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Dr Colin Barron has a Brilliant New Video Out!

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By Dr. Vernon Coleman

I’m impressed that my good friend Colin Barron, in his role as Constable Klaus Von Happen of the Coronavirus Rules Application Police force (known to its friends and enemies as CRAP), has returned to our screens and has now been specially trained on how to go down on one knee in the approved way.

His brilliantly savage and satirical new video tears into all the areas of the fake pandemic. He’s got some great new props for Christmas (OK, I’m jealous) and although his video is infinitely better than anything on terrestrial television or the disgraced YouTube channel, you can only see it by clicking HERE or by going to Von Happen’s Excess on Rumble.

You’d be mad to miss it. Colin’s latest video is a million times more watchable than anything the Whingeing Meghans have put together. Watch it and you get to see Colin doing an amazing piece of out-of-this-world dancing while sitting down. My 93-year-old brother tried it and dislocated two elbows and a shoulder. He’s on a waiting list for an ambulance to pick him up sometime in 2037.

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Janet Cutts
Janet Cutts
5 months ago

Hilarious just what’s needed this Xmas lots of humour to show we don’t care we see them