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Were these coordinated strikes planned by the conspirators?

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It’s no coincidence that everyone seems to be going on strike at once.

Doctors, nurses, midwives, firemen, train drivers, ambulance drivers, postmen, civil servants, port workers, airport workers and millions more are striking this month.

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

Doctors, who want a 21-hour week, want a 30% pay rise. Nurses (‘your money or your life’) are threatening to refuse to deal with emergencies or cancer patients and will settle for a more modest 19.2%.

These mostly public sector workers are already well paid. (Train drivers get £60,000 for a four-day week. They retire at 62 on £40,000. Nurses earn £27,000 to £60,000). In comparison, after a lifetime of paying taxes and national insurance payments, I receive a full state pension of £7,436 – the standard pension for a 76-year-old.

The economy (what’s left of it) will be destroyed if all these strikers get what they are demanding. Small businesses and the self-employed (none of whom can put up their prices by 19.2%) will be devastated. Inflation is hitting everyone not just people in public service jobs.

Some commentators think this is all political – designed to bring down an incompetent and corrupt Government.

I disagree. I believe the strikes (which seem surprisingly well coordinated to cause maximum distress) are organised by the conspirators.

The Government could force the unions and the bosses into a room and make them stay there until they have a deal. But they’ll probably just kill one another.

No, there’s one quick, simple way to destroy the conspirators’ plan, keep the strikers happy and stop all the threats: give everyone a pay rise of 100%.

Give the nurses, the train drivers, the doctors and the elderly the same inflation-busting 100% pay rise.

The strikers will all think they’ve won.

And there will be no need for strikes.

Of course, there is a snag.

Inflation will go through the roof.

And in three months’ time, everyone will want another pay rise.

But then maybe a few greedy, threat-heavy strikers will realise that in the long run greed doesn’t get you anywhere. The train driver will be earning twice as much. But he’ll pay a lot more tax. And his groceries and his fuel will cost twice as much. So, in the end, he won’t be any better off. Money will just be worth less.

Massive, unaffordable pay rises merely hurt the poor.

Which is, of course, exactly what the conspirators want.

If you don’t yet understand the dangers of social credit please read Social Credit: Nightmare on your street by Vernon Coleman. Available through the bookshop on his website.

Featured image: UK faces winter of strikes as workers demand higher pay, Reuters

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9 months ago

I’m often a fan of the Expose emails but this is poorly put together and not thought through. If you think a Nurse (who could have young Children) living in London can get by on £27k a year then then you are not in touch with reality. Please do not put a Train Driver on their huge wages (and low hours) in the same pot as a Nurse who works long hours (often without proper breaks) on such a low wage. And London Firefighters (starting on a similar wage) will not be going on Strike over Christmas as the ballot has not even been counted yet.

Reply to  Jayson
9 months ago

Agree with what you’re saying Jayson, most people are now so used to constant crisis mentality, they’ve lost contact with the reality and blame other victims for our crisis.

The filth laugh out loud at such wrong thinking, it’s what will lead to their victory.

Jacqui Purcell
Jacqui Purcell
9 months ago

My thoughts exactly a co-ordinated strike action. Very nice of them to make a wonderful Christmas for the population who’ve had enough of everything in the last three years!

Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
9 months ago

I find it difficult to support strike action as a OAP.

9 months ago

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9 months ago

Capitalism and Marxism/Communism are two sides of the same coin with capitalist banking systems funding the exploits of global communism. Capitalism (democracy) and Communism (Marxism) are merely products of the Jewish mind manufactured to control slave Nations. Therefore, given the ‘divine right to rule’ both are ideologically lower than Judaism in the paradigm of the Jewish Zionist. The nature of the game for the Zionist Capitalist is to withhold a land’s wealth from its people. Henceforth the Zionist Capitalist gets immensely rich while the nations conquered suffer crippling dept. Consequently capitalism is basically state sponsored usury and any revolutionary response from the slave nations are corralled into Jewish Marxist (Communist) state funded trade unions whose organizers are earmarked to become the leaders of the new Jewish Zionist regime. Thus Jewish Zionism controls both rich and poor. This vicious circle is a representation of the Jewish Marxist one party state.

Reply to  norm
9 months ago

In other words, democracy and Marxism share the same goal? This is true-for they will both be sent deep down into the pit when the Lord Jesus returns in glory.

Reply to  norm
9 months ago

Mainly agreed with the first two lines of your comment until the tarring of Jewish people with the same brush. Like most everyone, you tar Zionism, a tool created by the filth and genuine Jewish people with the same brush.

We have no idea of real truth within the evil system we live in, we are constantly lied to and triggered to attack each other instead of sorting our real enemy.

raj patel
raj patel
9 months ago

That’s also my view – that it is all co-ordinated to damage the economy.

9 months ago

Strikers are trying to get a pay rise in line with inflation and stop the ransacking of public services for private profit.

9 months ago

I’d love to start receiving my post on time and not have to pay a fortune for a taxi because the trains are off… give them their payrises!… but this reprieve would only be temporary. We’d still get our post late, have to cancel plans because no trains are running, and worst of all we’d still hear constant moaning and complaining when a bunch of them inevitably get laid off.

Striking is useful on the rare occasion employees are being paid less than what they’re worth. When they are being paid what they’re worth yet demand more, if their demands are met, then it is inevitable that lay-offs will follow; there will not be enough money available to pay everyone otherwise.

Those laid off will then claim benefits on the taxpayers’ dime, or they may find work elsewhere. But this other job will likely be worse than the job they were laid off from — if it were better, then they would have just switched jobs beforehand rather than striking.

