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50 misinformation, disinformation and outright covid lies told by the Australian government and regulators

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When it was confirmed that governments around the world released covid-19 “vaccines” which were made in a different way to clinical trial “vaccines” and that the commercial batches were contaminated with toxic DNA and endotoxins, Dr. Phillip Altman added it to his growing list of misinformation, disinformation and lies the public have been told.

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The Pfizer Covid-19 “Vaccine” – Bait and Switch

By Dr. Phillip Altman

Did people get injected with a “vaccine” which was never subjected to safety testing in any clinical trial?

Patriot Vibes 1Q7: British MP Andrew Bridgen: “Please Watch This Update On My Letter To PM Rishi Sunak About Pfizer Jab, 10 September 2023 (2 mins).  Source: Andrew Bridgen MP on Twitter

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The British government and all drug regulators know about endotoxins. They are among the most toxic group of biochemicals known. Endotoxin contamination in an injection is very dangerous and might kill people immediately following injection.

My Substack of 5 October explained this in detail.  Read more HERE.

This must be part of any serious investigation into the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and our Australian health bureaucrats who either did not know, did not understand or covered up. This is serious.


Not 50 years old……you silly thing. I mean my list of misinformation, disinformation and lies has now reached 50. See below:

1. Failure to recognise that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is of laboratory origin.

2. Implementation of cruel lockdowns without any scientific evidence of usefulness.

3. Declare experimental gene-based mRNA injections as “safe and effective” when this was not supported by the available evidence.  The 95% efficacy claim was false.  The covid “vaccines” have been reported to cause more death and injury than any drug in history.

4. Failure of the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”) to properly evaluate the covid injections for quality, safety and efficacy.  The TGA said the covid “vaccines” were properly assessed and proven to be safe. 

5. Failure to stop senseless vaccine mandates when there was never any evidence that the injections would stop transmission. 

6. Falsely claiming the covid injections would keep you from getting covid, getting seriously ill or going to the hospital.  The hospital statistics show this is false.

7. Falsely claiming masks prevent transmission or infection.  There is no credible evidence that masks prevent transmission or acquisition of air-borne viral infection.

8. Falsely claiming it was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” 

9. Ramping up public fear to force people into getting “vaccinated.” 

10. Denying early treatment which could have saved thousands of lives.  Such advice has never been given in medicine for any serious infection.

11. Orchestrating and supporting outrageous epidemiologic claims of expected deaths (150,000 predicted by the Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates).

12. Failure to properly assess thousands of vaccine-related deaths reported in adverse drug event reporting systems including the Database of Adverse Event Notifications (“DAEN”).

13. Courts failing to consider the scientific facts regarding covid and the lack of safety and efficacy of covid injections.

14. Contributing to the media censorship of any scientist or doctor who criticised the government narrative of “vaccine” safety and efficacy.

15. Permitting the Australian Professional Health Regulation Agency (“APHRA”) to suspend the registration of any health practitioner who disagreed with the government covid management policy.

16. Preventing proper and full informed consent given to patients by doctors prior to covid injections – patients were not fully advised of the risks.

17. Falsely stating it was safe to use covid injections for babies, children and pregnant women when there was no credible data to support such use.

18. Falsely inflating “covid case” numbers and deaths using an inappropriate test (“PCR”) to justify population-wide covid injections.

19. Failure to recognise or investigate natural immunity in relation to vaccine policy.

20. Falsely claiming there was no clinical evidence to support ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of covid-19.

21. Destroying millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine and blocking the prescribing of ivermectin for covid-19.

22. Manipulating Australian Bureau of Statistics mortality data and Excess Death data using data analysis which effectively minimises the impact of All-Cause Mortality following covid “vaccine” rollout.

23. Permitting and facilitating plans for a World Health Organisation (“WHO”) takeover of future Australian government pandemic health policy by unelected, unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats connected to the vaccine industry and apex predators of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”).

24. Maintaining total secrecy surrounding the contracted arrangements with vaccine manufacturers and spending hundreds of billions of dollars needlessly on unscientific and unsound covid pandemic policies.        

25. Brutally suppressing peaceful demonstrations using rubber bullets and physical force never before witnessed in Australia.

26. Proceeding to build pharmaceutical plants to produce “vaccines” using the mRNA platform without any long-term safety data and with the full knowledge these injections have produced the highest reported incidence of death and serious adverse events of any vaccine in history.

27. Failure to explain or investigate the cause of the non-covid unexpected Excess Deaths following the covid “vaccine” rollouts (estimated at 30,000).

28. Failure to conduct a proper risk/benefit assessment of lockdowns, vaccine mandates or covid “vaccination” OR to enquire why other countries had much fewer “cases” and deaths despite having much smaller health care budgets.

