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How to treat VAIDS and cure Diabetes

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How to treat VAIDS

Spike proteins are a pathogen which attacks and penetrates everything in your body it touches. The lethal agent in Covid-19 is not the 88.5% of the virus proteins which cause the flu. It is the 12.5% of the proteins in the spike which facilitates the infection. People do not in general die from the coronavirus flu which the body defeats within 7 days. They die from day 8 onwards at which point the flu has mainly gone and the body is left defending itself against spike protein allergy and spike protein mediated vascular endotheliitis. This begs the question: Why did all the pharma companies make a vaccine out of the only lethal component to the virus? 

By a concerned reader

The simple answer may be – that was the gene sequence that the WHO provided to them. So the next question then begged is: Why did the WHO provide the gene sequence to the only lethal part of the virus and not provide the gene sequence to any of the much larger non lethal parts such as the nucleocapsid part or one of the polyprotein parts? The sequences of these are also known – .

Well there is a question that should have been asked on day 1. That choice was pretty much the crime of the century until Putin stepped up.

So what should one do now that the government has forced you to turn your body into a spike protein factory which is today busy machine gunning your cells, your organs, your brain and your blood vessels with a chimeric bioweapon? 

Well a good place to start is the Spike Protein Detox Guide of the World Health Council, the WHC, which is kind of the antidote for the World Health Organisation, the WHO. Their guide is quite extensive. 

The safest bet in my opinion is the flavenoid Quercetin (500 mg per day). Zinc Sulphate (30 mg per day) Vitamin D3 (tablet – 4,000 IU per day) and Vitamin C (250 mg 4x per day) for 8 weeks. But do your own research and please consult your doctor (that should be a surreal experience, asking him for advice on curing a condition that he may not accept exists).

So lets now move on from curing a disease which most people think does not exist to curing a disease which the most of the medical profession believes cannot be cured!

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The Suggested Cause of and a Full Metabolic Cure for Type2 Diabetes

Together with a Destruction of the Medical Orthodoxy which is Preventing any Cure

Traditionally the writer of such a piece as this (in the absence of Randomised Clinical Trials) is supposed to recite his medical credentials in an attempt to convince the reader by his standing in the Profession that his treatment protocol is efficacious. 

I am not able to do that because I have no such standing (although I did do cell biology at Cambridge) but more to the point nobody in the medical professional knows either the cause or the cure for type 2, indeed the Mayo Clinic (the pre-eminent US medical facility) describes the condition as….

“In type 2 diabetes, there are primarily two interrelated problems at work. Your pancreas does not produce enough insulin — a hormone that regulates the movement of sugar into your cells — and cells respond poorly to insulin and take in less sugar.

Type 2 diabetes used to be known as adult-onset diabetes, but both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can begin during childhood and adulthood. Type 2 is more common in older adults, but the increase in the number of children with obesity has led to more cases of type 2 diabetes in younger people.

There’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, but losing weight, eating well and exercising can help you manage the disease. If diet and exercise aren’t enough to manage your blood sugar, you may also need diabetes medications or insulin therapy”

In other words: You cannot cure Type2. So you have to take more and more pharmaceuticals until you drop dead . A Diabetic friend of mine called me in 2018 after having had 2 diabetic related strokes and having been told by his GP that his sugar numbers were so bad that he would soon have to go onto insulin. He was on over a dozen different types of Pharmaceuticals to manage his ‘incurable’ condition at that time. He was off all medications with a normal HbA1c (2 months average sugar number) within a 18 months. Not because the cure takes 18 months. But because it took us 12 months to discover what the cause and the cure were.. 

The Symptoms of Untreated or Badly Managed Type 2 Diabetes

1. Extreme tiredness
2. Diabetic Neuralgia in the feet, the hands, the reproductive organs (This is nerve damage that eventually becomes irreversible. It starts as a numbness or a tingling all day long but can progress to periods of excruciating pain which prevent sleep)
3. Bad peripheral blood circulation (the blood is too viscous due to the excess sugar in it). This can lead to gangrene which can kill you. 20,000 Germans each year have leg amputations due to gangrene from diabetes and in 2004, 71,000 people in the US had lower limb amputations due to diabetes.
4. Heart attacks and strokes – due to the extra work that the heart has to do in pumping sugary blood around and due to the circulatory blockages that sugary blood can cause. 80% of Type 2 diabetics die of cardio vascular problems.
5. Erectile Dysfunction – 75% of diabetic men experience this to some extent.
6. Blurred vision due to sugar coating on your lens
7. Skin sores (yeast or fungal or cuts) or infections take ages to heal due to bad circulation and due to the infecting bacteria having a nice lunch on your blood sugar
8. Foot leg and hand pain due to bad circulation. This is especially true at night and can prevent sleep.
9. Irreversible retina damage and blindness
10. Hearing damage and deafness.
11. Mood swings related to blood sugar highs and lows.
12. UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections) and Genital Itching. Yeast and bacteria love blood sugar!
13. Kidney disease or failure in 25-50% of Type 2 diabetics.

