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‘Open for Business’ Campaign Launched

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The restrictions imposed by the UK Government over the past year have treated businesses that the Government deem non-essential like a yo-yo. Closed – open – closed – open – closed. There is no way a business can survive when it is told to close with no warning after being allowed to reopen for a matter of weeks or sometimes even days. Many pubs, restaurants and other ‘non-essential’ retail have their backs against the wall, with many directors of these small businesses receiving no help from the Government in order to put food on the table for their families. Many have spent decades building up these businesses only for them to be ruined by Government policy. Today, ‘The Daily Expose’ is launching a campaign to defy the UK Government and support all businesses in opening their doors to customers.

What we hope to Achieve –

  • People to register their support of businesses opening their doors to customers
  • Businesses to register their intent to open their doors to customers
  • A publication of the total support
  • Set an agreed date to open businesses to customers in defiance of Government restrictions
  • Supporters to go and spend their money at these businesses

We’re reaching out to all pubs, restaurants, hairdressing salons, beauty salons, family run businesses and whoever has been deemed non-essential by the government.

There are more of us than there are of them in authority and if everyone joins together in support of the ‘Open for Business’ campaign we can show the UK Government that we do not need or want them to restrict our freedoms or control our lives anymore.

Register your support today

If you’re a business please put BIZ at the end of your username on the registration form so we know you plan to open.


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2 years ago

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