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Grandma says what 94% of You are thinking (Video)

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The Daily Expose ran a Twitter poll in response to YouGov’s claims that their poll showed 74% of people supported the Government’s new Tier 4 restrictions.

The YouGov poll which can be found here asked –

The UK Government has announced that a new tier of coronavirus restrictions – Tier 4 – is being created for those areas where the disease is spreading most rapidly, including in London, the South East and the East of England. These will be broadly equivalent to national restrictions which were introduced in England in November: residents in those areas must stay at home, with limited exemptions. Non-essential retail and indoors gyms must close. People should work from home when they can, and should not enter or leave Tier 4 areas, although communal worship may continue. Do you support or oppose these changes?

And claimed out of 4059 adults surveyed, 48% strongly supported and 26% somewhat supported the Tier 4 restrictions. Apparently only 10% of people strongly opposed the restrictions.

We didn’t believe them so we ran our own poll with over 4250 people taking part, and a staggering 94% of you said you didn’t agree with the Tier 4 restrictions and thought they were a terrible idea. Only 6% thought they were a great idea.

Makes you wonder what else they’re lying to us about?

The Grandma in the video below clearly said what 94% of you are thinking –

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