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And so it begins….Vaccine Propaganda, coming to a screen near you

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The MHRA has officially authorised the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for roll out across the UK, and as predicted a flurry of propaganda promoting how great and vital vaccines are has followed suit.

The NHS UK Twitter feed has not stopped all day. This morning they claimed that “After clean water, vaccination is the most effective public health intervention.”

The NHS released this propaganda post.

Is it really? So Vaccines are more important than promoting healthy living and supporting our own powerful immune systems?

But they don’t tell us how to do that they do they? (See vitamin D!) Because the authorities all have ties to pharmaceutical companies and they want to get rich on the back of our dependence on the pharmaceutical products.
See our earlier article exposing MP’s ties to Pharmaceutical Industry here.

And clean water? CLEAN? Did they forget about the fluoride (rat poison) that they purposely add to it? There’s nothing clean about it.

What the NHS tweet should have said is –

“After chemically poisoned water, vaccination is the most effective public chemical poisoning intervention.”

On the NHS’s official vaccine guide, found on their website here they state that “Most people are not concerned about vaccine ingredients and know that they are safe.”

Are they speaking for you with that statement? Surely we should all be pretty concerned about exactly what it is the authorities want to inject in to our bodies?

How exactly do we know they are safe? Because the authorities say so? If they told you to jump off a cliff and said you’ll be fine, would you do it?

Or are we not clever enough to know what’s in it because it’s created by those really intelligent scientists who decided the best thing to do in reaction to an apparent virus that kills less than 0.5% of those it apparently infects, was lock down the world, ruin the global economy, destroy small business, destroy people’s mental health and create a system of dictatorial tyranny?

I think it’s important to do your own reasearch, why not start with this article on the creator of this miraculous vaccine, Pfizer? Read all about the billions of pounds in fines they have incurred in the last 20 years for medical and safety offences.
You can find the article here.

Statements for the simple minded on the NHS website

Even Piers Morgan is in on it, as he has been since day 1, berating the nation and telling us to “suck it up.”
See our earlier article on the entitled c*** here.

Piers just won’t shut up.

Jonathan Van Tam was apparently reduced to tears after the announcement of the vaccine’s approval.

I think we all were, as we now know we won’t be legally allowed to have our freedom unless we take them up on their offer of injecting this miraculous vaccine in to our body.
As confirmed in our previous article No Vaccine – No Freedom.

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