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Dutch Farmers Have Stepped Up Their Game, They’re Taking Their Protests to Another Level

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On Wednesday, Dutch farmers sent a clear message to their government.  They will not acquiesce.  They will not give up their land.  The farmers are protesting because the Netherlands government wants to impose new climate goals of reducing nitrogen output by 2030, which will force farmers out of business.

“We the Dutch Farmers are fighting for our future, and yours as well: without farmers, there is no food,” their FundFreely page notes.

Speaking to Newsmax earlier this week, former Principal Deputy Assistant at the US Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) Mandy Gunasekara said: “[The Dutch government] have sold out to a very extreme environmental agenda that pushes really bad outcomes. The reality is that what the Netherlands is doing this is a recipe for famine.”

Newsmax: Mandy Gunasekara Joins Newsmax’s Wake Up America, 25 July 2022 (5 mins)

Dutch farmers stepped up their protests on Wednesday by dumping manure and garbage on highways and setting fires alongside roads. The latest demonstrations came a day after a government-appointed mediator sent invitations to farmers’ organisations to discuss with the country’s ruling coalition ways of reducing nitrogen emissions.

A couple of weeks ago, Dutch political commentator and legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek told Breitbart that her homeland is being used as a “pilot” for the Great Reset agenda. On Tuesday, Vlaardingerbroek discussed the Dutch farmer protest on GB News. “Even more so than health, controlling the food supply is probably the best way you can control people,” she said.

GB News: Dutch farmer protest, ‘Controlling the food supply is the best way to control people’, 26 July 2022 (2 mins)

Further reading:

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European Law: Sacrifice Farmers to Build New Buildings

It may sound counter-productive for a government to enact policies – such as the limitation of nitrogen oxide and ammonia – that will result in a significant reduction in agricultural output, but that all depends on whether large corporations are waiting to fill the artificial market gap. Or, indeed, if there are politicians present who are foolish enough to believe the glossy brochures promising an Eden-like future in a Net Zero world. There is another very nasty reason for the treatment of farmers that relates to a 2019 decision. Essentially, the ruling dictates that you can’t build shiny new inner-city buildings unless you punish a few local farmers:

According to Reuters: “[Netherlands] highest court in May [2019] ruled that the way Dutch buildings and farmers dealt with nitrogen emissions was in breach with European laws. This has already caused delays in work on new highways, housing blocks, airports, wind farms, and a range of other vital infrastructure in recent months, while many other projects are also at risk.”

Dr. Robert Malone spent last weekend in Belgium and the Netherlands:

During this time, I spoke with many about the situation with the WEF 2030 agenda and the farmer protests regarding having their farmlands taken from them, together with other forced draconian measures. There was a strong consensus among those that I spoke with that:

1. the people are behind the farmers in this;

2. there is a huge movement within the Netherlands by main stream media to suppress information about these measures and the protests from reaching the people; and,

3. because of the information suppression, because of the EU involvement – the government will win this fight.

But what was not mentioned to me was all the details found in the Spectator article below.

Essentially, the Netherlands is not allowed to build more new, high tech buildings unless a few farmers reduce their use of nitrogen. That simple. Basically, this mirrors one of the chief complaints previously voiced by Brexit advocates – arbitrary and capricious EU bureaucrat actions which damage working farmers. From what I can tell, the only available remedy is the same which the Brits eventually deployed. Leave the EU.

However, the devil is in the details, and there are a lot of details!

This article explains it best: Netherlands: the summer of discontent, Spectator Australia, 28 July 2022

Shared Pain of Nl and US Farmers, Inflation, Woke Medical Curriculum, Dr. Robert Malone, 28 July 2022

Farmers in Ireland might be next on the chopping block. Citing environmental requirements set by the European Union, the Irish government reportedly wants to cap carbon emissions in the nation’s farming industry at 28%. While officials are still debating what to set the targets for farmers, the Green Party has pushed a target of 30%.

Read more: Ireland debates 30% emissions cap on farmers, The Counter Signal, 26 July 2022

Dutch Farmers Have Stepped Up their Game

Below is a collection of Twitter posts over the last couple of days chronicling the latest protests by Dutch farmers.  Radio Genova has a number of videos on their Twitter profile regarding the farmers protests which you can find HERE.

We have not attempted to verify the time or place of when each video was recorded. We have simply collated them as they are seen on Twitter. 

Dutch farmers are not taking it lying down.

Bloke In Pub on Twitter 27 July 2:52pm

Dutch farmers have stepped up their game and they mean business. Ongoing blockages with sand, rubbish, hay stacks and manure on the A1 motorways in Bathmen, A12 in Bunnik, A30 in Ede, A35 in Hengelo and A50 in Apeldoorn.  Many farmers are heading to Den Haag.

