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New Zealand Red Remembrance Day; A Day to Acknowledge Suffering and Celebrate Resilience

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This day one year ago, 15 November 2021, was a defining point for many New Zealanders as the “vaccine” mandates and the “no-jab, no-job” policy kicked in, irretrievably changing the country and their lives. Many New Zealanders were injured and many died. Many others lost jobs, family, and friends.

On the anniversary of that tyrannical day, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (“NZDSOS”) and New Zealand Rising are holding country-wide events to mark the 15th of November as a day to acknowledge and remember those who got hurt and those who resisted: 

“Come and join us in this nationwide peaceful event to acknowledge the suffering and celebrate resilience with friends.”

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Invite from NZDSOS and New Zealand Rising to all New Zealanders

Red Remembrance Day, 15 November 2022

This day marks one year from the enactment of the covid “vaccine” mandates for healthcare workers, teachers, defence, and border workers. It also marks the day that New Zealand was divided into two classes – the “clean” and the “unclean”. Many individuals were injured, many died and many lost jobs, businesses, family, and friends. This, with no improvement in the outcomes of not only covid cases but covid illness, covid deaths and deaths from all causes.

The enormity of the consequences is only just being revealed with a significant increase in excess deaths particularly in the young, a faltering economy and a health system that is unable to cope.  Of course, the mainstream media is becoming either increasingly shrill in their support of the jabs or silent in their ignoring of the very obvious destruction that the mandates wrought on individuals and on the country. Many individuals are just pleased that the whole thing is “over” and prefer to look away.

NZDSOS has not looked away and we will not forget

We continue to pressure the government and the authorities to abandon the covid injections, acknowledge the harm and undertake a real “Truth and Reconciliation” type investigation. Our approaches through all the channels that would usually be honoured in a democracy have been met with either silence or persecution.

In memory of all those who were hurt, whether injected or not, NZDSOS in collaboration with New Zealand Rising is holding nationwide gatherings today, the 15th of November 2022 between 12 and 2 pm. These will be peaceful gatherings, encouraging the coming together of all to recognise the time we did it hard and acknowledge that we still are.  We will be remembering the suffering and celebrating the resilience of New Zealanders.

We encourage all New Zealanders to wear red in remembrance of injury and to come together.

Bring your sandwiches, sun protection and an appetite to meet others in the same giant waka. The way forward is just beginning and will require tremendous effort and cohesion. 

Please see HERE for venues.

Together, we can take back our health, our freedom, and our sovereignty.

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10 months ago

They should celebrate by kicking their WEF puppet leader out of office.

10 months ago

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