over the many their only endgame. 

I ask if the current vaccination campaign is their “Soft Strike”, aimed to kill as many as possible without looking like a genocide.  No gas chambers this time around, just an increase in heart failure, cancer, infertility and compromised immune response.  If that was the plan, I´d say that they have succeeded.  Depopulation is indeed underway.

For those of us that survive this maniacal destructive drive to destroy civilisation as we know it, we will surely look back at 9/11 as the turning point in our lives.  We are now rapidly approaching the dead end on the road which marks the cliff edge.  Are we able to resist the powers now and stop the bus, turn it around and head back to the fork in the road where the Globalists set up their diversion?

With their militarised jackboots on the ground, robotics, drones and 5G surveillance technology now in place, are we all now doomed to take the leap into the transhumanist Metaverse.  I ask is there an escape lane off the highway where we can run into the hills and remain “Spiritual” and “Free”?  One thing is clear to me, we are no longer free as things stand (were we ever?) and the Globalists are currently holding all the aces regardless of our minor wins.

Job losses are going to mount, universal basic income will be the carrot offered to take away your remaining freedom.  I am sure this will only be paid if you accept the ID and controls that come with it. E.g., they´ll force you to take vaccines and kill you off anyway – you are after all now a “useless eater”. 

Many will not have a free choice.  Coercion is their biggest tool and they will use it as they have shown already with much success.  Supporting others and forming community groups will be paramount to preventing these systems from gaining traction.

There are of course other options available to us.  The first of those is violent confrontation and I think the Globalists wanted that outcome from the off.   It is much easier to meet violence with violence when you have bigger guns.  So far that option has not played out, I think possibly to their dismay as it could have helped reduce the population further. Never mind they still have the Ukraine conflict in reserve to work that card – it´s just a matter of managing conflict spread.

The second of peaceful resistance has of course resulted in those against The Great Reset taking a moral high ground and it appears to have slowed the progress of The Great Reset, whilst they still try to maintain an air of there being a functioning democracy. But will it be enough to stop it altogether without an alternative plan being proffered? 

I am glad that many who originally got vaccinated are now waking up and joining the ranks of the unvaccinated in recognising the games that are afoot.  Time buys us more numbers in our ranks but I am sure that once the globalists admit that democracy no longer exists and take off the gloves, it is going to get hard for everyone.  Fear will continue to drive many, and the apathy to resist, that I see amongst the “many”, will not counter it.

I do believe that many will accept that their freedoms now lie in a Metaverse, where they can go and be anybody they want to be and live their dreams virtually.  Sadly, I think many will just follow that road, willingly plugging their brains into a virtual fix to escape what has become a “difficult” real life.  Who can blame them, if real life is going to offer so little?  The youth of today seem quite happy to be plugged in 24/7 – even I spend far too much time watching videos in a state of zombie-like stasis.

And yet, when I can break free from the hold of the internet and its dopamine-fuelled addictive qualities, I turn to my belief in the divine and the power of love.  Although the immediate future appears bleak, I know that by living a life based in truth and love, every action will have a reaction and little by little this war can be won.  I suggest we all live in the present and act according to what is in our hearts. 

I am sure a moment will come in the future when I am faced with a choice: to stand by my principles and those of my faith and spirituality or to fold in submission.  There is no going back at that point.  I will stand against tyranny and suffer the personal consequences. As in all battles of history, there will be many personal battles with both losses and victories but I don´t think these globalists realise the strength of a man´s convictions and his absolute resolve to fight back when the time demands it.  Marie Antoinette will testify that fences and mocking laughter don´t keep the wolves at bay forever.  Justice, when it finally comes after tyranny is beaten, can be brutal.  Human nature, when driven by a need for justice and truth can be extremely destructive.

In an engineering lecture, I was once told that big whirls have little whirls that feed on their velocity, and little whirls have smaller whirls and so on to viscosity.   In essence, this little poem can be reflected by our actions in life. All our actions have a consequence and will inspire or drive smaller actions and eventually even the smallest of actions will result in the machine grinding to a halt as the wheels stop turning.  The cry of “I’M SPARTACUS” should drive us all, that even though we stand as individuals in this fight, we are through our shared battle, one and the same. 

