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Hancock’s Tinpot, Authoritarian Department of Health and Social Care try to censor the Science that doesn’t fit their narrative

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Anger flared last night after the Department of Health and Social Care’s Twitter account was used in an effort to rubbish a report challenging official scaremongering by analysing key facts about the coronavirus pandemic.

The Department of Health hitting the panic button.

Under the headline ‘Covid: What They Don’t Tell You’, a two-page article in yesterday’s Daily Mail raised multiple questions about the manner in which the Government has dealt with the crisis.

It pointed out that Government predictions on the number of the potential deaths from the virus were wildly inaccurate. In a July report commissioned by Chief Medical Officer Sir Patrick Vallance, scientists predicted that there could be 119,000 fatalities if a second wave coincided with a peak of winter flu – but the actual figure has so far turned out to be less than half of that.

The article also pointed out the number of deaths are not far above average for this time of year and that only 31 per cent of intensive care unit beds in hospitals are currently occupied by Covid patients.

But last night a post on the department’s Twitter account declared: ‘This article is misleading.

‘This is a global pandemic – national restrictions have been introduced to keep people safe and save lives. It is vital people follow the rules and continue to stay at home so we can bring the transmission rates back down and get back to normality.’

Twitter users were furious with Hancock’s Departments response.

Mike Graham tweeted –

Fury erupted on Twitter.

Social Media is censoring what can be said, the government is attacking the media the first time it dares tell the truth, it is illegal to hug your grandma and now we’re going to need ‘freedom passes’ to legally walk out of our front doors.

All apparently in the name of a virus that kills less than 1% of those it infects.

We’re heading down a dangerous road and it won’t be solved by any ‘miracle vaccine’ because the danger is not the virus, it’s the Big Brother society we have sleepwalked in to.

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