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Analysing Sadiq Khan’s New Year Propaganda Display

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As the clocks struck midnight on the 1st January 2021, a surprise display erupted across the London skyline, broadcast to the world via the propaganda machine, BBC.

The display, which had been organised by dismal London mayor, Sadiq Khan, had been kept a tightly guarded secret. The unfolding light “extravaganza” showed us why.

The display started with a poem booming out over speakers which echoed –

“In the year of 2020 a new virus came our way, we knew what must be done and to help we hid away, old habits became extinct and they made way for the new, and every simple act of kindness was now given its due.”

To help we hid away? More like Governments across the entire world imposed dictatorial, authoritarian tyranny and made it illegal to socialise.

This was followed by snippets of news headlines from 2020, “Nightingale Hospital”, “Thousands of people opened their windows and doors to applaud NHS staff”, “Clap for Carers”, “Captain Tom Moore set out to raise £1000 for the NHS”.

This was all as dazzling images lit up the sky. The NHS logo embroidered within a love heart, and Sir Tom Moore with a zimmer frame.

As fireworks erupted the propaganda began…

“We’re living in a world now where working from home is something we all have to deal with.” , “You’re on Mute”.

An image of a silenced microphone shone in the sky, an ode to the fact a large majority now conduct their business via Zoom.

Followed by – “So many of the nurses, doctors, cleaners are Black, Asian, ethnic minorities….One voice with one message, Black Lives Matter.” As a clenched fist, symbolic of the Black Livers Matter Political Movement dazzled the night sky.

And that’s the problem. It is a political movement, it isn’t representative of racial equality, but it is a Marxist ideological movement with far left objectives. These objectives include “dismantling capitalism and the patriarchal system, disrupting the western-prescribed nuclear family structure, and de-funding the police.

To include this in a new year display which represents the entire UK, was a bold but selfish, and deeply controversial move by the London mayor, Sadiq Khan.

The display ended with the voice of David Attenborough telling anyone still watching that “with the new year comes the opportunity for change, and if we act in 2021 we can make a world of difference, together we can turn things around.”

We agree with David here, but unfortunately the current “leaders” of the “free” world have a very sinister makeup, and the journey of change and new hope will be hijacked and manipulated to suit their desires and objectives.

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