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The Corbett Report unveils the BBC, a coincidence theory broadcaster – Must read!

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James Corbett’s hit piece about the BBC in the style of the BBC’s own hit pieces featuring Marianna Spring, the BBC’s disinformation and social media correspondent.  As he says – enjoy!

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The Beeb: Inside the UK’s coincidence theory broadcaster that shares violence and hate

By James Corbett, The Corbett Report

Remember ‘Who Will Fact Check the Fact Checkers? I Will!!!’, where I shone the spotlight of shame on Marianna Spring, the BBC’s “specialist disinformation correspondent” who was recently busted for having lied about her own work history on her CV?

And remember my recent Solutions Watch episode on ‘The Newspaper Revolution’, wherein I picked apart ‘The Light: Inside the UK’s conspiracy theory newspaper that shares violence and hate’, a Spring-penned hit piece on Darren Nesbit of The Light newspaper?

And remember when, in the course of dissecting Spring’s article, I mused that I should write a parody of her style, demonstrating how mindless and risible that flavour of establishment hatchet job “journalism” really is?

Well, this week I present to you exactly that: a hit piece about the BBC in the style of the BBC’s own hit pieces! Enjoy!

(Note: All ridiculous grammatical constructions, pompous journalistic syntax and awkward, clunky turns of phrase have been copied directly from Spring’s propaganda piece. Blame her, not me!)

Marianna Spring, BBC disinfo specialist, got her start in the business by lying on her CV

The Corbett Report anti-disinformation special correspondent

A UK coincidence theory broadcaster sharing calls for censoring their journalistic competition, debanking their domestic opposition and executing their foreign opposition and even innocent civilians has links with the British government and with intelligence agencies involved in coups and assassination attempts around the world, The Corbett Report can reveal.

The BBC, which is seen by at least 1,000 octogenarians who never learned how to change the channel on their 1960s television set and which boasts more than 100 followers on its social media site BBC Online, grew to be a focal point of the UK coincidence theory movement with its pro-vaccine, pro-lockdown stance during the scamdemic.

In its pages and on its corresponding streaming platform, the BBC has shared hateful and violent rhetoric towards journalists, medics and Members of Parliament, as well as platforming hereditary psychopaths accused of participating in The Great Reset.

The broadcaster is funded by a tax on televisions masquerading as a “TV licence” and would NEVER be promoted by volunteers in dozens of towns across the country, where local leaders rely on it to promote their false and misleading claims about vaccines, the financial system and climate change, amid other more mundane articles on local politics, health and wellness.

Articles and content shared by the BBC have called for the government, doctors, nurses and journalists to be punished for refusing to participate in the globalists’ crimes against humanity.

Recent articles declare “The haters and conspiracy theorists [are] back on Twitter” (despite being unable to back up that claim) and fret about how poor (read: rich), beleaguered (read: pampered) Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is “grappling with Western war fatigue” (read: average people realising that their government is more concerned with keeping the military-industrial gravy train rolling than with keeping their own government functioning).

Other posts shared by the BBC on Tumblr (WARNING: do NOT search “bbc” on Tumblr!) have featured hard-hitting news about a 700 year-old vampire skeleton on display in Bulgaria and a deep-dive investigation of a 75-year-old grandma bodybuilder. (And who can forget that classic, award-worthy exemplar of journalism, “Woman wan troway poo-poo, come trap for window“?)

On Twitter, the broadcaster has also shared and endorsed content from utter psychos and nutjobs, gloating about the death of their rivals and making up fake stories about their political enemies, whilst simultaneously deleting tweets from staffers who admitted that scenes of chemical weapons attacks in Syria were staged for Western media.

It has also consistently harboured, protected and promoted sexual deviants, including one of the most infamous (royally connected) paedophiles and neocrophiles in modern history.

Marianna Spring, the BBC’s disinformation and social media correspondent, defended her broadcaster’s history of promoting and defending paedophiles before telling The Light newspaper that these matters are “above my pay grade.”

If the BBC published a paper, how many people do you think would be volunteering to buy them in bulk and hand them out to people on the street?

Spring says she isn’t in charge of the BBC’s newsroom, although acknowledges that everyone in said newsroom thinks exactly alike and believes themselves to be arbiters of truth who can tell the little people when they are guilty of wrongthink. Posts are sometimes published uncredited and sometimes appear under the author’s byline.

Ms. Spring acknowledges that BBC Media Action does indeed receive funds from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, but stresses that BBC Media Action is totally separate from BBC News and how dare you conflate the two. She has published content endorsing the Gates Foundation’s aim of combatting vaccine “hesitancy” by deceiving others about how safe and effective they are.

