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James Corbett: The BBC was clearly exposed as part of the propaganda machine in 2013

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In 2013, James Corbett, host of The Corbett Report, went through the then-current history of the BBC.  Specifically, the lowlights of the BBC as a propaganda, deep-state, quasi-journalistic institution.

Yesterday, Corbett reshared his exposé of the BBC from 2013. “It’s good to refresh our memory about this,” he said.

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For much of its 100-year existence, the BBC has been criticised by those who believe it to be an insidious mixture of political and cultural power. In the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the British public was outraged at their national broadcaster. In 2013, Corbett examined the history, function and institutional biases of the BBC, and how the British people were rising up against the Big Brother Corporation.

In 1922, the British Broadcasting Corporation (“BBC”) became the world’s first national broadcasting organisation. Since then, it has become the world’s most recognisable media platform, with a reach extending to the far corners of the globe.

The BBC operates under a Royal Charter through a board of trustees personally appointed by the reigning monarch. One of the BBC’s most famous employees was Eric Blair who used the pen name George Orwell.  It is a somewhat well-known fact that Blair worked for the BBC during the Second World War as a propagandist. Many have noticed that there are some striking similarities between the BBC and Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984. It is perhaps for this reason that the BBC is referred to as the Big Brother Corporation.

Another famous BBC employee is Jimmy Saville.

In 2012, the BBC’s cover-up of Saville’s child sex abuse crimes outraged even the broadcaster’s staunchest proponents.  The fact that Saville was not only able to operate freely within the institutional confines of the BBC for decades but to actually flourish there, despite it being widely known in media circles that he was an active paedophile, speaks volumes.  It not only speaks to the ability of the BBC to cover up, whitewash and actively enable the most atrocious crimes but it also speaks to the absolute rot at the core of the British political and media establishment.

It must also be recalled that Queen Elizabeth II bestowed a knighthood on Saville in 1990.  Critics argue that Saville was knighted at a time when his abuse was well underway and that the Queen should have distanced herself from the paedophile immediately after allegations of his perverted activities – this would have warded off unwanted speculation.  However, the Queen remained silent.

Further reading: ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’: All About Jimmy Savile, Disgraced Royal Confidante Featured in Netflix Doc, People, 7 April 2022

The Corbett Report: The BBC Exposed (2103), 7 October 2023 (54 mins)

You can find the show notes to accompany The Corbett Report above HERE. If you are unable to watch the video as embedded from Rumble, you can watch it on Bitchute HERE and Odysee HERE.

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Paul Watson
Paul Watson
2 months ago

A rotten and corrupted institution way past its sell by date.

Chris Conway
Chris Conway
Reply to  Paul Watson
2 months ago

No surprise there.What is sad is that this went from being the most respected news source in the World to one of THE most corrupt organization/media

Dave Owen
Dave Owen
2 months ago

Hi Rhoda,
Well you have done well finding that Corbett Report exposing the BBC.
I have never seen that one before.
The BBC are totally corrupt and stage managed.
Shows with the Climate change and Global warming nonsense.
The hidden report only had 4 scientists onboard to determine our lives.
Where I live they are bringing out the 20 MPH nonsense, trying to get us off the road.

2 months ago

Does Mind Control Exist? Call Out for Ramola D…..

Yes, it does. And the people are paying for their own demise. Gladly.

There you have it. For sure.

Here is Bill Clinton apologizing for mind control and its misuse by the private, foreign, for-profit government services corporations masquerading as our government:

And if this old tattered link won’t work for you, go to YouTube MSNBC and type in Bill Clinton: “We need to start talking across this divide”.

When you are done, take the antidote for that much time spent with Bill Clinton, and dial up Ray

Ray has come out of retirement swinging — and not from any chandeliers.

You might want to keep on standby and leave that window open if you decide you need more confirmation and information about mind control technology.

(A good dose of Brother Ray is one of the few cures I know of for involuntary vomiting after you read more about this stuff…. think of it as mental and emotional Imodium-AD.)

Start here for historical reference:

2 months ago

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2 months ago

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steven l
steven l
1 month ago

Just like the US main-stream media!
The beauty of LIBERALISM!