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Government Lies Revealed by Grieving Grandson

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A grieving grandson who lost his great grandfather has revealed how the authorities are lying about the Covid-19 numbers.

The grandson revealed that his grandfather tripped over his dressing gown in the care home he was residing, subsequently breaking his hip which resulted in a length stay in hospital. The great grandfather, who was 97 years old, refused to eat or drink due to the pain caused by the broken hip and sadly passed away.

Devastatingly for the family, they were not permitted to see the grandfather due to the supposed pandemic whilst he was in the care home, and were still denied visitation whilst he was in hospital.

The hospital later revealed that they would be putting cause of death as Covid-19 on his death certificate.

The family dispute this as the grandfather was subject to weekly testing in the care home which always came back negative. They find it ludicrous that within hours of arriving at hospital the grandfather “mysteriously pick up Covid.” They have said they “personally do not believe the cause of death was Covid.”

The family have tried to overturn the official cause of death being labelled as Covid-19 but have been told by the government that this would delay any funeral for at least 2 months. In other words the government are bribing the family into accepting the cause of death being Covid so they can add it to the official figures.

Just how many more families have been subjected to these lies by the authorities?

The family said “We’re being lied to about the numbers (Covid death figures) and this has proven to us what others have said over the past year. Covid is not as bad as what the authorities are making it out to be, hence why they are lying and enforcing Covid on to death certificates.”

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