Simply put, a 50 year old type 2 diabetic with badly managed blood sugar will probably be dead within 25 years and will have a bad quality of life within 5. Here is a good paper showing a direct correlation between bad blood sugar management and cardiovascular events (strokes and heart attacks) and death – Summarizing, if you manage you sugar negligently the probability is that you will get a cardiovascular event within 14 years and if you manage it baldy the chances are you will die within 14 years.

The Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

Please address all Nobel Nominations to . Here is the Jigsaw. I will give you the pieces first, so that you can come up with the cure and burn down the drug pushing medical orthodoxy for yourself

1. Most Type2s know that a glass of red wine reduces the sugar rise after a meal. They also know that a glass of whisky does not.

2. Many dietary and exercise interventions improve sugar numbers temporarily. But the disease always fights back and no long term progress normally results.

3. If you eat out of date ham your sugar numbers go up a lot. If you eat roast pork they only go up a little.

4. The first meal that I ever ate which did not put my sugar up was an expensive curry.

5. Turkey puts sugar numbers up considerably less than all other meats

6. A western city lifestyle (takeaway food) causes an increased incidence of Type2

From these 6 observations it is possible to deduce the cause of Type2. No diabetic ever made that deduction because they have hitherto been blinded by the medical orthodoxy that the disease is caused by obesity and insulin resistance. But today, our experience with Covid, has much reduced our faith in that orthodoxy. So perhaps readers of the Expose at the least, will see through it to the cause.  No doctor ever made the connection because let’s face it, they are no longer permitted to be Doctors. They are in the business keeping their practicing licenses by following protocols designed by the stakeholders in present medical orthodoxy, which stakeholders are drug companies.

If you have not yet got there, here is one more clue which makes it more obvious. It is my prayer that many doctors will have already made the connection from the above. My heartfelt advice to them is stop reading now and start thinking. If you work it our for yourself you will never forget it and more importantly you will have intellectually destroyed the medical tyranny under which you presently practice (if you have not already done so).

7. An enemy of mine developed a penchant for Stinking Bishop. It is the smelliest blue cheese on the market. Prior to this addiction he never had a sweet tooth and never choose to eat sugary deserts. A year after he started regularly eating this cheese he was on Holiday in Turkey and his wife noticed that he was thirsty all the time and had started asking to eat ice cream and other sweet deserts. When they returned to the UK he was diagnosed with Type2.

Have you got there? Allow me to explain…

1. It is not the alcohol which reduces the post prandial sugar numbers because there is more alcohol in whisky than there is in wine. It is the potassium sorbate in the wine which is used to prevent it getting mouldy as it ages. Wine has to survive in dark cellars for years. It therefore needs to have a small amount of fungicide in it to prevent it going off.

2. Whatever is causing type2 diabetes can fight back. Obesity cannot fight back. Insulin resistance cannot fight back. Type2 is caused by a living organism, which fights for its livelihood, which is your sugar. 

3. Out of date ham is full of microbes. Roast pork is not.

4. A good curry contains freshly ground spices. These are anti microbial.

5. Turkey is the driest of all the meats. It therefore has the least fungal infection. It also has the least amount of fat. But the leanest cut of beef will still put sugar up much more than turkey. 

6. Takeaway food spends longer after being cooked before it is eaten, than does home cooked food, which is generally eaten immediately. Therefore it carries more meat eating microbes, some of which cause Type2

7. If you are addicted to a food, then after several months of excessive consumption of the same thing you start to alter the composition of your gut flora, by giving them so much of this new food. Stinking Bishop is full of mould which is to say fungus or yeast. Eating a lot of fungus/mould/yeast and a lot of fungus food (cheese) gives your gut fungi the upper hand over the gut bacteria and other gut microbes. It is some particular strains of yeast which are the cause of Type2

So there it is. Incidentally taking lots of antibiotics also gives yeast the upper hand in your gut which may or may not cause Type2 depending of which yeasts are dominant in the gut.

Having said all of that, my friend and I did NOT deduce that particular strains of yeast cause Type2 from the above. We were just as caught up in the orthodoxy as everyone else. We were forced to that conclusion by the following chain of events.

