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Police break man’s front door in due to “suspicion of social gathering” – They were wrong! (Video)

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Police broke a man’s front door in order to gain access to his flat due to having a “suspicion” there was a social gathering taking place.

Three police officers illegally entered the man’s home and told him “listen, because we wouldn’t be here unless somebody called us”. The man was extremely defensive and repeatedly told the officers where to go.

The conclusion was that the police were wrong and the flat was empty. The man was left with a broken front door and door frame.

Police cannot legally enter a home unless they have a warrant or are given permission to do so. In this case they had neither. Please see here for the exact law and guidance.

This won’t end until we say it does. See the video below…

UPDATE – YouTube removed the video, we have appealed.

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2 years ago

[…] Police break man’s front door in due to “suspicion of social gathering” – Th… […]

2 years ago

[…] Police break man's front door in due to "suspicion of social gathering" – They were wrong! (Video) […]