Perhaps payrises could be given in some cases without lay-offs; depending on the industry, this could be managed via price increases, I. E. passing the wage increase onto consumers, which we aren’t having enough of lately already — and not to mention that some of those consumers will be employees themselves, reducing their real wage increase.

Or, in some cases, the payrises could be given by diverting a company’s profits to their employees. But where will this lead? A company will use profits to invest in e.g. better equipment, technology, infrastructure. Reduced profits means less investment in these areas. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty peeved with the railways as they are currently, never mind how they’d look with even less money going into them.

Additionally, investors will start to look elsewhere for companies that yield them better profits, so those companies who divert profits to their employees that are now being paid more than their fair market value will end up losing even more money and will either go under or have to make lay-offs.

So give them their payrises. This slow-burn is frustrating. Pour oil on it all, and get it over with already.

Jimmy Jukebox
Jimmy Jukebox
9 months ago

Hi, My Thoughts,
Some strikes are coordinated To Strike ,
Some Occupations Are Copy Catting (Just striking cause others are striking and they live above their means and don’t know how to balance their money)
But Technically it’s The Higher Up Elites Fault For All The Trouble,
And I’m happy to explain.
When something is removed from society there’s a spot that Gets Filled with something else.
The Elites we’re so busy and happy dumbing down the public over the years and removing God from society It caused the Elites to become stupid also.
Here’s how it happened,
IF you don’t believe in God or know God you don’t miss God,
Well The Elites filled the voids with all kinds of vices and Money, paper money ,
Now when I say paper money, what occurred was the public got dumb and stayed dumb,
I never ever seen a union or an occupation of any trade demand To be Paid In Gold or Silver , the dumb public still demands raises in paper money,
While inflation eats up their Currency.
And the elites get smarter and laugh harder and harder,
No God in society caused Greed For money to Replace God,
Looks like the elites should of just let God stay in society and we wouldn’t have half the trouble we do have.
I rent A room for $400 dollars a month.
I live way below my means.
When you have a full time job and No Side Hustle of selling stuff on the internet then you’re screwed by inflation.
Stop living paycheck to paycheck and learn How to stretch a dollar.
I was lucky my mom my dad went through the Great Depression as kids, their parents went through it as adults.
Money doesn’t make happy , money just helps to pay bills,
I would never sell out , keep your morals and get a plan for your future.
Majority of People don’t even know you can open up a 401-K in Gold or Silver instead of dollars or Euros,
God got replaced with money, and lots of other distractions,
Bible Says: Be As Wise As A Serpent.
I would rather work for low money for A boss who believes in Jesus,
Then follow the crowd chasing a pot of gold and rainbows ,
Plus people Go on strike cause they’re afraid of going after The Elites and telling or making them knock it off with all these money troubles.
Move to a smaller house or apartment, figure out what your Real Needs Are ,
And Stop Spending frivolously.
Extra money Will Soon Appear In Your Life.
Always Pay yourself with each paycheck,
Meaning the amount of money you actually put aside and saved , Is the actual money You’re Making weekly / Yearly.
Get your house inorder show the elites You Can Do No harm To Those Who Learn The secrets of Saving Money / Gold , or Silver, diamonds,
I could of been a rich man but I choose a divorce instead of being henpecked,
Money is the Root of all evils.
Learn How to be generous with your money and miraculously money comes back to you two fold ,,
God is about family and love,
Give freely and it Will Come back to you,
Karma is a powerful force, you get what you put in.
Put in long work hoyrs with a greedy and mean attitude and you end up paycheck to paycheck.
Don’t be a scrooge , share with others is Not something To Be done Just for a holiday Christmas season.
Love yourself and make a plan to give yourself peace of mind and wisdom to succeed through Hardships.
My grandma always said: When buying for 1 person but 3 cans , 1 for you, 1 for an unexpected guest and 1 for the church,
IF the guest doesn’t come by , you have an extra can.
Grandma had lots of cupboard filled with food in kitchen and basement cupboards.
Realize No one is coming to save you , save yourself by learning how to swim,
By swimming through rough current waters will only make you stronger.
Grandma always Paid Cash in Full for any purchase sge ever made , no matter what , food , rent, summer home / cabin, iF you can’t pay in cash full , grandma said: do without and save your money until you can pay in full,
Well hopefully someone Will wake up and better than they were before.


9 months ago

See where you’re coming from Rhoda but despite understanding your anger, plus giving your article 5 *, think it’s likely you’re falling into the trap of blaming the wrong people.

Always saying things along this point, no longer going blue in the face, the filth corrupt/co-opt anything which might help us. Their aim is to psychologically manage us into blaming/attacking each other instead of them, who are the real enemy.

Jimmy Jukebox
Jimmy Jukebox
9 months ago

My Post was censored, or should I Say: Filtered Out !!!!
Yeah ,
Oh well , maybe next time perhaps acceptance will be there
Yeah big Deal ,

Jimmy Jukebox
Jimmy Jukebox
Reply to  Jimmy Jukebox
9 months ago

Hi My post made it after all !!!
Plus I just wanted to Share when I wrote The post I thought was going to be censored my roommate said: Here’s $35 for cleaning supplies,
Granted I told him a day before when I get paid next week I would clean up kitchen and bathroom,
I thought it was ironic that here God sends money my way cause I was trying to share about how to be better person with money.

Thanks Rhoda for acknowledging my Post ! ! !

Jimmy Jukebox,

Paul Cardin
Paul Cardin
9 months ago

The ugly tone of this article puts me in mind of the many years Vernon Coleman spent toiling for Rupert Murdoch in the hideous S*n newspaper. A fact which I’ve spotted Vernon is never keen to broadcast. Let’s not turn on each other. WHO does that serve, but the government in power…..?