Our Voyage of Discovery

I had already realised (as did Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the labour party) that the Low carb diets (of Drs Bernstein, Westman etc)  were more effective than the low calorie diets of Prof Taylor. – (Dr Bernstein, Dr Feinman, Dr Westman and 18 others in desperate plea to use carbohydrate restriction as the primary intervention in Type2)

But the furthest you can get with low carb diets and good exercise regimes is a reversal in sugar numbers. That is to say you can bring your sugar numbers back to normal but only if you remain on a very strict and intrusive diet and exercise regime. Reversing diabetes means reversing your sugar numbers. It does not mean curing the disease to the point where you can sit on the sofa eating carbohydrates all day without suffering sugar highs. A full metabolic cure requires a readjustment of your gut microbes to be anti diabetic rather than pro diabetic So my friend and I became fed up with the dietary restrictions and the large amount of exercise needed to keep our numbers reasonable. We were looking for a full cure. Then I read the following paper given in 1854 by W Bird Herapath and published in precursor of the BMJ.. 

Association Medical Journal LXIX April 28, 1854 page 374 
Here is an excerpt from the paper given in 1854 at Bath.

On the employment of Torula Cerevisiae (modern name is Candida Robusta) in Diabetes Mellitus
By W. Bird Herapath MD London FRS Edinburgh.
Read at the Quarterly Meeting of the Bath and Bristol Branch March 25,1854

“These views led me to employ the torula in diabetes. And I am happy to say, that in the only case in which I have yet had the opportunity of trying this remedy, it answered fully the expectations which I had previously formed of it.

Under ordinary circumstance, glucose, at a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, would be converted into alcohol and carbonic acid by the fermentative agency of the torula cerevisiae or yeast, as is well known to most persons. But if the action were to take place in the dark, in the presence of albuminous substances or other protein compounds, and at a temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit, the products would be lactic acid and acetic acids, with possibly alcohol and carbonic acid.

It is clear therefore, that the former products would assist in the conversion of the protein compounds, as in the normal state of digestion, and would pass out of the system in combination with some alkaline or earthy base, and be eliminated by the kidneys, skin or other emunctories, whilst the alcohol and carbonic acids would act as agreeable vital stimuli, whilst existing in the system, and could eventually escape by the pulmonary mucous membrane, after having perhaps served to assist the respiratory process, being this converted into carbonic acid and water. 

It is known that the yeast-plant, during fermentation, undergoes progressive growth and decay. And that after long action it become spent and exhausted, which it is found that the cells of which it consists have become ruptured, and its vitality destroyed. Presuming therefore that the yeast plant became no longer capable of continuing the process of lactic or alcoholic fermentation in the stomach, it would die. And then it would itself become a nutritive nitrogenous substance, like any other vegetable diet.

In January 1853, I determined to put these views in practice. And having a patient then under my care, I commenced the administration of the remedy. Before the treatment the patient had been voiding urine of specific gravity 1044, and containing 850 grains of sugar in the imperial pint. Within TWO DAYS of the employment of this substance, the specific gravity sank to 1020, and the sugar to 300 grains per pint. By steadily pursuing the same course during six weeks, the sugar eventually disappeared altogether. The urine assumed its healthy character, and the patient lost all symptoms of his ailment, regaining his usual health and strength. Since that time he has rapidly recovered his flesh.

It was exhibited, in this highly satisfactory case, in that form in which it is usually employed by confectioners, and known by them as German yeast. This is prepared on the continent by expressing ordinary yeast in linen bags, by which means all fluid portions are separated, and a semi solid mass remains, consisting entirely of the active vesicular structure of the plant. This is packed in bladders like lard and keeps fresh for some time. Supplies are sent to London confectioners regularly twice a week, and it can always be obtained from the trade in any large town, at a very moderate price – about 16 pence per pound.

The dose given in this case was one tablespoonful twice or three times daily in milk. It was thus rendered very palatable. At first the only inconvenience felt was a slight nausea, sometimes passing into actual vomiting, with eructaction of carbonic acid probably. By giving the remedy after a meal, these disagreeable symptoms disappeared, and it was borne very well. 

It was further serviceable in removing the obstinate constipation which had previously existed and produce regularity in the alvine evacuations.

As diabetes is a comparatively rare disease in private practice, it is to be hoped that by communicating these results, even in their present incomplete shape, it may be the means of hastening the progress of the inquiry, and thus establish the real value of the remedy, as the attention of numerous experimenters will be called to the investigation, and the causes of success or of occasional failure will be at length ascertained.

Bristol March 1854.”

