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Council Leader delighted that local business owner has been issued £77K in ‘Covid’ fines

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30 Metropolitan Police officers swooped on Andreas Michli’s Zone Gym after he refused to bow to Government ‘Lockdown’ Legislation. This was followed by another two van loads of PCs the following morning.

Ridiculous scenes of the swooping officers wearing face nappies.

Mr Michli claimed that while police manned the gates outside the gym, customers had “managed to climb over walls and shift through little gaps to get in”.

But some would-be exercisers were turned away, with one person shouting at police that they were behaving “like Nazis”.

Mr Michli, who has owned his gym for five years, previously said he was delaying his decision on when to reopen the premises pending the outcome of the court hearing.

The £77,000 of fixed penalty notices issued to him are believed to still be outstanding, and he also now owes £9,000 for court costs.

Haringey Council leader Joseph Ejiofor was “delighted” with the court’s decision.

Council Leader, Joseph Ejiofor

“I understand why the owner felt passionately about staying open, but the law is the law and it applies to everyone,” he said.

“It is not right for every other non-essential business, having had to close its doors and make a huge sacrifice, to then see another business remain open.

“Our enforcement officers did everything in their power from the very start to communicate with the owner of Zone Gym. That included engaging, explaining and encouraging regarding the legislation that has been put in place.

“Enforcement is always our last resort but despite numerous visits to the premises, the owner refused to work with us, and we were forced to issue £77,000 of fixed penalty notices for breaches of the rules.

“Taking this matter to the courts showed that we were not prepared to risk the health of people across Haringey.”

Mr Ejiofor added: “I am pleased that the owner is now doing the right thing and has closed the gym.”

The owner of the Zone Gym

Andreas Michli, the 34-year-old owner said he had resisted closing his Zone Gym in north London because it “felt like the right thing to do socially, morally and scientifically”.

“There were a lot of reasons why I didn’t close,” he said on Saturday. “I couldn’t actually find a reason why to not keep it open, other than there was legislation in place.”

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