The British government has boasted about its use of the BBC as a proxy for controlling news and information abroad, noting that its interests are “well served” by its collaboration with the broadcaster.

Referring to concerns about the wider coincidence theory movement more generally, the UK’s chief forensic researcher of mainstream propaganda narratives, Iain Davis, has written on his Substack that “[t]he narratives she [Spring] has presented to her BBC audience are riddled with inconsistencies and factual errors” and that “she has routinely ignored evidence without justification and has offered risible supposed ‘facts’ to support, what is clearly, propaganda”. [<-Yes, dear grammar Nazis, it’s the BBC that puts the period outside of the quotation marks, not me! Check the original!]

Set up in 1922 as a government mouthpiece, the BBC is distributed in about 30 places across the UK such as Brighton, Thetford, Stroud, Plymouth, Oxford, Bristol, Manchester and Glastonbury. Local coincidence theory groups gather at the corner pub several nights a week to discuss the most recent propaganda blared at them through the tele.

In the Devon town of Totnes, a demotivated minority have been leaving the BBC on in the background while they do the washing up for years. Its former town Mayor Ben Piper says he first became a key target of the conspiracy realist movement there because of his role enforcing draconian, anti-human lockdown policies, as dictated by his globalist overlords.

Former mayor of Totnes Ben Piper says everything bad that happens to him (including when he stubbed his toe yesterday) is probably the result of things that weren’t written about him by those independent journalist meanies.

He fears that every unpleasant incident that happens in his personal life is now a direct result of the free flow of information enabled by independent media platforms and implies that the world will not be safe until every last citizen journalist has been jailed and news can be delivered only via the mockingbird repeaters of the BBC.

“There was an aggression that bled through the editorial that was not as innocent as it was making out to be,” he says about an unflattering piece about him that appeared in The Light, apparently unaware that his statement is an admission that the article didn’t actually say anything aggressive in the first place and that he can only construe it as incitement by reading what was not written on the page.

The BBC’s disinformation specialist, Marianna Spring, comes from a posh London family and claims that her experience watching BBC World News on holiday was what set her on her path to becoming a  “brilliant reporter” who can’t even tell the truth about her own work background in a job application. She agreed to speak to Darren Nesbit of The Light, only on the condition that she can ask him questions and record the interview too.

For her, everything from financial turmoil to climate change and 9/11 terror attacks in the US are random things that happen for absolutely no reason whatsoever and anyone who disbelieves whatever the TV tells them about these issues is a loony who deserve to be denounced, debanked and depersoned. She thinks the scamdemic was just one step towards doing that.

The BBC has featured multiple radio and television series presented by Jimmy Savile, perhaps the most notorious paedophile of the 20th century. Savile abused his BBC connections to rape children all across Britain for decades with complete impunity, receiving a knighthood from Queen Elizardbeast in the process. Upon his death, the BBC lauded Savile as an “established showbusiness figure” and a “leading charity worker,” praising his “benevolent persona” and gushing over all the money he raised for charity.

“It’s my job to report on the areas that I do and there are teams at the BBC who specialise in covering health, for example,” Ms. Spring says. She reiterates again and again that “I’m not a health reporter”. (<-Again, that damn period outside the quotation marks. Come on, BBC style guide, you’re killing me here!)

“I think we have to weaponise those same tactics [of emotional manipulation] in the journalism we do and bring stuff to life so that people understand the impact it has and so that we can engage them in a range of formats.”

Spring directly defended a comically fake scene known as the BBC Syrian Zombie footage (ref: 34:20 mark), which was staged for the BBC cameras by the terrorists attempting to overthrow the Syrian government.

BBC Panorama – Saving Syria’s Children: The infamous Panorama documentary broadcast on 30 September 2013 which included faked sequences purporting to show the aftermath of an incendiary bomb attack on a school in Aleppo, Syria, on 26 August 2013. See further information HERE.

Marianna Spring believes this footage is real. Let that sink in.

Ms. Spring asserts that “those people are not acting”, maintaining that “it’s actually quite disturbing, if I’m honest”.

Nesbit asks her whether she thinks BBC censorship of dissenting opinions about the safety of covid vaccines could result in harm.

She replies, “They’ve covered the vaccine rollout. They’ve covered the side effects. They’ve covered all kinds of things”.