So Bird, cured Type 2 by administering a large quantity of living Brewer’s yeast. Bird reasoned that the yeast would turn the excess sugar that diabetics suffer from into Alcohol. I reasoned that Bird was not fabricating this cure, because there was no market for curing Type2 in 1854, when it was a very rare disease. I took him at his word. So my friend and I ingested 100 grams of live active Brewer’s Yeast which we purchased from Amazon. 

It nearly killed the pair of us. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. The result was that after 4 days our sugar become completely unmanageable. Exercise would only bring it down for half an hour and then up it would go again. In fact rowing was totally counter productive mainly because it increases the blood supply to the gut, where this pathogenic yeast was living. We had inadvertently given ourselves what is now known as Auto Brewery Syndrome. We had turned out guts into breweries.

But the good news was the we had discovered in the most obvious manner possible that yeast causes Type2. If we ate some carbs, we would start burping and farting as the yeast fermented those carbs and we could see our sugar numbers going up on our continuous Abbot Freestyle Libre glucose monitors. The burping would precede the sugar rise by amount 1 minute  The more we burped the higher the sugar went. the less we burped the lower the sugar went. We now had an audio sugar meter and a visual continuous glucose monitor!

But we could not bring the sugar back down however much exercise we did and I got extremely worried because I am very intolerant of high sugar. I was prescribed Itraconazole 100 mg per day. Within minutes of taking the first dose, my sugar went flying back down to normal. But the effect only lasted for 15 hours not 24. So I knew the dose was too low. The trouble is that Itraconazole (and many of the azoles) can have actually lethal side effects. So one does not want to take too much of them. But my friend and I were desperate. So we went to St Thomas’s A and E and were prescribed 200 mg each per day. That worked for my friend but not for me. I had to go back and went on the max permissible dose of 400 mg per day for 14 days. That just worked. But the Itraconazole wreaks havoc with your metabolism and my sugar was still crazy, not due to the yeast, but due to the Itraconazole. Then 26 days after I finished the 14 day course the last remnant of the drug finally left my system and Hey Presto! I was non diabetic. No burping no farting and no high sugar. I did not have to do any exercise at all. I would eat and my sugar would go up a tiny amount and then come back down like a normal person. The same was true for my friend. We were both ecstatic.

But this effect only lasted for 4 days and then my sugar started becoming diabetic again. So I decided to treat myself with natural antifungals, such as curcumin with piperine in low dose and decided to try two particular prebiotics, Bimuno and Orafti Inulin. The effect was astounding. I could see on the continuous glucose monitor that my sugar would go up after a meal and sit there unless I did some exercise. But after 3 days on the new regime, it would go up after a meal and sit there for an hour and then slowly start to come back down on its own accord. I had never seen that before other than in the 4 days post Itraconazole. I then got a duff batch of Orafti Inulin and the effect went away. I then changed supplier and got a good batch of Orafti Inulin (made by Beneo in Belgium) and the effect came back. So we were now pretty much non diabetic and feeling very pleased with ourselves.

Then disaster struck. The yeast came back. We both started burping on the same day around a month after the 4 days of cure. I was not going to go down the prescription drug route anymore because I was lucky to get away with taking such a large dose of Itraconazole and because of the bounce back we were experiencing and because both my GP and my clinical Doctor would not prescribe any more antifungals for me – they were both quite right! So I decided to go natural and try every possible antifungal supplement under the sun. The trouble with natural remedies is that you need to take very large quantities of them to reach even half the power of the pharmaceuticals. But the advantages of them are that they have no side effects and no bounce back. 

After a lot of trial and error we found a protocol which killed the yeast and cured our Type2 completely. Bird cured his patient by feeding him a non diabetic yeast, which replaced the diabetic yeast which was causing his condition. We took one of the causative yeasts and had to kill it with various antifungals, rather than replacing it with a beneficial yeast. There is a lot of research than needs to be done here. But I am just happy to be able to eat a whole chocolate cake without doing any exercise and have my sugar deal with it – no problem.

The Cure for Type 2 Diabetes. 

The generic cure is a Ketogenic Low Carb, Paleo (low Omega6 and high Omega3 and high fibre) Antifungal, Prebiotic Oligosaccharide Spinach rich Turkeytarian Diet and Low Intensity Cardio Exercise Regime

What the cure does is recondition the gut flora to be anti diabetic rather than pro diabetic. When a diabetic eats carbs, the sugar from the carbs is not what puts their blood sugar up. It is the metabolism of that sugar by the pro diabetic yeast in the gut which puts the sugar up. We saw this from the burping and the farting. We do not know the precise mechanism for this. But bad yeast winds the gut up and good microbes calm it down. The Orafti Inulin and Bimuno feed the gut calming microbes which compete with the diabetic yeasts. 

