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Our Dystopian Reality – Freedom Passes to be earned in order to legally leave your home

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The Government wants to introduce ‘Freedom Passes’ that the British Public will have to earn by testing negative for the novel coronavirus twice a week.

The finalised details of the scheme are currently being ironed out by Whitehall officials.

To earn the ‘Freedom Pass’, people will have to test negative twice a week and will then be given a letter, card, document or a certificate on their phone, which they can show to others to prove they are “allowed” to step outside their homes.

Former health secretary, Jeremy Hunt has thrown his backing behind the ‘Freedom Pass’ concept.

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Jeremy Hunt is calling for ‘Freedom Passes’

‘We should go further, offering people who comply with testing and isolation requirements a “freedom pass” that removes the requirement to follow lockdown regulations,’ he wrote.

‘In Slovakia they gave those with negative results a certificate that released them from curfew and allowed them to go out, shop, and go to work. 

‘This meant 97 per cent of the eligible population was tested. 

‘We should do the same in the UK, using the NHS Covid-19 app to record who has been tested and who has received the vaccine.’

In Slovakia, everyone who tested negative was handed a paper certificate (pictured)
Slovakia Freedom Pass

A similar scheme to the freedom passes was first suggested in April.

At the time, Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said: “(An immunity certificate) is an important thing that we will be doing and are looking at but it’s too early in the science of the immunity that comes from having had the disease.”

“It’s too early in that science to be able to put clarity around that. I wish that we could but the reason that we can’t is because the science isn’t yet advanced enough.'”

All this after it has been confirmed via official statistics that the NHS currently has fewer patients in hospital beds than this time last year, 1,293 less to be exact.

Are we really going to allow ‘Freedom Passes’ to become part of our reality?

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2 years ago

[…] revealed weeks ago that the UK Government wanted to introduce ‘Freedom Passes’ and today we can confirm that the country has taken a step closer to the freedom passes becoming a […]