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Students ordered to pass two unreliable Covid tests before being allowed to travel home to their families for Christmas

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Students in England will be urged to take two Covid tests three days apart, which they must test negative in order to be allowed to travel home for Christmas.

The government announced this month that students in England would be given a six-day window in December in which to travel home before Christmas, with mass testing carried out on campuses before they are allowed to leave.

The students will be expected to travel home within 24 hours of the second negative test.

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The government guidelines recommend a double test to increase accuracy (so are they confirming the test is unreliable?), three days apart, in the form of swab tests administered by the students themselves, at centres being set up by universities.

Any student who tests positive will be forced into self isolation in their current University accommodation for 10 days, potentially having to spend Christmas alone, miles apart from their families.

University Chiefs have been spreading fear throughout the Student Community with comments such as “You must have the tests in order to not kill Grandma.”

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A University of Sussex spokesperson said it had asked staff to consider whether they would be able to volunteer at its testing centre, and that those roles would be “instead of, not on top of, their usual duties”. All volunteers will continue to receive their normal pay.

Roles will include coordinating queuing, registering students, advising on how to take the test, processing tests and recording results. Full training and PPE would be provided, the university said.

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