The technical difficulty with the cure is getting the Orafti Inulin and the BImuno into the large bowel where the good gut microbes lie (that cause farting) without it being eaten by the bad gut microbes in the small bowel (that cause burping). One way to do that is to make a white Chia porridge which is extremely water absorbent and sucks up the dissolved Oligosaccharides and transports them to the large bowel. But the trouble with white Chia porridge is that black Chia is cheaper, more widespread and toxic in porridge quantities and people mix the two up. And that white Chia seed is heavily infected with fungi on its outer skin and so needs to be roasted at 105 degrees fan assisted for 80 minutes before being ground up and eaten with water and the prebiotics. If you roast it at too high a temperature it kills the Omega3 in the Chia. If you roast it at too low a temperature it does not kill the fungus. 

One solution is Performance Labs Synergy1 Orafti Inulin Capsules. These work, but are not cheap and you need to take 14 per day with one sachet of Bimuno. However they do save a lot of time making white Chia porridge and that porridge does not agree with everyone. So here is a viable protocol that any diabetic can start now and that has had a 4 out of 4 result so far. In our cases this did not merely reverse our sugar numbers. It rebalanced our gut flora out of diabetes. 


Permitted food:
1. Eat one large or two medium meals per day and no snacking at all. 
2. No Vegetable oil at all except a small amount of organic rapeseed oil (the best vegetable oil for type 2 – rich in Omega3: Omega6:Omega3 is 2:1). Cook in butter or rapeseed oil.
3. No Nuts at all. No sugar at all.
4. No Dairy at all except butter. No animal fat except a small amount of turkey fat with your fried or roasted or curried turkey.
5. 2 thick slices of flax seed and white chia seed bread per day
6. Eat 25-50 grams of spreadable butter which is butter with a small amount of rapeseed oil (such as Lurpak spreadable)  Do not eat butter containing any other type of vegetable oil.
7. Eat fresh or frozen Turkey meat (least fat, least moisture, least fungus). And fry it or roast it well to remove most of the fat. Eat 300 – 500 grams per day of it. Eat no other meat. Do not eat tinned or smoked or otherwise preserved turkey meat. Do not eat turkey Bacon.
8. Very Fresh firm Raspberries
9. Eat at least 400 grams of spinach per day (for Vitamin A etc.)
10. Eat no raw food (it contains mould)

14. Permitted cooked vegetables are: 
French beans
Broccoli spears
Spring onion
Rocket, Parsley, Mint, Coriander (cooked only)


Permitted drinks
Green Tea
Cinnamon and Clove Tea


When you get up:
3 grams (women) and 4 grams (men) EPA from molecularly distilled triple strength fish oil (it is important to limit the amount of other carrier oils in the pill which will be full of Omega6)
3 grams (women) and 4 grams (men) DHA from molecularly distilled triple strength fish oil  (I use Holland and Barrett or Puritan’s pride 5x 1360 mg capsules and Jarrow maxDHA 4x 600mg capsules)
5,000 IU Vitamin D3
The curcumin from 2500 mg of Turmeric (with 10 mg of black pepper). Oxford vitality is by far the best, but is stored is awful cardboard pouches. Best to buy the small pouches and restore in small make up jars with screw tops.
250 mg of vitamin C in a glass of water – no more (it increases the power of the curcumin)
400 mg Magnesium (we recommend Swanson premium triple magnesium complex – it stops all muscle cramps)
500 mg of citric acid in a small glass of water (to remove traces of alcohol in the gut from yeast fermentation). Yeast loves Alcohol and makes it. We must eliminate it from our guts to beat the yeast.
Carbonated water is the best to drink because it is acidic.

WARNING: Some regulators advice to take a smaller amount of fish oil than we recommend. Eskimos however have traditionally taken 4x what we recommend every day. Opinion is divided. Consult your doctor. 
If you develop a nose bleed (I got one on 8 maxDHAs) then reduce the number of the maxDHAs. 
Women generally need less DHA than men because their bodies can synthesise it twice as effectively (babies brains are made out of it). 

Before each of 2 meals
2 Candaway tablets (Nature’s best)
3 Cloves
500 mg of citric acid in a small glass of carbonated water (to removed traces of alcohol in the gut from yeast fermentation) with half a sachet of Bimuno Daily stirred in.

