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Freedom is for life – Not just for Christmas

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Government Imposed Restrictions will be eased for five days at Christmas to allow for three households to legally meet indoors after the four nations agreed to loosen the draconian, dictatorial, authoritarian curbs over the festive period.

The ‘relaxed’ measures will reportedly be in place from Wednesday 23rd December until Sunday 27th December, making it legal in the eyes of contract law for families across Great Britain and Northern Ireland to meet up.

But does it really matter what the Government say anymore? How can they possibly even enforce the policy if they decided to not loosen the restrictions? These restrictions only work if you decide to sign up to them and conform to them. The general public policing themselves.

This all comes after backbench Tory MP’s have revolted over the Prime Minister’s new local lockdown plans from 2nd December onwards, warning Boris Johnson that putting swathes of the country under Draconian Tier Two and Tier Three restrictions will be “catastrophic” for businesses and spark a damaging new mutiny.

The onerous tiered system which the Prime Minister has said will remain in place until March 31
The proposed new Tier Restrictions

Ministers insist they are waiting for the latest local infection data to decide what brackets individual areas will be placed into, with the breakdown set to be published on Thursday.

However, senior Conservatives say the “mood music” is that most places will be subject to the tougher levels – meaning heavy restrictions on bars and restaurants, as well as limits on households mixing.

There are complaints that the criteria being used to decide the Tier allocations are too vague, and the geographical areas too broad. 

Sir Graham Brady, Tory MP said, “My concern is that huge numbers of businesses, particularly but not exclusively in the hospitality sector, have been losing money under Tier Two already.”

“There is a very tight limit to how much longer than they can go on doing without seeing even bigger levels of unemployment, and particularly youth unemployment.”

“And we know that if we see that big economic hit, in terms of unemployment, in terms of opportunities for young people, the effects – not just economically, but the other health impacts, physical health and mental health – are enormous, and that is the legacy we could be living with for years to come.”

Mad Doctor - TV Tropes
Sir Desmond labelled the current advisers controlling the government crazed scientists.

Former Minister Sir Desmond Swayne was extremely critical saying, “It is catastrophic. These crazed scientists…there has to be a consideration at a political level about how to stop the spread of economic disaster.”

We’d like to remind our readers that Freedom is for life, not just for Christmas.

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