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The Flu no longer exists according to WHO data…or does it?

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A report released by the World Health Organisation on the 4th January 2021 shows that influenza is now non existent throughout the world. The report titled ‘Influenza update No. 384’ is based on data up to the 20th December 2020 and details the number of positive specimens throughout 2020.

The data set shows that influenza was rife throughout the northern hemisphere up to around week 11 of 2020 and that there was a sudden rapid decline from then on, until it was virtually eradicated by week 15. The data shows that there have been no positive specimens in the northern hemisphere throughout the rest of 2020.

Northern hemisphere influenza data

The data set for the southern hemisphere differs slightly. Influenza is shown to be rife up until around week 13 of 2020 and then shows a sudden rapid decline from then on. The data shows influenza was virtually eradicated by around week 19. Unlike in the northern hemisphere where there have been zero positive specimens, the southern hemisphere has reported some positive specimens although the numbers are negligible.

Southern hemisphere influenza data

So that’s great, we seem to have finally eradicated the flu!

Or have we?

Is it just a coincidence that flu rapidly declined around the same time the Sars-COV-2 virus supposedly started to rage around the West?

Is it just a coincidence that flu rapidly declined just as Boris Johnson announced the UK was to live under dictatorial rule for just “three weeks” in order to “flatten the curve”.

Is it just coincidence that the alleged Covid-19 has the exact same symptoms as the flu?

If you believe in coincidences then it looks like flu really has been eradicated. But if you don’t, watch this space as we’ll be fully analysing this data at a later date.

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[…] Posted on January 19, 2021 by thejaffer The Flu no longer exists according to WHO data…or does it? […]