After each meal
2 Candaway tablets (Nature’s best)
3 Cloves
500 mg of citric acid in a small glass of carbonated water (to removed traces of alcohol in the gut from yeast fermentation)

After last meal
Roast 33 grams of white chia seed (not black chia seed) at 105 degrees C fan assisted for 90 minutes. Do this before the last meal.
Grind the roasted white chia up in a Kitchen blender for 14 seconds.
Add one sachet of Bimuno Daily (a Galacto-oligosaccharide prebiotic) and 9 grams of Orafti Inulin (a Fructo-oligosaccharide prebiotic – I buy it from who are an agent for Beneo in Belgium)
Mix the powders into the ground up white chia seed (Salvia Hispanica).
Add 275 grams of water and mix into a porridge until thick. EAT IMMEDIATELY.

The purpose of this protocol is to remove the yeast on the outside of the white chia seed, without destroying the Omega3 fats in the seed (hence 105 degrees for 90 minutes rather than 200 degrees for 15 minutes). The chia porridge is the best food possible for a type2 diabetic, being the richest in Omega3 fat and protein and fibre. But it is toxic to some people if not roasted. Black chia seed is even more toxic. Store the white chia seed in a cool place (not the fridge). Its purpose here is to absorb the dissolved oligosaccharides and transport them through the stomach and the small intestine into the large bowel where the good gut microbes reside. If you get this right you will fart robustly around 3 hours after the porridge. That is the anti diabetic gut microbes saying thank your for the meal. In our experience the full cure only works with Orafti inulin (made by Beneo in Belgium) and does not work without the porridge. Ideally we would design a slowly dissolving capsule to replace the porridge. But as they say. If it ain’t bust don’t fix it. Inulin (a fibrous oligosaccharide sugar) is NOT insulin (a peptide hormone). This oligosaccharide porridge is the most important part of the cure. When I first took it my post prandial immediately sugar started to fall back to normal which I had never seen before on my continuous glucose monitor as a Type2 diabetic. In the past it would go up and stay up unless I did some exercise.

When you go to bed
The curcumin from 2500 mg of Turmeric (with 10 mg of black pepper). (Oxford vitality is by far the best but is stored is awful cardboard pouches. Best to buy the small pouches and restore in small make up jars with screw tops).
400 mg Magnesium (we recommend Swanson premium triple magnesium complex – it stops all muscle cramps)
2 Candaway tablets (Nature’s best)
3 Cloves
500 mg of citric acid in a small glass of carbonated water (to removed traces of alcohol in the gut from yeast fermentation)

Exercise starting 2 hours after each meal.
mins on non stressful spin bike (best)
OR 65 mins walk outside (2nd best).
OR 45 mins on rowing machine (this will not work if you have a bad yeast overgrowth. It will work fine if you don’t)

Alternate exercises as much as possible. Do not do the same one 3x in a row. Stretch yourself a little, but be comfortable, do not get stressed. Do a repetitive flat walk not an exploration of bumpy or rocky new territory. If you can sing Whitney Houston, you are going to slow. If you can sing Bob Dylan you have it about right.

After 6-12 weeks you should be clinically non diabetic – in our experience. The writer can now eat what he wants and does not have to do any exercise at all. The diabetic yeast overgrowth that caused his type 2 has gone. When he eats cake, the sugar feeds more anti diabetic gut microbes than it feeds pro diabetic gut microbes so he can tolerate it.

Mathematical Proof

If a moderately to severely diabetic person eats 200 grams of sugar his blood sugar will go up say from 1 gram per litre (100 mg/dl) to 2 grams per litre (200 mg/dl). This means that each litre of his blood will contain twice as much sugar as normal. It will contain 1 gram more sugar than normal. So his entire body (which has 5 litres of blood), will contain 5 grams more sugar than normal. One teaspoon of sugar is all that it takes to double your blood sugar! But this means that the type 2 diabetic has successfully stored 195 grams of sugar, and has failed to store only 5 grams of sugar.

If that same diabetic eats only 100 grams of sugar, then his blood sugar will go to say 1.5 grams per litre (150 mg/dl). So he has failed to store 2.5 grams of sugar (an extra 0.5 grams per litre in 5 litres) and successfully stored 97.5 grams of sugar. But we know from the thought experiment above (or indeed from a real experiment) with 200 grams of sugar, that he has the capacity to store 195 grams of the stuff. So his sugar is NOT rising due to a lack of sugar storage capability. Neither is it rising due to insulin resistance, because he has enough insulin even with his level of insulin resistance to store 195 grams of sugar. He is simply not producing that insulin and not storing the sugar by metabolic choice. This shows that insulin resistance does not cause type 2. It is a result of type 2. The cause of type 2 is a hack of the body’s sugar regulation mechanism, which causes it to command your body to upregulate your sugar.  This hacker is a yeast which eats sugar. The diabetic yeast is a true parasite. It turns you into a sugar factory for its benefit. 

