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Child Abuse?: The impact of pushing Transgender Ideology on Children in Schools instead of Scientific Facts

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The transgender ideology has garnered significant attention and debate in recent years, with some groups advocating for a more inclusive understanding of gender, while others argue that the movement is rooted in unscientific claims.

However, the teaching of multiple gender identities in schools, based on unscientific claims, raises concerns about the potential negative consequences for young children.

As critical thinkers, it is crucial to examine the science behind the concept of gender, explore the claims of more than two genders, and discuss the potential consequences of teaching these ideas to young children.

In this article, we will delve into these topics and provide a scientific perspective on the current transgender ideology and the risks involved.

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The Science of Gender: A Complex Tapestry

Traditionally, gender has been understood as binary, with individuals classified as either male or female based on their biological sex. Why? Because it’s simply a matter of fact.

Biological sex is determined by an individual’s chromosomes, hormones, and reproductive organs.

While it is true that there are extremely rare exceptions of genetic variations such as XXY (Klinefelter syndrome), XYY, or XO (Turner syndrome), 99.9% of people can be categorized as male or female based on their chromosomes (XX for females and XY for males).

The idea of more than two genders and even up to 100+ genders in pseudoscience and stems from various questionable cultural and social perspectives on gender roles and identities.

While it is essential to recognize and respect diverse viewpoints, it is also crucial to differentiate fact from fiction.

The Medicalization of Childhood Gender Nonconformity

Teaching the concept of multiple genders in schools can have extremely negative consequences. Teaching children unscientific claims about gender will lead to confusion and misinformation among impressionable young minds.

One potential consequence of teaching multiple genders in schools is the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity.

Some experts argue that encouraging children to question their gender at a young age could result in unnecessary medical interventions such as hormone treatments or surgeries.

These medical procedures are tantamount to child abuse and carry significant risks and should never be considered for a child.

Children’s brains are still developing, and their understanding of complex concepts such as gender is limited. Encouraging them to question their gender may lead to confusion and distress, and the subsequent medicalization of their experiences may have long-term physical and psychological consequences.

Undermining Critical Thinking Skills

Another concern is the potential for ideological indoctrination, where children are taught to accept a particular viewpoint without questioning its validity. Critical thinking is essential to a healthy and functioning society, and teaching unverified claims as fact can undermine this crucial skill.

By presenting multiple gender identities as scientifically proven, children will be less likely to question this false information they receive and develop a healthy scepticism. This can have long-term consequences on their ability to evaluate evidence, engage in logical reasoning, and differentiate between fact and opinion.

Confusion and Misinformation

Teaching multiple gender identities in schools can lead to confusion and misinformation among impressionable young minds.

Children are still developing their understanding of the world and will struggle to differentiate between questionable and disturbing social constructs and biological realities.

This confusion may lead to misunderstandings about the nature of sex, gender, and the science behind these concepts, which can, in turn, perpetuate stereotypes and stigma.


it is essential to be mindful of the potential negative consequences of teaching unscientific claims about gender in schools.

Focusing on the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity, undermining critical thinking skills, and fostering confusion and misinformation, it is crucial to encourage open dialogue and maintain a firm grounding in scientific evidence when discussing gender-related topics in educational settings.

It is vital to prioritize critical thinking, scepticism, and evidence-based decision-making.

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28 days ago

I do not believe we should be respectful of opinions that diverge from known facts. Clinging to divergent opinions about anything that can be factually verified, such as biological truths, is a definition of mental illness. It is possible to treat a person with respect without treating their insane beliefs respectfully. Our collective reluctance to make waves by refuting lies is one reason we’re in this mess.

f by gaslight
f by gaslight
Reply to  Kay
28 days ago

I can think of numerous “facts” have been “verified”. Deadly viruses, planes crashing on 911, men wandering around the moon, big bangs, black holes, nanomachines, quantum computers, AI, democracy, vote counts, the niceness of immigrants, that the government works for you, that it’s all Putin’s fault, that 1 billion people have died from a supposed virus, that 1 billion people have died from taking poison, and so on. At the end of the day, the problem is that you believe any made up trash that anyone you perceive as a credible source tells you. The only way to proceed is to reject everything that everyone tells you unless they can cast iron prove it to you in person and without the aid of references to anyone else. All of this is about money, and it always has been (and I can prove it).

Reply to  f by gaslight
28 days ago

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28 days ago

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28 days ago

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