She tells Nesbit that the BBC doesn’t deny that a teeny-weeny eeny-meenie totally insignificant fraction of a sliver of a percentage point of people might have a slight reaction to (read: die suddenly from) the clot shots. But, Ms. Spring also says, “the number of people that would and could have died of Covid 19 is really, really high”.

Nesbit directly asks her, “imagine if you found out that everything that you’ve been doing is wrong. Everything that the BBC was doing is wrong. How would that feel?”

She replies, “I mean, but that’s just not the case”.

Throughout the interview, Ms. Spring claims to be on the side of truth and accuracy—and then gives cryptic answers, which seem to contradict that.

YouTube has not responded to the TCR’s request for comment about why it has allowed the BBC and other coincidence theory broadcasters to share violent and hateful rhetoric.

Research carried out by multiple ratings agencies backs up the idea that calls to action endorsed by coincidence theory media like the BBC are now being ignored by nearly everyone.

Recent data shows audiences are abandoning the BBC in droves, with every BBC radio station losing audience share last year, its TV news network losing a million viewers this year, and the broadcaster now facing an “existential crisis” over the mass of people who are refusing to pay their TV licence extortion fee. The average Brit is more likely to care what Karl Pilkington thinks about the news of the week than what that sex pest Huw Edwards or any of the other weirdos employed by Auntie Beeb think about it.

“The BBC is part of a system of thought control complicit in the deaths of millions of people abroad, in severe political oppression at home, and in the possible termination of human life on this planet,” write Media Lens contributors David Edward and David Cromwell, who have studied the BBC.

“In truth, the BBC’s relationship with the establishment was accurately summarised long ago, in a single diary entry made by the BBC’s own founder, Lord Reith: ‘They know they can trust us not to be really impartial.’”

Marianna Spring defends the broadcaster’s right to publish opinions associated with the deep state.

As well as links with the British foreign office and intelligence services (but I repeat myself), the BBC has counterpart government-funded mouthpiece broadcasters in Canada and Australia.

Many media whistleblowers have spoken about their concerns over how extreme the BBC’s propaganda has become.

They say some of the BBC’s key trustees and personnel are directly connected to intelligence agencies, government offices and corporate and financial executives.

One of the whistleblowers, journalist Tony Gosling, who stopped working for the Beeb in 1993, writes, “Today’s broadcasting executives are being drafted in straight from the Temple of Mammon,” citing the BBC’s takeover by banking executives, an apparent reference to their 2014 appointment of former HSBC director Rona Fairhead as chair of the BBC Trust.

As of press time, Eric Blair was unavailable for comment on how far the BBC has devolved into outright propaganda, warmongering and disinformation, but a strange rolling sound could be heard coming from his grave.

[Related: James Corbett: The BBC was clearly exposed as part of the propaganda machine in 2013 and BBC wants to be the sole source of truth and it’s getting roasted for it.]

The Corbett Report: The BBC Exposed (2013), 7 October 2023 (54 mins)

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Featured image: Marianna Spring (left).  Book cover for ‘Is That True or Did You Hear It on the BBC?: Disinformation and the BBC’ by David Sedgwick (right).

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Brin Jenkins
Brin Jenkins
1 month ago

When matters are not covered for what ever reasons we will try to make sense of it. Sometimes we may be in error, but the BBC would have us completely hoodwinked.

Coincidences are so rare as to be discounted in law and order. Now we see many so called Global crisis, I prefer my judgment not a nudge operation to take our eye off the ball.

Chris C
Chris C
1 month ago

Great article, and it is true that the BBC TV/radio company is guilty of Crimes against Humanity for advertising and promoting the neuro-weapon C-19 injections on to an unsuspecting public.

I am also absolutely disgusted at the way they (and Sky, ITV etc.) have demonized those who simply demanded a debate around the covid narratives, since the BBC is supposed to be our information source.

I doubt if cabal-owned YouTube stlll show the saddening videos of ugly BBC licence fee collectors harassing the poor, old and vulnerable on their doorsteps issuing threats and instilling fear.
Those BBC moronic bullies should be the first to hang for the BBC’s part in the current genocide.

1 month ago

[…] – The Corbett Report unveils the BBC, a coincidence theory broadcaster – Must read! […]

1 month ago

I like Corbett but I take him, too with a pinch of salt. What does that globe do in his background? Half truth is not good enough.

1 month ago

I do like James but think the lovely Michael Parenti was the originator of coincidence theorist, he explores it here in this 1993 talk at Berkeley:—Class-Power—Michael-Parenti-(1993):d

If you don’t know much about him, well worth trying to find more of his talks. Heh! His battles with malevolent microphones are pretty legendary too.