We know that viruses hack our DNA or RNA to turn our cells into virus factories. Well, now we see that yeasts hack our metabolism to turn our cells into sugar factories!

If you feed your yeast overgrowth with 100 grams of sugar, it produces enough toxin to put your sugar up to 150 mg/dl. If you feed your yeast overgrowth with 200 grams of sugar it produces enough toxin to put your sugar up to 200 mg/dl. The way to pass an oral glucose tolerance test (eating 150 grams of sugar in the form of Lucozade), is to dose up on antifungal first, to suppress the yeast, then drink the Lucozade, then take some more antifungal. This prevents the yeast overgrowth being fed by the sugar and your blood sugar will not go up as much and you will most likely pass the OGTT.


Similar protocols will exist for various Cancers.

Our diabetic protocol turns you into a one quarter Eskimo in diet. Eskimos on their traditional diet and Japanese on the traditional Japanese fish based diet have a really low incidence of Congestive Heart Disease. This is important for diabetics, who have a greatly increased susceptibility to Cardiovascular disease. One of the great tragedies of modern medicine is its divorce from natural remedies. This divorce suits the interests of Big Pharma

It is the hope of the writer, that people will wake up not only to the corruption of Covid protocols away from the health interests of patients and towards the financial interests of shareholders. But also to the corruption of Cancer, Cardiovascular and Diabetic protocols in the same way. In this vein I will finish with the story of a Diabetic acquaintance who went into a London teaching hospital to have her foot amputated due to it having congestive foot disease from her high sugar. Incidentally Kings College Hospital in Denmark Hill have a good treatment protocol for that which is to do a foot bypass operation just as they do for the heart if the blood supply to the heart becomes congested.

But this girl did not go to Kings. And she liked cake a lot. Whilst she was in hospital there was no diabetic menu. So she just ate the normal hospital food – which to her delight included cake. So the hospital diabetic ward was feeding her cake. She died in that hospital. She was in her early 50s. .

Diabetes attacks your feet. It is almost as if it knows that these are a danger to it. Whatever you do, keep walking and keep spin biking. If you are weak or old then get a set of magnetic pedals which you can use like a footstool whilst sitting in an armchair. Keep those legs moving and keep the circulation going in those feet. But remember this one thing. The correct antifungals and moreso the correct prebiotics are more effective than exercise, because they address the pathogen which is killing you. They adress the gut yeast overgrowth, the gut microbe imbalance.

We hope you enjoyed our Shakespeare’s 18th, our Rossini’s last, our Bach’s 565th, our Wordsworth’s Daffodils, and we hope it gives your immune system the victory over your diabetic yeast overgrowth that Medical Orthodoxy has so far denied it