29. Failure of the TGA to report ongoing cases of myocarditis and pericarditis associated with the covid “vaccines.”

30. Failure to properly assess the ongoing safety and efficacy of modified covid “vaccines” in light of worldwide reports of serious adverse events and death.  Vaccine manufacturers and drug regulators were overwhelmed with the number of adverse event reports and there is probably a huge backlog of reports to be assessed.

31. Failure to report hospital covid vaccination status of covid patients in ICU and dying “with” or “due to” covid.

32. Failure to adequately explain 9 child deaths post-vaccination reported to the Drug Adverse Event Notification (“DAEN”) scheme.

33. Failure to investigate and report on multiple international reports of problems of covid “vaccine” quality control (high death rate following certain batches).

34. Failure to disclose to the public the vested interests of so-called “health experts,” expert committees and institutions providing public advice.

35. The TGA falsely claimed there is no evidence that covid “vaccines” might interfere with your own DNA or have intergenerational adverse effects.

36. The government knows and did not warn that the covid “vaccines” do not stay at the site of injection but travel throughout the body and the mRNA in the injections produce Spike Protein which has been shown to be directly responsible for the observed heart attacks, stroke, neurological diseases etc.

37. The government made no distinction between the minimal to near zero risk of covid-19 in the young vs the risk to the elderly and exposed millions of younger Australians to needless gene-based mRNA injections which may have longer-term adverse effects.

38. The Australian government divided society and demonised those who wisely chose not to receive the covid injections by promoting the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” concept.

39. Despite unprecedented numbers of vaccine injured, compensation has been rare and minimal.  Our government protects the vaccine manufacturers with full indemnity – amazing.

40. The effect of the covid injections on fertility and miscarriages has been widely reported worldwide yet our TGA has not raised any concern.

41. Failure to admit mistakes and harm or to even investigate ways to improve future policies and strategies by conducting a Royal Commission.

42. We were not told that judges, parliamentarians and their staff were exempt from vaccine mandates.

43. The TGA have not responded to repeated worldwide observations and reports that the batches of covid-19 “vaccines” were not made in the same way as the clinical trial batches.  The commercial batches were made using fermentation techniques using E. coli bacteria resulting in contamination of the vaccine vials with toxic DNA material which can potentially reverse transcribe into your DNA.  

44. Cheating in clinical trial data management and analysis (e.g., counting people who died suddenly and unexpectedly within 2 weeks after injection as “unvaccinated.” 

45. Approval for use of remdesivir despite lack of safety and efficacy data and failure to give appropriate warnings about kidney toxicity to covid patients.

46. Discontinued reporting of the vaccination status of seriously ill covid-19 patients in hospital (unvaccinated vs vaccinated).  The vast majority of covid-19 patients are fully vaccinated and boosted.

47. Failure by the Australian Government to investigate more than 30,000 non-covid unexplained deaths following the rollout of the covid-19 “vaccines.”

48. Failure to properly compensate the vaccine injured and those who have died due to covid-19 vaccination.

49. The Victorian State government and other State governments sometimes inflate the number of “unvaccinated covid-19 deaths” by including many vaccinated people whose vaccination status is either unknown or would later be confirmed.   

50. The governments around the world released covid-19 “vaccines” which were made in a different way to clinical trial “vaccines.”  The commercial batches were contaminated with toxic DNA and endotoxins which could cause sudden death and serious side effects and governments knew this. 

About the Author

Phillip Altman, PhD, is a retired Pharmacologist with more than 40 years of experience in clinical medical research and pharmaceutical drug regulatory affairs in Australia. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy with honours from Sydney University, followed by his Masters and then a PhD in drug development.  He publishes articles on a Substack page which you can subscribe to and follow HERE.

Featured image: Australia’s Huge Covid Lies Finally Exposed, Principia Scientific, 23 February 2023

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J Smith
J Smith
1 month ago

More lies from our Government will result in more revelations as to their deceits, and what the Truths really are.

Too many experts are working to expose and stop the disastrous mass killings of innocent people through toxins for the elitists to survive much longer. The masses are now in the know,

And natural justice will pevail.

Chris C
Chris C
Reply to  J Smith
1 month ago

Another 2 lies makes 52 = a pack of playing cards = a “pack of lies”, so maybe we can print some “packs of lies” for the general population.

Reply to  J Smith
1 month ago

What do you and Mother Earth need at this moment in history?  

More meddling from idiot politicians and corrupt church officials? Genocide via polluting our blood and genome with foreign DNA and RNA? More genocide promoted using giant laser weapons? Land and power grabs?  

A bunch of idiots promoting Corporate Feudalism as “Globalism”? 

No, that’s not what anyone needs now. 

What we need now is to discover our latent ability to connect our hearts and minds and dream of a new and better future for mankind.  

Strangely, this is precisely what is needed at this time. No hysterics. No bloodshed. No sacrifices to Baal. No DEWS. No wars. No politics.  

