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Dealing with Family who have fallen hook, line and sinker for the Plandemic Charade

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This Christmas the UK Government has kindly given us permission for us to be able to spend time with family that do not live in our household. A total of 3 households can now mix over a 5 day period. As if those of us that have some form of intelligence ever needed their permission anyway?

But unfortunately we still have to deal with those members of our family who lack the capability to form their own conclusions and instead hang on every word uttered by the man, in a suit, on the telescreen.

You know who I mean, they’re the kind of person who get’s all their information from Facebook, thinks if something isn’t on BBC news then it can’t be true, and worships celebrities as if they are some sort of super human God like figures.

What’s more unfortunate is that there is guaranteed to be at least one of these docile followers in every family.

There are going to be a lot of upset Mothers who have 3 or more grown children this Christmas, when the dim witted one pipes up and refuses to be in the same house as the other siblings on Christmas Day because “the government said so.”

They’ll be even more upset if this dim witted child is the one who has their own offspring and this means the grandchildren won’t be present either.

So what are us normal, intelligent people who have families from more than 3 households going to do, when the sheep within our family starts to kick up a fuss and says we cannot disobey our government, it is against the law?

I can think of a few things we’d probably like to do? But I don’t think any of us wants to spend Christmas in a cell.

It’s hard to say exactly what the right response should be, personally though I would make it known to the idiot that they are an absolute imbecile and you’ll never forget that they chose a fascistic, dictatorial state over their own family.

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