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Meghan Markle – Royal Liar

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High Court Documents reveal Megan Markle provided personal information to the authors of ‘Finding Freedom’ via her friend.

In the latest round of documents lodged with the High Court, Meghan’s lawyers reveal that she was concerned about her father’s narrative in the media that she had ‘abandoned him’ and ‘had not even tried to contact him (this was a lie) would be repeated.’

Samantha Markle slams 'delusional' Meghan for 'lying and missing out VERY  important detail in speech' - Mirror Online
Meghan Markle with her Father, Thomas Markle

Meghan’s lawyers add: ‘Accordingly, she indicated to a person whom she knew had already been approached by the authors that the true position as above could be communicated to the authors to prevent any further misrepresentation.’

The Duchess of Sussex says in documents filed at the High Court that a senior Kensington Palace press officer was involved with ‘providing general ideas to a private letter’ she wrote to her estranged father.

Meghan says that she had decided to write the letter to Thomas Markle following advice from two senior members of the Royal Family in an attempt to get him to stop talking to the press. 

They maintain that she spent several weeks making notes on her iPhone and many hours writing a draft of the letter and then consulted Jason Knauf who was Communications Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Allegations have been made that Meghan wrote the letter knowing that it was going to be made public and that she used it as part of a ‘wider strategy,’ which she has further denied in her re-amended reply. 

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