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It’s Official – Christmas Cancelled due to Dictatorial Government being lead by One Dimensional Science.

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The Government has announced that Christmas is officially legally cancelled for millions of people.

In a news conference held at Downing Street the Prime Minister claimed Nerve Tag have been evaluating what they claim is a mutated strain of the coronavirus (a virus that has never been isolated anywhere in the world, therefore never proven to exist).

Boris Johnson said there is “No evidence that this new variant causes any more harm.” and claimed “it could increase the R Number by up to 0.4.” He continued by saying they are “fairly certain” the mutated virus is more transmissible but said “there is no evidence it is more harmful and no evidence the vaccine will not work”.

Christmas cancelled: Is Christmas cancelled? | UK | News |

“We are learning as we go, but we know more than enough to be sure we must act now.”

The Prime Minister stated he met ministers last night and this morning to discuss their next steps in response to the scare mongering information he was handed by the one dimensional scientists within the governments circle.

Mr Johnson announced new restrictions for the most affected areas coming into effect from the 20th December. These included London and the South East being moved in the new Tier 4 which will be equivalent to the national lockdowns. The Government announced that residents “must stay at home” and all non essential businesses including gyms, salons, clothes stores etc “must close”. In addition it will also only be legal to meet one other person from another household and this must be in an outdoor public place.

The Government are also bringing in restrictions on travel and are advising all citizens in all tiers stay local and do not travel, but are restricting by law any resident of a Tier 4 area to leave the country or travel at all.

Finally Boris Johnson announced that the Government has decided to change the current dictatorial rules on Christmas. He said “As Prime Minister it is my duty to make difficult decisions, given early evidence we have received on the new variant of the coronavirus it is with a heavy heart that we cannot continue with Christmas as planned.” The Prime Minister announced that those in Tier 4 “must not mix with anyone outside their household” and the rest of the country can only meet with 3 other households on Christmas day rather than the original 5 days as had been ‘kindly’ granted to us by Her Majesty’s Government.

Don't panic, Britain – Christmas isn't cancelled. And here's the simple  reason why

The Prime Minister was also quick to state there would be no relaxation on the 31st December, New Year’s Eve.

Boris ended by saying “We know how important it is for grandparents to see grandchildren so I know how disappointed everyone will be. But we said would be guided by the science, and when that science changes this government must respond. I believe there is no alternative. Without action evidence suggests…” finishing with the usual line of hospitals being overwhelmed bla bla bla.

We knew it was going to happen, this is a classic attack on the mentality of the nation. Build their hopes up and snatch away those hopes at the last second. What a way to get an awful lot of people begging for the miraculous vaccine so that their lives can return to normal.

Sadly we know that whilst everyone so easily complies to the fascistic, dictatorial, technocratic, “scientific” state, normality will never return.

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