European Freedom Convoy 2022 on Twitter 27 July 5:32pm

Dutch farmers continue to fight for the people. They are not going to just lay down so their government can dictate all over them. They are not playing around. The Dutch farmers have placed hay bales and tons of manure on the roads in the Netherlands. “F*ck the government!”

That Asshole from the Home Office on Twitter 27 July 5:51pm

Dutch farmers are so great.

[We apologise for the bad sound at the beginning of the video below, for a better version please watch the original video on Twitter.]

Carol Foster on Twitter 28 July 5:36am

Dutch farmers are on the frontline against the globalist agendas. Those in charge literally want you to ‘own nothing and be happy’, food supplies will be at extremely low numbers if left to the tyrants, the drip feeding of bug eating is no coincidence.

Reddpill2.0 on Twitter 27 July 8:45pm

Dutch farmers send a clear message to the Government: They will not acquiesce. They will not give up their land.

MI News on Twitter 28 July 12:44am

Farmers and citizens demonstrating against the government by having a “barbecue” at the A35 Highway, close to Almelo. Both ways blocked.

We Are Protestors on Twitter 28 July 1:34pm

They aint messin around. Dutch Farmers arrive at the home of one of the politicians responsible for destroying their industry.  Societal collapse edges ever closer.

NittyGrittyD on Twitter 28 July 2:34pm

Dutch farmers [on Wednesday night] burning bales on the Motorway.  But we don’t see that on the BBC nowadays.  The MSM treats us all like mushrooms!

Hintza on Twitter 28 July 2:45pm

A28 motorway on fire. Dutch farmers’ protest continues day and night unabated. Dutch farmers are not joking.

Radio Genova on Twitter 28 July 6:34pm

Italy in Solidarity

Italian farmers made a stand in solidarity with their Dutch counterparts.

Canada in Solidarity

Rebel News spent weeks in the Netherlands covering the Dutch farmer protests against the government’s plan to limit carbon and nitrogen emissions from their farms. Now, protests in solidarity with the farmers are happening across Canada.

You can watch Rebel News’ coverage of protests across Canada in solidarity with Dutch farmers HERE.

Thank You from Dutch Farmers

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raj patel
raj patel
1 year ago

The farmers have been driven to this behaviour by their Governments – under control of the WEF and corporates. We can support them by buying local, fresh produce from farmers and boycotting the supermarket chains. Hit them financially where it hurts. Bravo to the farmers!

Reply to  raj patel
1 year ago

We’ve been doing it for years. 🙂 Fresh raw milk and milk products come from farms, eggs, too, we either go for them or order depending on distance. Same with meat, 80% what we eat comes from farms as cold parcels, not cheap but the quality, taste is superior (meat), milk in fact is cheaper by now than the Waitrose’ organic and beautiful, healthy raw, eggs also. To save on meat we usually make bigger orders and freeze them.

We started it while living in another country when we understood that the EU worked against small businesses including farms’ paying for not to produce or taxing and restricting them not to survive, many years ago. High kevel of dependency on big businesses never ends well as can be seen now on the price of energy.

Farmers survival is our survival.

1 year ago

Thank you thank you thank you Dutch farmers! You are fighting for all of us. Please don’t stop no matter what. If you stop we all starve.

1 year ago

[…] Dutch Farmers Have Stepped Up Their Game, They’re Taking Their Protests to Another Level […]

1 year ago

Good on you Dutch Farmers. You elected your government as public servants to improve your current way of life not destroy it, and replace it with what they want for themselves. Remember they are few and you and the Dutch People are many.

1 year ago

[…] Go to Source Follow on Telegram […]

Jayna Dinnyes
Jayna Dinnyes
1 year ago

Now I can understand possibly why my Dutch ancestors (farmers) left Holland in the late 1800’s to come to America. The country is so crowded now! It is my guess that the government there wants the farmers’ land for corp buildings and apartments. My message to farmers there?
I post publicly on MeWe. STAY WELL NATURALLY!

1 year ago

[…] – Dutch Farmers Have Stepped Up Their Game, They’re Taking Their Protests to Another Level […]

1 year ago

[…] Read More: Dutch Farmers Have Stepped Up Their Game […]

1 year ago

Today, the most dangerous thing that is happening all over the world is not physical violence but psychological violence.

Globalists are desperately trying to manipulate you and your family to make you grateful/fearful slaves.

I have heard the criminal head of the W.E.F has now even started signing his name ‘Anti-Christ, Klaus Schwab’

Violence has only one meaning: it means nothing other than experiencing happiness in others’ misery.

So for the new generation, living and defeating this coming world collapse and enslavement dystopia, meditation is a must because only that can protect you from their fascist political agenda – nothing else.

Meditation is the capacity to be silent, to be awake, to be able to see the truth.

But nobody it seems is interested in truth; in fact they are all against it, because what will happen to these politicians worshiped all around the world who are constantly lying?

If truth is known they will all be locked up!