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Well, I have had Diabetes type 2 since I was 50 years old and I am 75 now and going strong, my Diabetes count after sleeping was 5.8 this mornin,g where 8.0 is considered to be onset Diabetes Type 1, requiring Insulin – which I have so far avoided.
My Doctor put me on an Ozempic Pen – 1mg each week (every 7 days) the needle is so fine that it easily goes into a pore in the stomach or a leg without touching the sides, 1 x Paroatine morning and night and Glyade MR tablets – up to 3 taken daily, I am on 2 and that is enough for me.
The Ozempic Pen makes you sick at the thought of eating anything, I am surprised at how little food I need to eat to survive on a daily basis and I have lost a lot of excess weight – my target weight is 97kg and I would not be surprised if my weight is below that now, bearing in mind I am 6’2″ tall and skinny build, with a pot belly from birth.
I don’t drink anything other than clean tap water (the taste was horrid to start with) and I avoid sugar and salt, like the plague.
I don’t exercise, because I feel that it is best to keep exercise as a last resort and while the above treatments are working, why bother, then there is the possibility of Coronavirus and Covid and that is another reason to be a couch potato – I remain not vaccinated and I won’t ever have the vaccine – I expect to live until I die of natural causes, but that of course remains to be seen, depending on what happens to all of the vaccinated??.
Re: Why did all the pharma companies make a vaccine out of the only lethal component to the virus?
Me: The purpose was to eliminate a large proportion of the human population, just like the vaccines for Spanish Flu did after World War One – only those who had the vaccines, then (1918) died from them, care of Bill Gates’ father, so we are told – like father, like son, this time.
Once the vaccines are injected, they enter and change the DNA within 6 hours, according to a report I read yesterday and around the body and into all organs within 8 hours from injection, sterilizing everyone, whether male or female and when your kids are vaccinated, them too, but ultimately, the eventual death of all of those who agreed to be vaccinated, bearing in mind that the vaccines are still “Experimental Test Vaccines” released under Trump and Biden’s “Emergency Protocol” which still remain in force, because Biden extended it recently and thus the vaccine makers remain immune from prosecution and then there is this – why create a Law in 2013, if the pharmaceutical companies behind this Law, don’t intend to implement it, sometime in the future?: All the Covid-19 “vaccine” patents mention gene deletion. All the patents except one, mention “complimentary DNA” (cDNA). cDNA is a chimeric mRNA cocktail that’s being coded into Human cells using artificial genetic sequences in cross-species genomics.
According to the US Supreme Court ruling in 2013, altering Humans with cDNA makes them patent eligible. The court documents show that cDNA is made using modified bacterium and Supreme Court judges ruled it patent eligible. This means that a plant, animal or Human, could be patented and owned if first genetically modified with cDNA.
Mark Steele summarized it perfectly by stating:
In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human. Through a modified DNA or RNA vaccination, the mRNA vaccination, the person ceases to be human and becomes the OWNER of the holder of the modified GEN vaccination patent, because they have their own genome and are no longer “human” (without natural people), but “trans-human”, so a category that does not exist in Human Rights. The quality of a natural person and all related rights are lost. This applies worldwide and patents are subject to US law.
Since 2013, all people vaccinated with GM-modified mRNAs are legally trans-human and legally identified as trans-human and do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state, and this applies worldwide, because GEN-POINT technology patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.”
Link here:
So if you have been vaccinated, you are no longer “Human” and you have zero rights, under the Law for Humans, which no longer apply to you – you are a patented human whose body belongs to the vaccine maker of your choice, so if you survive the vaccines, Human Augmentation, might easily become your fate

Richard Noakes
Richard Noakes
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1 year ago

Paroatine = Paroxatine

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These laws are null and void according to natural law. Besides that isn’t there a time restriction on patents?

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
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1 year ago

20 years.

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There is no time restriction on the idiocy of the v$xxed.

Skye Henderson
Skye Henderson
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Great article. Thank you!

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
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1 year ago

Once you can see your enemy you have a better chance of defeating him.

Joss Wynne Evans
Joss Wynne Evans
1 year ago

You need to get real about the Ukraine. “Until Putin stepped up” implied he is the badass. That is 180 degrees out. It is the globalists who are segueing out of the Virus into a war to distract – your comment shows that they are having some success even with the leading virus critic. Please look at the real facts,

Lords Witnesses
Lords Witnesses
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1 year ago

I fight for the sanctity of my body. I fight for the sanctity of the body of Ukraine, Poland etc. I fight against war. Putin is a badass. But I agree the globalists are behind it. The US was bad for engineering the coup in 2014. Putin is worse for invading them in 2022. No sooner is the war against Covid19 won due to Omicron, than the next war begins. This is not a coincidence. Putin has signed a deal with China (not only to protect himself from sanctions). They are the chosen government for the globalists (social credit scores etc and presumably the most purchasable). That deal is the he goat she goat coalition of Daniel8 I believe. It looks to me like Putin is recently possessed. We shall discover in the very near future. Someone in my church who agrees with you pointed me to this which you would enjoy. I do not agree with the sentiment of the video but some of the fact were new to me. Andt I do agree with hearing both sides of the argument.

Its very pro Putin and anti US and the globalists who control youtube have permitted ti to remain up whilst removing Trump. What does that tell you?

1 year ago

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1 year ago

Thank you Expose for these CoViD vaccine articles. Glad to see there is real journalists still around.

1 year ago

Is this a spoof article!

A Person
A Person
1 year ago

Prior to this addiction he never had a sweet tooth and never choose (sic) to eat sugary deserts (sic).”

A diet high in sugar and sand will always make you nauseous (sick).

1 year ago

“The trouble with natural remedies is that you need to take very large quantities of them to reach even half the power of the pharmaceuticals. But the advantages of them are that they have no side effects and no bounce back.”
This is not safe advice. Some natural remedies can have serious side effects if taken in large quantities. Please do your research before taking natural remedies.

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

I am spiritually told ADHD medication will help when sick. Studies seem to confirm that. Perhaps it is the adrenaline released that activates immune cells. Those cells have such receptors.

Ralph Florence
Ralph Florence
10 months ago

Great article on a cure for Diabetes.
I’m hoping you can respond to my email to answer a few questions. Thanks