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UK Public Sector willing to pay £35K a year to Covid-19 Enforcement Officers (These would be called Gestapo / SS in Nazi Germany)

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Various Councils across the United Kingdom are currently advertising the roles of Covid-19 Enforcement Officers, offering a wage of up to £35k a year.

The advertised duties include –

  • Capturing and reporting evidence and intelligence of non-compliance;
  • Monitoring of signs and physical measures to ensure compliance
  • Promoting social distancing within the community
  • Moving groups on that are ignoring the current regulations
  • To gather information for formal action
  • Ensuring compliance of local COVID-19 regulations with the public and businesses
  • Respond to enquiries and investigate any complaints,
  • You will be expected to Conduct regulatory inspections at relevant premises to ensure that licensing conditions, including the monitoring of permitted hours, and other legislative requirements, including Covid-19 legislation, are complied with.

The Tax Payer Funded Councils say candidates should ideally –

  • Be physically fit as you may be required to carry out foot patrol for prolonged periods.
  • Have experience of completing witness statements and completing relevant forms.
  • Have experience of local authority enforcement activities

One London Borough Council is offering a wage of £35 per hour.

We should probably remind you of a little known regime that existed in a country called Germany during the 1930’s & 1940’s.

That regime, known as Nazi Germany, lead by a vaguely anonymous guy in recent history, called Adolf Hitler, had a policing force known as The Gestapo (or the State Secret Police).

The role of the Gestapo was to enforce the word of the Nazi regime. It removed all enemies of the state (anyone who slightly disagreed with any policy of the Nazi regime), spied on its citizens, and removed all rights and freedoms of its citizens to ensure it conformed to the word of the Nazi regime.

The Gestapo didn’t need thousands of Secret Police to enforce the policies of the Nazi State, it instead relied on the general public to police it for them, creating a culture of snitches and informants, all due to the fear and division it was able to create.

This regime lead to a war that has been confined to the dustiest of history books and is only known of by a select few. It was called ‘WORLD WAR II’.

Does the Nazi regime and Gestapo sound familiar to you?

The Gestapo's Hell on Earth

One UK Mayor likened the current state of affairs to the totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany.

Writing on Twitter, Alexander Curtis said, “So depressing. Sending the Social Distancing Staatspolizei round to shut down Ronnie Scott’s is basically a crime against humanity.”

“I stand by my view that we shouldn’t have uniformed staff peering through letterboxes, patrolling the streets and spying on bars to ensure compliance with curfew rules. For clarification, closing any bar is obviously not a ‘crime against humanity’. 

“However, we must be mindful that extensively restricting individual rights and freedoms is a characteristic of totalitarianism. There thus needs to be greater debate on how to tackle the current situation without infringing on crucial civil liberties.

So now the Public Sector is willing to use Tax Payer’s money to pay individuals up to £35K a year.

£35K to spy on UK citizens/The Tax Payer’s, in the midst of the largest recession in history.


A recession created by Government Totalitarian, Dictatorial Policy across the world.

Not a recession created by Covid-19 as they will keep stating to deflect the blame from themselves.

How much longer can you stand for this?

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