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Nurse Suspended for Speaking her Truth

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A NHS nurse has been suspended over social media rants spreading conspiracy theories on coronavirus.

Tracey McCallum faces losing her career of more than 20 years after spreading her own alternative “research” online – branding the corona outbreak a “scamdemic”.

The 45-year-old, who works for NHS24 at Crosshouse Hospital in Ayrshire, has supported conspiracy theories such as:

●claiming face masks are helping spread the virus

●openly slamming the new vaccine comparing it to “genocide”

●backing an anti-malaria drug taken by Donald Trump but dismissed by world health chiefs

Shocked colleagues reported McCallum, from Darvel, Ayrshire, to NHS bosses and a nursing watchdog after she spouted her controversial views in nursing Facebook groups.

She has now been suspended from her post and has been reported to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

One of her posts said: “NO PRIMARY CARE AT ALL. That will increase hospital admissions and deaths and keep this scamdemic going forever.

“Management everywhere are bullies and control us. Its all a game to see who can be the most sadistic.”

Another post said: “I believe the NHS is as corrupt as the Government.”

Another said: “More people are waking up from the lie since birth. Tyranny! Genocide! Treason! The world is going to be a better brighter place when we all move from the dark side.”

Another post said: “I for one am sick about hearing about testing and vaccines. The scary thing is you only have to come on Facebook and look at all the independent media companies reporting on what is really going on around the world. Lockdowns everywhere but less than one per cent mortality and miraculously no flu or much else this year.”

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