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Piers Morgan : “Covid-19 doesn’t give a **** about Christmas” – But we know it has a watch, a tape measure, a calculator, a calendar…

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Piers Morgan and Lorraine Kelly suggested the British Public should “Suck it up!” and accept families can not celebrate Christmas together because of Government Imposed Restrictions, based on one dimensional scientific advise on Covid-19.

Lorraine Kelly claimed to be “so frustrated” that a decision had not been made to “save lives”. She continued, “I mean what is more important? Having a dinner and being with your family or keeping everybody safe?”

Lorraine told the nation to “suck it up.”

Meanwhile Piers Morgan suggested the British Public should not complain about missing out on the Christmas holidays because of “coronavirus safety policies.” The GMB host bellowed that the nation should “be in this together” and accept the pandemic may not allow them to “gorge on turkey.”

Lorraine Kelly then added, “It’s only a roast dinner, suck it up.”

Piers Morgan boasting on Twitter, his career has never been better

Piers Morgan, who this year throughout the ‘pandemic’ has been enjoying luxury holidays in France, also has a job that has never been more secure and a career that has never been going better.

How deluded it is for somebody in his position to scream language like “suck it up” at the British Public.

Why doesn’t he go and scream it at somebody with dementia in a care home who has been isolated from their family for the last 10 months? Or maybe somebody who is dying of undiagnosed and untreated cancer or heart disease?

Why doesn’t he scream it at somebody who has lost their livelihood, somebody who has had to give up a business they’ve spent their life building up?

The scare mongering Piers later tweeted ‘Covid-19 doesn’t give a flying **** about Christmas.

Pier’s Morgan’s Tweet

Funny how this Virus doesn’t give a **** about Christmas but we know it has so many other talents –

  • We know that the coronavirus has a tape measure – as per Government policy to stay at least 1 metre apart.
  • We know it has a watch and can read the time – as per Government policy to enforce a 10pm curfew.
  • We know it has a calculator – as per government policy to enforce a rule of 6 people being in a company at any one time.
  • We know it has a bad case of the ‘ism’s’ – as per official comments from ministers and scientists that the virus is Fattist, Racist and Sexist.
  • We know it has a calendar – as per a change in Government Restrictions usually not coming in to force for at least 3 days after they are announced.
  • And we know it celebrates our Birthday’s – as per WHO comments that “”The role of children in transmission is unclear, but it seems likely they do not play a significant role,” and Ministers calls to exclude children under 12 from the rule of 6.
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[…] then said, on Good Morning Britain alongside Lorraine Kelly, that the British public should “suck it up” and accept families cannot celebrate Christmas together because of […]