You are fed with all the politicians lies and propaganda so that you are constantly distracted from your own intelligence towards their idiotic and destructive narratives and actions.

If you want to be intelligent you cannot be into any politics.

Politics needs idiots, people who can lie, people who can go on lying, people who are two faced, people who can change their personality any moment.

People who don’t have any individuality.

Remember, nobody is born mediocre.

People are made mediocre by the politicians, by the priests, by the education system.

You think you go to the school to be made more intelligent – you are wrong.

You don’t know how to function without these manufactured memories.

You don’t really know that you have any consciousness separate from your conditioned mind, so you think if your memory is destroyed your consciousness is destroyed?

Die to the past, be alive to the present, to the moment you are in – it will not destroy your mind.

Really, it will give a rest to your restless mind.

Your efficiency will grow, and there will be no effort.

You have to be free.

You have to be individual, you have to be on your own.

It will be fearful in the beginning because you have always lived in the crowd.

The crowd gives you a certain coziness, warmth.

You will be in the cold, alone.

Especially if all the gas is cut off!

If you are ready to be alone and in the cold, and ready to go in darkness in search of light, meditation is yours.

Find the witness.

Only then will you find your true inner voice.

Your inner voice will direct you.

Its directions will be absolutely different from what society says – absolutely different.

It is not a moral code; it is an inner direction.

A deep reverence comes to you, and through that reverence everything follows.

You love life so much now that violence becomes impossible.

Only intelligent people can be religious.

The idiot cannot realize it while remaining an idiot.

The mediocre cannot even conceive its possibility while remaining mediocre.

Only the highest intelligence can reach to that point where religiousness flowers.

Religiousness is the highest luxury in the world.

Religiousness needs courage, intelligence, daring, because you are going higher and higher in the world of consciousness.

The mediocre has no idea that there is anything higher than themselves.

The only possibility for the mediocre is that they can drop their mediocrity.

If the mediocre person, the ordinary person, meets a Christ he will not see any difference.

The ordinary person projects their ordinariness even on the highly intelligent.

When a man like Christ walks on the earth he will leave footprints on the sands of time, and ordinary people will worship those footprints.

Christianity is nothing but worship of the footprints, it leads you nowhere.

Have you thought about it, that in two thousand years nobody has been a Christ again?

What kind of religion is this?

Just Christians!

The first and the last Christ was crucified two thousand years ago, since then nothing has happened, because unless you become a Christ yourself Christianity is just a hypocrisy.

If you want to be really religious you cannot be a member of any organized religion. 

Christianity was created by the same type of people who crucified Christ – the same type.

If you are too influenced by the counterfeit, you will miss the real.

If your eyes become too filled with the counterfeit, when the real encounters you, you may not even be able to recognize it.

When stillness comes on its own, when silence descends without your effort, when you watch thoughts and a moment comes when thoughts start disappearing and silence starts happening, that is beautiful.

Then thoughts stop of their own accord if you don’t identify, if you remain a witness.

With your watching and watching, slowly the rush of thoughts starts getting less and less.

Moments of silence start appearing.

A thought comes, and then there is silence before another thought appears.

These gaps will give you the first glimpse of meditation and the first joy that you are arriving home.

The moment consciousness comes to its highest peak it does not find any God there.

It finds immense beauty, immense silence, absolute peace, absolute nothingness.

Only existence is.

Existence is not separate from you, even when you think you are separate.

And when you know that you are not separate, it is a tremendous realization.

This is enlightenment.

Reply to  @lienChrist
1 year ago

“The moment consciousness comes to its highest peak it does not find any God there.

It finds immense beauty, immense silence, absolute peace, absolute nothingness”

You’ve just described the lowest peak of consciousness where “nothing” is found.

1 year ago

People trust their doctors. We need to put the doctors “On The Spot”. Ask any doctor the “Pro or Ho” question.

Is your doctor a medical professional or a paid whore for the pharma cartel? A simple question for your doctor to determine if they are a “Pro or Ho”:

“Should healthy children under the age of 12 get the shots?”.

If the answer isn’t “NO” then you have a “Ho”. There is no “yes” or “it depends”. The IFR for healthy kids is so far to the right of the decimal that they have a statistically ZERO chance of dying from covid. It is of zero benefit for them to get the shots. It also is of zero benefit to anyone else because they will still get it and transmit it, injected or not.


1 year ago

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[…] it is the same agenda that is forcing farmers off their land in the Netherlands and any other countries that are members of the European […]

1 year ago

[…] it is the same agenda that is forcing farmers off their land in the Netherlands and any other countries that are members of the European […]

1 year ago

[…] it is the same agenda that is forcing farmers off their land in the Netherlands and any other countries that are members of the European […]

1 year ago

[…] è la stessa agenda che sta costringendo gli agricoltori a lasciare le loro terre nei Paesi Bassi e in tutti gli altri Paesi membri dell’Unione […]