Put your hand over your heart at the left-center of your chest and center your attention on your heart. Feel it. Listen to it. Breathe slowly and comfortably. Be grateful that you are in a secure and peaceful place. Build upon that reality and accept that and say, “Thank you!” 

Let your gratitude guide you. Nothing great is ever accomplished without gratitude. As the truth becomes clearer to you, as you know that you are loved and that you are guided and that you have always been guided, let tears come, let love come. 

Realize how precious you are.  

Realize that all those nasty clamoring voices of unknown strangers on the television talking about and showing pictures of ugly things are trying — purposefully — to distract you from all the beauty and peace of this world.  

They are trying to distract your attention and drag your attention over to what they want you to focus on.  

They are interrupting and co-opting and commandeering your attention like a bunch of squalling two year-olds overdue for a diaper change. 

And they are trying to frighten and distract you with stupidity and nonsense — climate change, phony democracy, deadly vaccines, poisons of all kinds, cannibalism, aliens, vicious mercenaries, clueless religious zealots, sexual perversions, money worries, natural disasters, horrible new weapons of mass destruction, corporate feudalism aka globalism, politics, every kind of lie and threat and disgusting prurient distraction they can throw at you. All they offer, all they have ever offered, is a never-ending panoply of death and destruction. 

What’s needed is peace and joy and love, quietness, generosity, strength, wisdom, grace, sharing, honesty, beauty, patience, faith, and gratitude. What is needed is a concentration on life and all that makes life worth living.

Reply to  john
1 month ago

Agreed as i will add all Glorie to YAHUAH ,Repent and be saved by the blood of our KING YAHOSHUA

1 month ago

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1 month ago

Why isn’t the eu banning australia!!!!!!

1 month ago

Its not a great look when Dr. Phillip Altman accuses others of “misinformation, disinformation” when he begins with some of his own mis/disinformation “that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is of laboratory origin”.

The “SARS-CoV-2 virus” has never been properly purified/ isolated, and has never been proven to physically exist as a real world particle, yet alone cause any disease. Many people, including Dr. Phillip Altman, seem completely unable to distinguish between in silico sequences, created by fraudulent pseudoscientific bioinformatics, and real tangible biochemically verified pathogenic particles.

It’s not as if the information isn’t readily available to anyone who cares to look. Evidently, some people just choose not to look or choose to ignore it for some reason.

Reply to  Sam
1 month ago

Agreed ,it was made in a Lab and put in a jab , not a virus but poison. .

Chris C
Chris C
1 month ago

Wow! What a list!
Every decent person on our Planet should own a copy of this list and carry it around in their pocket or bag.

I made a similar list 3 years ago in 2020 (so I did not forget the scale of this horror story to relate to the uninformed) before the Frankenjabs were rolled out, but it was only 30 lies: however the “promise” at that time that the C-19 “vaccines” would allow return of our freedoms was another lie, since it was all planned decades ago purely for our extermination.

As a more complete list of lies, we could add in the fabrications regarding the 5G kill grid, the chemtrails, the reason for digital ID, the net zero hoax etc. etc. and get from 50 to 100 lies for the police and courts to peruse asap.

Reply to  Chris C
1 month ago

Agreed if only they were not all in on it [free masons & satinests]

Paul Watson
Paul Watson
Reply to  Chris C
1 month ago

Carrying a list won’t stop the tyrants..

1 month ago

All they know is lies and desolation.

1 month ago

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Tracey R
Tracey R
1 month ago

Fabulous on point article. As an unjabbed Aussie, I want to send a copy to my local MP, but this is also the sort of thing that will only hasten these tyrants and their minions in ‘journalism’ on their evil ‘mis’ and ‘dis’ information laws

1 month ago

[…] Read More: 50 misinformation, disinformation and outright covid lies told by the Australian governm… […]

1 month ago

#21 done this to get “emergency use authorisation “

#43 had personal experience with this, had to threaten to personally sue any medical staff that (continued) administering rem-disivere to family member after 3 days on it, “rem-death-is near” (literally) patient still not fully recovered 18 months later.
you can add to list, CONFLICT OF INTEREST
Scott Morrison direct family interest in pharma businesses profiting from Covid protocols.
Health Minister Greg Hunt’s (did I spell that correctly rhymes with ….) his brother an executive at Graphene producer sold the business to “Big Pharma “ just before the Great Warp Speed hyper jump, much contention about the presence of graphene oxide or is it graphene di-oxide in jabs, much plausible deniability at play on that one.
Those two points make 52. Who is the Joker in the deck, the pack of lies, the “fool house” the “Trump Card” the “Poker Face”
whats the “deal?” the “Ace up the sleeve”?
I think we are all finding out now. If you didn’t say NO then, start saying NO to govt NOW

1 month ago

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1 month ago

[…] Seznam sestavil Phillip Altman, PhD, který je farmakolog v důchodu s více než 40 lety praxe v klinickém lékařském výzkumu a zkušeností s regulací léčiv v Austrálii. […]

6 days ago

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