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Hancock wants to Track and Trace us Forever.

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The Health Secretary has said he wants to continue testing, tracking, tracing and ordering us to stay at home forever more by continuing the draconian rules for all illnesses in the future.

Matt Hancock said he wants to destroy the British culture of ‘Soldiering on’.

Matt Hancock fails to say if Dominic Cummings did right thing | World news  | The Guardian

Hancock declared that “Having built this, we must hold on to it,” referring to the Big Brother style test and trace system.

The Health Secretary continued, “And afterwards we must use it not just for coronavirus, but everything.

“In fact, I want to have a change in the British way of doing things, where if in doubt, get a test. It doesn’t just refer to coronavirus, but to any illness that you might have.”

Rule on workers needing GP's sick note could be relaxed in light of  coronavirus, says Hancock - as it happened | Politics | The Guardian

The pompous Hancock was giving evidence at the time to a Commons committee hearing, lead by his predecessor Jeremy Hunt. He also confirmed that some of the current measures in place will stay in force forever more such as frequent hand washing.

Hancock also stated that some elements of the current regulations in relation to the alleged Covid disease were likely to become commonplace in the long term.

The Day | 1984 at 70: Still relevant says Orwell's son

When the authorities find an excuse to take more power they will never relinquish that power and give it back.

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