Take strength from the fact that we can stand together and that a large percentage of those around you will take strength from your actions.  If the mask mandates come back, and I think they will in many places (Winter is Coming!), don´t shop alone, mass together and go as tens, hundreds or even thousands.  Perhaps it would be fun if we all wore Kirk Douglas face masks …. or maybe just an anonymous mask will do.  Anonymity is a good way to hide from your own insecurity and find courage.  In any event, it will overwhelm the shop, evade the facial recognition and disturb those police sent to enforce “real” mask rules.  When asked your names cry “I´M SPARTACUS” and be done with them.  It´s time for us to stand together, remain peaceful but firm and not allow them to divide and conquer us anymore.

Let us bring this Great Reset to a halt by staying strong in spirit and conviction. Do what you can to add a whirl to your daily life and be guided by your convictions.   These Globalists are actually a bunch of comedians so we can play along and make this fun too. But ultimately, I will die for what I think is the master plan, e.g., that which comes from love and truth, and to protect the innocent children rather than follow the selfish, “one size fits the few” greedy plans of the Globalist circus.

Klaus “I´m The Real Dr Evil” Schwab, watch out, “I´M SPARTACUS” and WE are leading a rebellion called “Build Back without Arseholes in Charge”.  Did I actually write something without mentioning that slimeball Bill “just another vaccine” Gates … DOH!!

Ian Tompkins

About the Author

Ian is an Engineer, Musician and Writer based in France.  Author of the book “AWAKE, Love = mc²” available at Amazon (sorry it’s on Amazon, I use the enemy to hopefully spread a better message 🙂 ) 


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1 year ago

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1 year ago

Dr Carrie Madej was almost killed, the circumstances are more than suspicious. As a decent “opposition” news site, shouldn’t someone cover her “accident”?

Private plane, his boyfriend were the pilot who had 20 years of experience of flying and as Dr Madej’ boyfriend he surely didn’t get the clotshot. Something happened with their engine, just after an important conference of the opposition…. wow, what a co-incidence. If I would be religious I would pray now for her and her man.

1 year ago

What a great letter I’ve said all along that 9/11 was a home grown terrorist attack, weren’t they trying to hide billions of missing dollars hence building 7 was taken down also. Whomsoever believes the BS about global warming, as the governments tell you, you need to look at the data from the environmental scientists, the earth is changing as it always has. Also the earths axis shifted when the Chilean volcano blew

Stan Sylvester
Stan Sylvester
Reply to  julal
1 year ago

Home grown terrorist attack? This is another way to hide Israhell’s planning and carrying out of 9/11. The best sumnation I know is the work of Christopher Bollyn.
The earth is changing? No, the weather is being manipulated. There are multiple agendas. One is weather warfare, flood one area and drought out another. That leads to crop failures. No food = no people. The best info I know of on this is with Dane Wigington.

Circe of London
Circe of London
1 year ago

What a fantastic letter! “I’m Spartacus”

You coming?
You coming?
1 year ago

I heed The Call…
We are through our shared battle, one and the same.
Strong in spirit and conviction.
WE the rebellion “Build Back without Arseholes in Charge”!
Let’s go.

1 year ago

Brilliant Piece & True

not sure
not sure
1 year ago

You don’t just create a network of liars out of thin air to cover up wtc 7. Just as the 911 lies empowered the covid lies 20 years later, there are even earlier historical lies that empowered the network of 911 liars. There’s a snowball effect, and you haven’t quite dug yourself out of it yet.

1 year ago

Great read !!!! Thank you and with you 100% “I’M SPARTUCUS”

1 year ago

What a great letter and I believe it to be spot on. I thought at the time of 9/11, let me fight those terrorists and then when they rolled out the unconstitutional, un-patriotic “Patriot Act” in a few weeks after that, something didn’t feel right. Now I know what it was. Covid was a beta test to see how big of sheep the populace was, sadly we know that answer too.